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    RinXair got a reaction from jinkage in Some Questions Regarding The Programming Aspect Of The Tools, From A Developer   
    You should atleast Read some of My Threads there are some Limits for Now.

    RinXair Topics I have done so far, do you just ignored them ? atleast read the entire Tools FAQ and please add FPS Feet and atleast Legs to your Pre Alpha Game, it looks always so stupid to be 2 Floating Arms in a Game..
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    RinXair reacted to Rafał Polito in How To Change Shade Of Shadows.   
    Watch this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhDoI8VeNQY&list=PLSjLjgn6LsgviUvhAlaCMZFPhHvi1A9Ul&index=8
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    RinXair reacted to cr1m3 in How To Add And Play Mods?   
    There ´s a difference between mods and
    The maps (levels) made with the developer
    The mods are game scripts modifications
    And they change the way things happen
    Now the devTools maps are new custom
    Levels of the game and they are not mods,
    I mean it´s like an add on or DLC
    Because the custom maps use the same
    Files as the original dying light game.
    Now i suggest you to install the devtools
    In steam library then go to the workshop
    And subscribe to maps in order to download
    Then start the devtools and hit play button to
    Test the map or you can directly launch
    Dying light instead of the devtools and
    Play custom user maps from there.

    Now if you want to play mods not maps,
    You ´ll have to manage to install them.
    So once you made your own modified script
    File or once you downloaded one mod already
    Made by some one you will need to copy
    Or create the whole folder path within the
    Modified script file(s).
    And for the dying light manager i did not
    Tested the program so i can only suggest
    You to search on youtube google...
    Make sure you set dying light online options
    To solo game before to play with mods cause
    The mods are only supported by the game
    If your online coop friends have the same
    Mod installed so disable online mode.
    Also the dying light updates could change
    The way you install mods that's why manual
    Mod install is the better option for applying
    Mods on dying light in my opinion.
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    RinXair reacted to Mbk4050 in Mod Ideas   
    It would be nice, if you could find a dusty mp3 player or something in the gameand insert your own music ;-)
    I know you can do that in a game called wipe out on the ps3 ;-)
    Would be kinda fun to have in this game too ;-)
    It would be nice, if you could find a dusty mp3 player or something in the gameand insert your own music ;-)
    I know you can do that in a game called wipe out on the ps3 ;-)
    Would be kinda fun to have in this game too ;-)
    It would be nice, if you could find a dusty mp3 player or something in the gameand insert your own music ;-)
    I know you can do that in a game called wipe out on the ps3 ;-)
    Would be kinda fun to have in this game too ;-)
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    RinXair reacted to jakkaru100 in How To Use Triggers And Sounds.   
    Yeeeesss thank you! This will help me a lot
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    RinXair reacted to Rafał Polito in How To Use Triggers And Sounds.   
    Deconstruction and recounstruction from scratch is good method to learn. Try as cr1m3 said.
    About waves - try it with this. When you will be ready with waves add:
    ,use <<Use trigger to start waves>> PhysicalSwitchDI trigger_name -state=on before ,kill phase. To attach sound to trigger:
    Place Sound Emitter Choose alarm sound in m_SoundName fileld in Attributes window Uncheck m_LEnableState Next select your tigger Click on m_Targets field Hold CTRL in viewport, click RMB on Sound Emitter and choose Add to m_Targets. To disable siren after waves use:
    ,set <<Disable siren>> PhysicalSwitchDI trigger_name -state=off Now your Siren is ready to launch waves. Don't forget to set m_ForcedTargetType to Player in Spawners.
    By the way - awesome map!
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    RinXair reacted to cr1m3 in How To Use Triggers And Sounds.   
    Look in the map example,
    The car attractor traps should show
    You how to attract zombies with the zombie attractor.
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    RinXair reacted to cr1m3 in How To Use Triggers And Sounds.   
    It is described in the workshop FAQ
    "How do I select an individual object of a group?"
    Your map seems great!
    It make me think to walking dead at the begining when you get down
    The street and you see the police car in fire.
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in Developer Tool ´s Faq   
    It answered a few of my questions so thanks for that.
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    RinXair reacted to cr1m3 in Developer Tool ´s Faq   
    There it is:
    Why not to develop your DevTools
    Knowledge here on the forum in paralel of the FAQ...
    Big Thanks to Rafal for all the good job
    He ´s doing for us also to all people
    Improving both game and tools.
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    RinXair reacted to Rafał Polito in Developer Tool ´s Faq   
    We are working on it, give us some time.
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in Tower Of Screams   
    Here's the link to the map.  It's raw but its fun.  Didn't get everything I wanted but maybe next time.
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    RinXair got a reaction from monk_8bit in Female Protagonist Dlc Or Mod Possible ?   
    Hello Techland Team and Community.
    I am a Female Gamer and i whould Love to know, if it is possible to make a Mod where the actual Protagonist could be Female.
    I find Kyle Crane pretty sympatic but i whould love to have Realistic Immersion for Female Gamer s aswell.

    I whould not Mind if the Voice is turn to Subtitle Only, for Crane cause i dont think it is so easy to Voice over the Dialog with a Female Voice.

    I do not think the Animations need any kind of change, just the actual First Person Body should be good to go for the Beginning.

    May you can make a playable Female Crane Version, for DLC i whould buy that witouth thinking about it.

    I only Discovered the Slums so far but if there are erotic Scenes, in the Game i do not Mind if it were Female on Female.

    That Kyle Crane needs to be a Guy is no Argument for Me, i do not hear him say much Manly things at all.

    Anyway for DLC or Mod this whould make the Game much more interesting for Female Gamer s.

    I have more than 28 Hours in the Slums only with just 10% or 8% of the actual Story cause i love that Game : ) .
    I do not have all Discovered, cause i just had to look at the Beautiful Scene sometimes, that took Time too.
    I ones read a Thread where someone complain, that Br ea sts (Realy censor the Word Brea sts) has not much to do with Immersion, for Females it does so "mean words" for this Person.

    I find it sometimes realy awkward and dumb, that People say some Breast sizes are actual Sexistic and surreal completly nonsense.
    We are all not Equal and Different and there are many Types of Male s and Feamle s in the World.
    So complain about Sexism is pretty Unlogical for Me, i do not get smaller Breast size that Men stare less, just for a example haha ...realy annoying some Feminism has nothing to do with Equality at all.
    If some Man whould just buy this DLC or install the Mod for the Boo bs (Realy censor this word too?) , i whould care much less than having no Option, to play a Female Character cause i am a Female in Reality too and I prefer  that.
    I am using the Ninja Outfit cause i do not like to play a Full Bearded Guy at all.

    This Game has so much Potential, i Hope it gets the Attention it needs and way more Female Gamer s with DLC or Mod s.
    Thanks fo reading this Thread and please do not Delte it, it means much to Me that People pay atleast a bit Attention to it.
    And if you ask Yourself what i mean by Female Character, i find the New Lara Croft pretty Sweet, not the Anime Cartoonish One i have some similaryties to Her, the New One not the Other..
    RinXair <3 .. 
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    RinXair got a reaction from JasonMonteCarlo in Real Tools Please?   
    They should Release another Tool more complexe for actual Development and I agree what you mean, JasonMonteCarlo with the more advanced Developer Tools, far to less possbilities for custom Content, see Developer Toolos FAQ Topic..
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in Weather In Developer Tools   
    It's the tiny sun in the upper right.  You can also see it in the window to your right.  Click that.  There are two sliders there. One for time of day and one for weather.  The bottom one is weather.  Slide it all the way to the right and it rains hard.
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    RinXair reacted to BioXide in Some Questions Regarding The Programming Aspect Of The Tools, From A Developer   
    I'm the developer of an open world survival horror game currently in development called Project Frequency and I'm extremely interested in developing mods for Dying Light.
    My game

    I've seen pictures of the editor and it's basically a mini-game engine for the game itself, with navmesh, assets and all that. But, do we have the possibility of coding new mechanics? I know we can open a text editor and tweak some parameters, which is some kind of JSON data-to-file used to change variable values. I'm really proficient with C++ and I was wondering how far can we take the scripting/coding aspect of the developer tools? Can we implement new meshes? Can we increase weapon recoil and spread? Is there any official documentation for the developer tools? 
    I want to know the limitations we got in terms of new implementations, because once I'm done with the pre-alpha demo and Kickstarter for my game, I'll take a small break and play around with the dev tools and make something up, possibly a walking dead mod or something along the lines.
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    RinXair reacted to wootwoots in Kick Force ?   
    Oh good thanks for the confirmation i will need to do somes test, but didnt really had time, and since GTA 5 is now out.. all my gaming time is spend on that game for the moment ( but i dont forget Dying Light just waiting a bit they improve their modding tool )
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    RinXair reacted to cr1m3 in Female Protagonist Dlc Or Mod Possible ?   
    For the female character i don ´t know
    If it´s possible to make but i saw
    A function somewhere .
    I can ´t remember where but it was something
    Like changePlayer... ,
    Need to check.
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in Tower Of Screams   
    I've almost filled my quota for discussion today.  14 posts isn't a lot when you're discussing technical data.  I can private message you if I discover it before you.  Also if I find a modding site that is really grinding these issues I'll invite you over.
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in Tower Of Screams   
    Well thanks.  I haven't even tried anything custom.  I have done that many times before with an editor for various games.  You can't brush model in this i don't think so there isn't a texture system with key words and the like to change the face of an object.  It runs off meshes and prefabs basically.  A custom skin would have to be overwritten or you copy the model folder you want to mod and create a new folder you simply copy over the new skin. You might have to rename everything so it is it's own but then you just drop in your modded folder into the same area  as the original and load up the editor.  When it creates the game under Build it will be included.  Now all of those things worked well and fine in other games.  This one I haven't tried modding custom content.  I'm still enjoying quick start testing and not waiting for the map to compile for an hour before I can see any errors.
    This is all similar to Left4Dead2 stuff but Left4dead2 was really easy to get a custom map and play it.  This is pretty early so when I add it to Steam Workshop it will be new to me as I have never done that before.  I'll be posting it here and other sites when it's ready to be played.  I'm still holding out on some tech info about multiplayer.
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    RinXair reacted to DanteYoda in Female Protagonist Dlc Or Mod Possible ?   
    Very Awesome
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in Tower Of Screams   





    -No Grap Hook
    -Limited level
    -Mini safe areas
    -Night time rain setting
    -Objective Kill the Screamers
    -Special Zombies that were not used in the game
    -Hundreds and hundreds of zombies
    -Multiple Quests ranging different times of day.
    -Balanced loot system.
    -Multi-player support.
    You need developer tools in order to play this.
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in The Official Modding Tools Thread   
    I know with other editors the path to the models might have to be the same for anyone using the tools.  I'm not sure if there is a way to set your install path to the editor. If you installed Steam on a different drive letter or location it may not have the path to the models correct.
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in The Official Modding Tools Thread   
    This is what I did to the example map.  I stripped it down to the ground and rebuilt the entire thing.  It's actually at night and in the rain.  Large tower.  No grap hook.  Screamers, volatiles, virals, the works.  Zones you see there are dozens of overlapping Deadzones.  Hundreds of zombies line the streets. I had fun coming up with unique safe areas.  There is A LOT of extra stuff hidden in the editor.  Weapons, enemies and models I've never heard of.  So far so good.  Would like to see this map up and running off Steam Workshop so others could try it out.  It has one objective. It's just that objective is insanely hard.
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    RinXair reacted to Rick Grimes in Developer Tools Are Now Available To Download   
    The tools are beautiful.  The tools are quick and easy.  The tutorials help with basics but it takes an adept person to really fine tune a map into good working condition.  I might be able to do it but others are going to be clueless about some of the more simple things you need in a map.  There needs to be more information and the 14 posts allowed here a day are not sufficient to interact enough with people of have common knowledge of this editor.
    I already have a great map finished.  Do I have to share it via Steam Workshop projects in order to add a friend on the client?  Do they need the Dev Tools also?  Too many questions.  Not enough answers.