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  1. MrNeil24

    Turning Off Auto Aim On Pc With Bow?

    Have you got the bozak bow? it looks so much better..
  2. MrNeil24

    Fantastic Techland! Thank You!

    I will do that, 100% - I think Dying Light is an experience best shared with friends!
  3. I've only got the Enhanced edition so far (in the UK) on PS4 but wow what an update, I am absolutely loving it! It feels like a completely new game, the bounties are an amazing touch. New weapons, can buy arrows (never did get under 31mins bozak) new guns the lot.. cant wait til tomorrow! much love Techland <3
  4. MrNeil24

    How The F! Can I Kill Those New Volatiles..

    I'm not lucky enough to have the following yet (im in the UK) ;-)
  5. MrNeil24

    How The F! Can I Kill Those New Volatiles..

    exactly, scared of them haha.. grapple into a safe zone as quick as i can ha, its good really
  6. MrNeil24

    How The F! Can I Kill Those New Volatiles..

    Even one on one i'm finding it rough.. and the weapon im using is a machete so it's doing the damage fast too, just not sure what I'm doing wrong. Might video it and share lol
  7. MrNeil24

    Dying Light Save Import Issues?

    online class action? you kurczak
  8. Okay, so I'm still on normal dying light (UK based..) but play hard mode and thought I'd experience all the other changes before the following drops. FANTASTIC techland, superb job... but how the hell can I kill those new volatiles? I blast them with UV and it doesnt last long, flares die so quick and hitting them with a 2600dmg weapon does nothing!
  9. MrNeil24

    Whats Up? Yeah Its Me!

    wtf are you drunk?
  10. MrNeil24

    Release Time?

    Whenever WB can be arsed lol
  11. MrNeil24

    The Fallowing

    the FOLLOWING. It is still worth the cost, and the expansion will probably cost more.
  12. MrNeil24

    The Fallowing

    Go buy the season pass
  13. Why would the UK get a later release than somewhere like Brazil?