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    Female Protagonist Dlc Or Mod Possible ?

    Ma'am, with all due respect, have you ever heard a guy ask for a male version of Lara Croft, Samus, or Chell that wasn't a complete douchebag? Didn't think so. Not that I'm against having a female protagonist of course. Hell, there could be a different campaign for her that still leaves multiplayer with Crane players a possibility. Maybe pull a Dead Island Riptide and have her only appear in safe zones and cutscenes unless multiplayer's enabled. The one actual problem I can see is debating whether or not she should have a slightly different ability set and/or personality from Crane. Another plus, however, is this would kinda make an opportunity to add another hunter in Be the Zombie mode. Also, this probably should have been put in the discussion of possible features for future game updates. Just so you know.
  2. SeekerofDarkness13

    Bigger City Or Map Editor With Vehicle Mod.

    There's also 7 Days to Die if you're really looking for that "fully customizable" experience. No parkour in ir, and it essentially plays closer to a slightly more intricate Minecraft, but it should have what you're looking for. Of course, if you , ean like in Dead Island Riptide where you had occasional invasions (actual ones. Not the Be the Zombie ones) where survival of the whole group was the mission objective, and you could toss out little icons to point out enemies, loot, cars, etc. then I completely agree.
  3. SeekerofDarkness13

    The Problem With How Strong Survivors Are...

    Two things we can do here. We can nerf humans, or make hunters more powerful. Best solution would probably be both given that the people who have invasions enabled will usually be a 4-person party or using hacks/mods (despite your "hacking-prevention" bullcrap). Possibly both.