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    When Are You Going To Fix Your Game?

    I have over 240+ hours on dying light. I a completely agree with the statement above. I have to basically abuse glitches too even stand a chance as night hunter. 1. Nerf UV lights (They last forever!!! with 4 players it is even worse. In old town if a survivor is on a roof he will completely drain your stamina before you can zip line straight there. Then keep you drained for another 6-8 seconds. Then all they have to do is use death from above) 2. Death from above (That move locks on from a huge distance!!! The survivors turn in mid air. The best chance to dodge is to zip-line but they can still get you easily, also it works when Hunter is in water. Also it is a done deal, I have been death from above on top of a higher roof than when it was engaged.) 3. Drop kick (Locks on and is not dodge-able. Survivors have tried to drop kick me while I was on the ground as I am zip lining to a roof and they teleport up higher in the air with me to finish the dropkick!!! Also consecutive drop kick by multiples survivor is almost borderline cheating) 4. Give night hunter more defense capabilities (dropkicks, death from above, tackles, and melee are not dodge-able or block-able especially after the UV saps yous stamina. Night Hunter needs a dodge function) 5. Flare spammers (Seriously I have been in matches where 4 players are throwing 3 flares out each and using UV lights. Simply not possible to do anything as the night hunter. I have tried ground pound but it doesn't work on all flares and if i miss the survivors I am just dead anyways. Also some player literally have 800,000+ flares because of the duplication glitch). 6. Lagging (players that are lagging cause more trouble for the night hunter. Just the grappling move is finished the night hunter freezes just before impact giving a long period of time for his friend to hit you with uv). 7. Health ( I'm not sure I even need to say it, but the hunter has 150 while the survivors have way more. Why make the night hunter so fragile especially at lvl 60. 1-2 hits to kill on the night hunter) 8. The name is NIGHT HUNTER!!! (Where is the stealth factor??? In the videos Techland posted, survivor sense doesn't make the hunter appear on radar or the map. That looks way more fun and way scarier. Its very inaccurate to call it the NIGHT HUNTER when he is the one being hunted all the time) - I want this feature the most!!!! 9. CAN'T SEE!!! (What is all the chupacabra on my screen all the time? Is it water blood or what? It is aggravating) Difficult of Zombie Invasion (10 being impossible and 0 being so easy a 4 year old can master it. Also considering both sides, 1v4, have experienced players who love competition) -as a survivor 4/10 -as a zombie 9.5/10 Players are getting frustrated with game developers who just don't listen. (Thinking of EA and DICE) I use to be a hardcore Battlefield fanboy. But not anymore, glitches and unbalanced game play have ruined it.
  2. Hutch

    Problems With The Hunter

    It also highly negated in old town. There are escape routes every where. Some nest are actually on the roofs which totally make it useless. Unless you get close enough to ground pound or tackle someone. Which hard to do on short roof tops and will be almost suicide.
  3. Hutch

    Problems With The Hunter

    But there is limited of nest.
  4. Hutch

    Problems With The Hunter

    There are latency problem with the hunter and the survivors I will give you that, but those are glitches. The survivors have dropkick (unavoidable) the hunter has tackle (avoidable). The survivors have DFA (unavoidable) the zombie has pounce (avoidable). The zombie has UV spits (avoidable through dodging and negated by flares). The zombie has ground pound (which has no effect on a player who is about to drop kick you) The survivors have melee that can kill in two or less hits (Latency can allow the survivors to kill the hunter even after they have been blown away by ground pound). The zombie has horde spits (which is the most effective weapon in the hunters arsenal) the survivors have 4 vs 1 in which the can easily revive their partners. The survivors have 10 lives the hunter has 5 nest location (because the survivors can wipe a nest just in the time take to respawn the hunter a death to the hunter mean losing a nest). The hunter can only rely on the techniques displayed in the video. I might mention that all the glitches that were shown in the video require the hunter being able to hit very small window of opportunity. Some major balancing is needed. I have been on both sides of the invasions. I can honestly say it takes waaaaay more skill to be the hunter than it is to be the survivors.