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  1. 300 total hours played. 100+ since last update. Loved the game but not putting in hundreds of more hours just to get weapons that won't be much of a difference damage wise. Had the same problem with Dead Island as well. Techland makes a good game but they try to keep you playing long after the fun is gone. The gold weapons should be at least 2 or 3 levels better than orange with this drop rate, not 1.

  2. This "hint" confuses me. From my 300+ hrs and almost 100 after the last update, demolishers have only dropped garbage hammers. So if I'm lucky enough, one should drop a gold tier weapon thats NOT a hammer? Anyway the drop rate is chupacabra, I've farmed hundreds of police vans and hard locked chests only to get the usual weps (Playing new game+ and hard) Flat out, I like a challenge, but after 100hrs you should find at least ONE.