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    New Weapons Only On Hard Mode?

    Outfits are for if you beat the game (for all characters) but weapons are only in hardmode. You can farm them with police trucks on the 2nd side of the bridge ; )
  2. Dying Light is quite fun, but wasn't serious until hard difficulty came out. I see this new feature as the "normal" difficulty for any player out there that looks foward to be scared and die alot. The only missed element is to put a better death penality (maxed out characters don't have any penality as XP loss can't happen) so death would be something you wouldn't want. Else than that, bravo! A closer step to a hardcore game =D Right now, I find zombie runners the most dangerous ennemies out there, 'cause they spot you faster than night hunters, attack with multiple claw strikes (that kinda deal 20 damage each) and there's LOTS of them! I love how all of a sudden, I'm scared of those =D Back to the topic... I LOVE playing at night, so thank you for the longer zombie evasion time! I enjoy evading hard hitting zombies! I like NOT KNOWING where night hunters are on my radar! (who in his right mind wanted that) I like the flashlight that runs out of energy (but it seriously needs to be completely out for some seconds to have a real effect, UV flashlight still can be used as light source) I LOVE the new weapons (and patch that made all weapons available at higher damage) I'M HAPPY with the medkit's nerf! Well done =) I like the new drop tables (having to loot around) and most of all I LIKE PARCOUR, with zombies =DDDDD THANK YOU for this awesome game! Sincerly, Alex "CESTQUOICA" Bonus: here's a Twitch highlight of me running with my run boy run character (parcour skills only) in the HARD difficulty =) Note: here's a link to how I used to do to play hardcore before this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=402799054 (I still drop my items on my run boy run character)
  3. Good job! What's your hunter's title? Playing PC? Feel free to add me if you wanna 1v1 =)
  4. [PC version] Hi all, there's a couple of things I'd like to know... First off, how does the matchmaking system work? I'm lvl 37 night hunter, titled "runner" and games I get into goes from people that play good (but I rarely loose) to simply not aware of what a UV flashlight is... (most games) I have been kind to all and explained how the game had to be played and got myself killed or gave nests so I could teach them the game mechanic... for some time. But then, I realised my zombie title went down! (but didn't lost matches)... So I though, maybe if I kill them fast enough, I'd go out of the noob zone and get ranked with better players? But no, I just got hated X D Now I started a zombie lvl 1 on which I won't spend points. I still win some games -.- My point is, "Be the zombie" mod gives a tutorial to night hunters but doesn't to humans. There should be! Explain these major points: 1- Don't panic, even if the whole point is to have an intense pvp match (and do warn that these matches ARE intense!) 2- Use radar (spam the button) 3- Use flashlight or flare if out of flashlight (flashlight IS better) > hunters can always tackle you out of flare zone with UV block and then pounce you > hunters can ground pound to take flares away (and can charge ground pound from the air) 4- Firecrackers for exploding zombies or climb up 5- Don't turn your back on a hunter unless you depleted his energy > If Block UV skill is activated, you'll hear it. (unique sound - watch for it) 6- SIDESTEP ALOT; to evade spits, tackles, claws, etc. > You can jump above a hunter when he tackles (but he can tackle you mid air if you jumped too early) > Use walls so that hunters crash on them (and then rain death on them) 7- Have lots of medkits ready. Don't let your guard down! The hunter know your HP! (and flashlight energy) 8- Show the list of skills hunters have. No leaping from one human to the other ain't hacking! 9- Try to hit red barrels... they one hit kill anything! Baiting works well on new hunters. > grenades can work (on out of energy hunters) 10- Items don't degrade in this mod. Have your best weapon here! > Longswords are great to reach hunters that claw alot > short weapons are great to faster "rain death" charge > Night hunters die in 3 hits, no matter the melee weapon. Regular zombies react normally to the damage (but they get harder with more players) 11- Do tell that more players means ULTRA FAST cooldowns! If a player plays 1v1, he won't believe what he sees in a 4v1... Also tell about the zombies and nests being harder to kill! --- Other notes: a) Patch water! Humans can stay in water... and hunters can't attack them there! Make the safehouse timer for water? (and detect coming-in coming-out spam) b ) add UV blocking effects in safe zones, 'cause I still can pounce in there! (only damages) c) give us a list of titles for Be the Zombie [walker/runner/?] + explain matchmaking system d) balance suggestion: pounce option needs a 1 second aim to be available, and on the other hand, balance the whole game with item limits, forcing players to use storages (like, 1 medkit max, 2 flares max, 5 firecrackers, I don't know numbers, but 99 flare stack ain't balanced) --- Be the zombie different gameplay suggestions: 1) How about a game apart for be the zombie? Joining players play vs the zombie, and after a match, roles switch! (and the game remembers your role so you don't just leave and hop games) Example: Player A, B, C and D fight zombie E. In the next match, EABC fight zombie D. 2) Make the hunter invade any game at night only, with the regular game environment on. Give him one life, and make him scare humans out! I feel like be the zombie is a mod no one wants to play (except for people like me that look foward to intense matches) --- For your information, I train alot with a friend at be the zombie (human and zombie side), and I see it as pretty balanced! We always have close matchups with 1-2 lives and 1-2 nests remaining =) Edit: good night, and good luck!

    Modding Es

    Weapons degrade... will be able to fix our creations? will it be complicated? All those questions, we can only ask... in theory. We know almost nothing of the game (just general info)

    Be The Zombie... Exclusive?

    Generally speaking btw, L4D's PvP potential is huge. Scavenge in 4v4 is by far my favorite mode! Team effort, survival, timer, priorities, all is there for a horror movie every round of the match =)

    Be The Zombie... Exclusive?

    What I like about Dying Light is the Mirror's edge style mixed in with the zombie smashing... and spiced with the coop and pvp sauce! It has alot of potential [i couldn't compare to L4D as L4D is not really survival but more just ridiculous missions that you can run and forget about your friends]
  8. Buy now and get exclusive DLCBe the Zombie Pre-order Dying Light to receive the special Be The Zombie Game Mode! Be the Zombie is a PvP game mode and offers players the ability to stalk other players as a night hunter - a lethal predator with unique and deadly skills. Item will be packed with your game after launching. --- I would love more details on this. I find it hard to believe that PvP will be exclusive to pre-buyers only... will it be early access and then released for all players? Will it be the only PvP game mode? More PvP info pls? I'm a big fan of Left 4 Dead and I'm eager to know more about PvP systems! In one of the videos, we've seen someone hit another with a baseball bat? Does it mean friendly fire? Info requested!