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    "rained Death From Above" Spam

    This is actually a really good video showing this problem. I've noticed that the death from above move is kinda sketchy in this regard in the past before, but always figured it was just me or lag or something. You should post this onto the forum where you post videos of matches and whatnot. Good post.
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    So Tired

    Peace out!
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    Kinda Takes Away From The Experience

    So I dunno if it's just me or if I'm just engaging the survivors wrong, but these drop kick addicts are pissing me off. There's nothing fun about being drop kicked three times and dying like nothing- especially seeing as how the drop kick cuts to a cut-scene style attack that seems to home in on you pretty effectively. Now- my suggestion would be a movement counter for the Hunter. Maybe show the humans drop kicking over if the hunter crouches at the right time. A directional dodge would be useful as the hunter, but I realize that may be a little over the top. Probably end up with little dodging matches more so than there already are. The game mode has issues - especially when you start adding more humans - but overall it's pretty enjoyable. Couple other suggestions: -- When 4 human players are in the game- the zombie density on the map should sky rocket. Also we should have some of the nightmares that constantly roam the map. The current system that just makes the transformed infected near the nests super difficult to kill is broken and can easily be overcome by just tackling through the zombies and curb stomping them while they're on the floor. When the nests are being killed STREAMS of weak zombies (with intermittent virals and nightmares depending on player count) should just start crawling out of the woodwork while the nests are taking damage. The numbers can die down again to the preset value of zombies that are always on the map. Fix: *Zombie density in relation to skill/number of players in-game. -- Implement some kind of dodge for the night hunter against the human's god damn drop kicks. Either that or put a stamina limit on JUST the drop kick. OR increase the amount of distance traveled required in order to initiate it? There shouldn't be any way for a single human to chain together an unlimited amount of those. Too intense for a singular hunter and too lame to be fun at the same time. Fix: *Drop-kick limit -- To be fair, we should also implement some kind of tackle limit when there's just 1 hunter vs. 1 human. Maybe even 2 humans. I've seen too many hunters tackle a helpless, cornered, survivor, into a pulp and just continue to spam it. This is especially unfortunate if the survivor doesn't know about the dodge they can do. But once they do it opens up the problem listed before this. Fix: *Tackle limit. -- Regardless of the weapons humans are using in the be the zombie game mode, the damage dealt by humans and damage received by hunters should be pretty static and consistent. Some of the human weapons do WAY too much damage when thrown in a group - sometimes even by themselves. Though it's fun for the humans to be able to kill a night hunter in a swipe or two, it's extremely frustrating from the perspective of the hunter. Also seems to be a pretty unforgiving game model for newbies- which is the biggest reason we have such a shite time finding matches. People get scared because they get completely wrecked by the hunters and then disable the game mode indefinitely. Fix: *Everyone's weapons do the same amount of damage. A preset five hits to kill a hunter (or some other arbitrary number- whatever is decided works best). == I'll probably continue to update this with newer ideas as they come to me. Let's make this game the best it can be!
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    Kinda Takes Away From The Experience

    Good advice, but I see that option as more of a currently applied work-around, not an actual fix for the game. You shouldn't be required to use unfair tactics in order to play the game how it should be played, you know? The night hunter booster is stupid in my opinion and I can say I've only ever played against it- never abused it as the human. There's really no point unless you're 1v1 and completely out-gunned. The zombie health will still be unproportional though you'll be able to dispatch them since you're stronger and flare spamming shouldn't be advocated seeing as it is one of the issues the game mode is already struggling with. Thanks for your input though!
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    Kinda Takes Away From The Experience

    Observations continued: - So its a little inconvenient that you have to use your players' supply of medkits in btz. Especially if its one of those cases where you were more or less forced into the game- not saying that humans should HAVE to be using medkits "if you're good enough" blah blah blah- whatever. Possible fix: Fixed number of medkits(10?) going into the game and reverts to your original number of medkits after the btz match. - Zombie health still needs to be fixed. Quantity of regular strength zombies over just a few crazy strong ones. Makes it ridiculously difficult to engage nests without completely clearing the area of zombies first in 1v1 scenarios. A super strong zombie that is capable of shredding half of your health in one flury of punches and getting back up after you've hit it multiple times with your strongest weapon just isn't consistent with the rest of the game- not to mention it leaves the human extremely vulnerable from even a novice pounce. Include spitting effects and redirection through ground pounds and tackles.. Yeah. Kinda needs a fix. -weird glitching area at the bus station. Took some videos of it. - will continue to update as need arises.