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  1. efierro

    Skill Levels Reset?

    I did complete it on normal first. So I guess this is a normal occurrence. I thought I had messed up somehow when I started a New Game+
  2. efierro

    Skill Levels Reset?

    I completed the game and had my Power and Survival Skills maxed out and my Agility to lvl 20 but when I started a New Game+ it seems like some, not all, of my survival skills were reset. For instance, I used to be able to use materials efficiently and create 5 Molotov Cocktails at a time and now it has reverted me back to the original 2 at a time. The same goes for the flares, grenades, and bombs. However the game still shows that i am maxed out on my Survivor and Power Skills. Is this a normal occurrance or is there something wrong?