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  1. Agent Piltdown

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I posted this in my thread, but just thought I'd share this here as well before I forget. We can pull off weird and cool stunts with the upgrades to Tendril Locomotion and Tackle with the recent patch, a kind of dodge tackle. I put the upgraded UV Heal to use too:
  2. Aim directly at the floor pushing forward and repeat tendril to dodge back and forth whilst holding in tackle, when you're ready to tackle look up at the survivor. It's super risky but also fun. I was able to nail the survivor with it because he was Sense Suppressed.
  3. Hey guys, check it out. You can do a sort of tendril dodge on the ground super quick to fold in to a Tackle, it's great fun if you can pull it off, here's me executing it on a Sense Suppressed survivor at 0:30 of this video, he had a real hard time tracking me haha: If you're wondering why I used a Horde Spit, I was trying to lure him into a trap by chasing me. First time he dodged the spit and the setup. Not the next time...
  4. No worries I totally understand, take your time and enjoy, I'll be here when you get the chance to respond I imagine. The Following is awesome.
  5. Well now... BIG spoilers when you click on this tab. I want to talk about this alot, but I'm going to leave it a little so more people here have a chance to finish the game. Or join me behind spoiler tags using the forums feature like I just did.
  6. Agent Piltdown

    So... Why Is Duping Still A Thing In This Game?

    Haha, you got it. And why stop there, I say those with survivor ranks over Underdog have their invasion set to anytime, Night Hunters paying them a visit have their howl replaced by him also complaining it's over 9000 and they actually get stronger the more they're UVed until they go... super saiyan, is it? Like the Witcher 3's Bovine Defence Force Initiative. I remember the days of Airstrike flare spams. Super Saiyan Night Hunter. CD Projekt Red eat your heart out. Yes this solution would be just... fine. I just got started with that game on Ps4, hehe. I could do with a loot party at end game. Krieg needs to taste the violence! See the numbers, taste the violence... And exactly. Full admission, after finishing the game twice I did dupe crafting materials and other odds and ends to have a mess around, then when I got bored of that I started beating up everything hand to hand or with the rubbishest weapons I could find. It was fun to go full cheese from time to time, but in a game like this I can see it undermining the survival aspect of it. No one really ever started groups to go on actual supply runs and such in my experience, which seemed like the game was designed to promote in difficult areas and it's a shame it never really got started on a big scale. But the day to address that has passed long ago. Dupes seem like they'll always find a way in. Dead Island had some funny ones. First time beating that I got to the end boss and a co op player peppered him with thrown super charged electric machetes. He didn't even get finished with his evil monologue before he was down, lol. I'm happy for people to play the non competitive side of the game however they please. To cater for purist players in the future (thinking sequels here) I hope Techland give users more options in co-op such as turning off random people dropping items on the ground to pick up and tuning the difficulty to their tastes (weapon damage normalization, etc) as a reward for finishing the game like that popular mod for XCOM. Long War I think it was called. And for the PvP side of things, it's better to be aggressive to close down avenues to cause mischief as they started doing. I imagine they've learned alot from this round of it though and if we see a return of a mode like Be the Zombie in a sequel it'll inherit the tweaks to make things more fun and fair. As for right now, we can only hope... I wonder how many balancing patches we'll see from here on out.
  7. Agent Piltdown

    So... Why Is Duping Still A Thing In This Game?

    I think what they could do is fix it so stacks of items that go past their normal limit with these dupes, like say... over 9000, are made appropriately a stack of 99 items, so legit players keep their hard earned items and the dupers are to the fold of people actually playing the mode in the spirit it was originally intended. ...But it's probably not worth it. Dupes are so ubiquitous in games like this. The recent patch to address the main ones were bypassed within hours of it going live. And even if they locked it down completely, people would just trade and revert to backup saves on the cloud to dupe stacks. And it might be hard to do something like fix stacks without messing up peoples inventorys and save files, so it's better to just leave it, maybe. Adding cooldowns to item usage such as the Cloak potion was a step in the right direction. If there's more balance fixes focusing on survivors maybe that side of it can be improved on carefully by the BTZ devs, relating to medkits usage exclusively in BTZ for instance, and the people who don't play BTZ and like having duped items can enjoy it their way.
  8. The speed update seems like it mitigates those problems alot, and the spawns are spaced out over a big area sometimes. It might be possible to spawn in twice when people are at the nests and try and stop them, even with OHK's in play, because the survivors have alot of distractions to contend with. The spawns are usually in areas with cover as well, making it favorable to fight there sometimes. But this might not be possible when people memorize the layout of the volatile spawns and gas canisters and get them killed quickly, especially in teams. Also I was curious if anyone can give any info on this, but I'm not sure if the respawn time for the Night Hunter fluctuates depending on how the match is going. Need to check on that. Well on the flip side we get to pounce Rahim and Tahir in game now, I hated those guys in the main game lol. But yeah it's kind of frustrating when you encounter that side of the gaming community, it cooled my enthusiasm for the mode last year even with me being levelled up in stage 3. I ended up playing with friends more, but I missed encountering the really dedicated and intelligent players evolving new strategies I had to figure out. The balancing changes have had an immediate and positive effect I've noticed though. I bet you've enjoyed punishing people who thought they could still pull off the same dirty tricks like hiding behind crates and using the shield in ways not intended. I can only imagine their surprise when they got UV spit smashed in there cozy little hidey holes or grappled when they thought they were in control, haha. How have you found levelling up? I take it it's no quicker? I've not kept an eye on the XP earns, but maybe the requirements to earn skill points were toned down a little. What stage are you at and how many points have you unlocked? The new progress bar was a very welcome update, on a side note.
  9. After updating the game and loading my Hard Mode + save file I found that my Explosive Arrow and Bozak Bow blueprints I'd struggled to earn from the Bozak Horde had vanished. The other arrow types remained craftable, and everything is checked off as green and completed on the Bozak Horde challenges list, including Explosive Arrows challenge. I can buy explosive arrows from vendors occasionally, but it's just not the same. I believe the issue with the Bozak bow has been noticed, but I can't see if the Explosive Arrow problem has. These people also suffered from this problem: I hope this issue is fixed soon, I'm not sure if I should continue with my main save as I have it backed up if need be. Any info would be appreciated, thank you. Edit: And apologies if this is the incorrect forum section to post this.
  10. Ah ok, I think it may be a little bug that may have snuck in then, maybe. I'll PM you the details, Pete, and you can review it. It wasn't too bad, like EnlightenMe said, we got some perks to fight a bit harder when the stakes are raised. Are there any other hints you can give us on new features or tweaked mechanics we should try?
  11. I think you're right, I got a bit over excited heh. I need to get back into some more online matches and test some things more. And agreed about locking down that survivor footwork, time to put the hurt on Jean Claude Van Damme. Have you encountered many people with modest or maxed Legendary levels? I'm not sure what's going on with the damage boosts to weapon damage so far, but I've seen one shots to volatile nests with firearms. Maybe they're not normalized like usual, and the Legend boosts carry through? It seems at a minimum the health/regen boosts are in, but again, this all requires testing.
  12. I think the ground pound under those circumstances is super charged as well. You seem to be able to lay down a GP after a group tackle really quick whilst those affected are stunned and it does alot more damage. I need to test this more in a live setting before I'm sure though. It's another awesome combo that will be as satisfying to pull off as Leapfrogs, I love it. This new tackle looks like it'll be really useful in The Following with nests in some high places, too. Even if we miss we can get right back into it because of the momentum throwing us out of range of DFA, hopefully. I can't wait to see how the Night Hunter handles in The Following too. Grappling Dune Buggies like Mad Max, wooo! On a side note Pete described a few other neat tricks and the techniques I started with elsewhere, just going to link his comments here for posterity: Aerial Tackle technique: Tendril locomotion: Drowning survivors, or people hiding from us overlong:
  13. As soon as the update went live last night I had a muck around with the Night Hunter in the training area just trying to discover some of the new tricks we can pull off with this update. We can perform a sort of aerial tackle that knocks groups of players down like bowling pins, we get super charged running speed from tendriling to the floor and UV heal gets done in the blink of an eye. In short, we're demon speeding. Here's a quick video of me training these new techniques for the first time to show you what I meant by all that. Now to see it in action in Harran for reals, I can't wait. What have you guys discovered?
  14. It is kind of frustrating, but from my experience with other games (E.g. Telltale Games) this type of thing seems more to do with the EU and regional Playstation and Xbox store networks not signing off on it for some reason I can't fathom (maybe different languages being checked? For English let us Brits just get on with it then, geez), and not the devs themselves who would want to get it out there as quickly as possible, hence why it launches on Steam in the UK no problem. Back in the day I got kind of annoyed with the likes of Telltale for not explaining exactly why there is a delay, but just guessing here, maybe their hands are tied and some jobsworths in the EU PSN/XBL regions would tell them off for explaining why they're so tardy in this respect.
  15. Oh I know, I brought that up to illustrate we accept simple game mechanics like co-op Crane as the game overlooks some of the weird implications it actually has on the story. I never was trying to say there were actual clones out Crane out there. I don't think they'd get along so much if they did, haha. And what I'm suggesting isn't even any sort of human mastermind, more like something H.P. Lovecraft dreamed up. We go in the game thinking the Harran virus is something awful cooked up in a lab by scientists, but it's actually something ancient that humans have only just rediscovered and toyed with the biological side of it without understanding there's some sort of eldritch horror controlling it. I hope we see some developments of something supernatural related to the Harran outbreak, it'll be a big twist alright, if people can get their heads around it. But, again, it's a big stretch. Of course. And I think they're talking about Crane, too. But the Followers don't seem to rate humanity as a whole very highly. Maybe they don't even mean people. Maybe when they say new life, it's not something very nice and calm, more like something... volatile. All good fun, I'm glad you made the topic. I like that you brought up Amir too, I'd like to find out more about what he saw when he was alive anyway. Yup seems the case, and I'm hyped. Where did Pete say that, if you don't mind pointing me in the right direction? And for revealing more info on the origins of things in Dying Light I don't mind something where we have to fill in some aspects with our imagination. I hope it builds towards some great story in Dying Light 2, I have my fingers crossed this game will start a new series that'll last all of this gen at least. The story suffered in the main game a little, stuff like Brecken just outright disappearing when he should of had more of role later on, more development for characters like Jade, but hopefully they can build on the groundwork well going forward and make people remember the game for the story as much as the awesome gameplay.