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  1. Hello Techland Team and Community. I am a Female Gamer and i whould Love to know, if it is possible to make a Mod where the actual Protagonist could be Female. I find Kyle Crane pretty sympatic but i whould love to have Realistic Immersion for Female Gamer s aswell. I whould not Mind if the Voice is turn to Subtitle Only, for Crane cause i dont think it is so easy to Voice over the Dialog with a Female Voice. I do not think the Animations need any kind of change, just the actual First Person Body should be good to go for the Beginning. May you can make a playable Female Crane Version, for DLC i whould buy that witouth thinking about it. I only Discovered the Slums so far but if there are erotic Scenes, in the Game i do not Mind if it were Female on Female. That Kyle Crane needs to be a Guy is no Argument for Me, i do not hear him say much Manly things at all. Anyway for DLC or Mod this whould make the Game much more interesting for Female Gamer s. I have more than 28 Hours in the Slums only with just 10% or 8% of the actual Story cause i love that Game : ) . I do not have all Discovered, cause i just had to look at the Beautiful Scene sometimes, that took Time too. I ones read a Thread where someone complain, that Br ea sts (Realy censor the Word Brea sts) has not much to do with Immersion, for Females it does so "mean words" for this Person. I find it sometimes realy awkward and dumb, that People say some Breast sizes are actual Sexistic and surreal completly nonsense. We are all not Equal and Different and there are many Types of Male s and Feamle s in the World. So complain about Sexism is pretty Unlogical for Me, i do not get smaller Breast size that Men stare less, just for a example haha ...realy annoying some Feminism has nothing to do with Equality at all. If some Man whould just buy this DLC or install the Mod for the Boo bs (Realy censor this word too?) , i whould care much less than having no Option, to play a Female Character cause i am a Female in Reality too and I prefer that. I am using the Ninja Outfit cause i do not like to play a Full Bearded Guy at all. This Game has so much Potential, i Hope it gets the Attention it needs and way more Female Gamer s with DLC or Mod s. Thanks fo reading this Thread and please do not Delte it, it means much to Me that People pay atleast a bit Attention to it. And if you ask Yourself what i mean by Female Character, i find the New Lara Croft pretty Sweet, not the Anime Cartoonish One i have some similaryties to Her, the New One not the Other.. RinXair <3 ..
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/app/239140/discussions/0/535152511373511847/ Read this Steam Discussion about a Female Character DLC or playable Mod it is more Woman offensive than most Things i have ever read . It is almost the end of 2015 and you GUYS from Technland still havent even tried to switch some Character Model s and change some simple Animations to make it possible to play atleast One more Character than Kyle Crane my Female Comunity is realy Disapointed so am i . Is it realy True that all Guys or Male are so much (Moderated) to think like that what i have read so far in this Steam Forum Link . I am a young Female who liked Dying Light and Kyle Crane FOR A FIRST TIME CAMPAIGN GAMEPLAY but still wait for a Female DLC . People think for a Female Mod there is to much work to do i tried it myself back in the early 2015 and there was no custom Model Support. NOW you TECHLAND GUYS have finaly added this Feature and no One has even though about making One NO YOU GUYS just joking about this ! I AM SO DISAPOINTED YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR GAME WAS TO ME WHEN I INSTALLED IT AGAIN TODAY ! JUST A BENCHMARK TEST . I Understand that the Story is about KYLE ...but seriously almost 1 Year and still no Female playable for me and my Female Friend s . Just MALE (Moderated) like in this good damit Steam FORUM should not even are allowed to touch a Girl ONCE more in there Life s after this Critic ! IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT FEMALES STEAM FORUM LINK COMUNITY THAN PLEASE BECOME chupacabra OR LIVE SOLO FOR EVER THANK YOU . I wonder when Dying Light 2 comes out mh ... non of us is going to buy it until you understand that Female Immersion is different . That means the closest to REALITY VIEW IS FIRST (Moderated) PERSON so yes that is One Important Part for Both Genders Male and Female . WE ARE NO FEMINISTS FOR THE NEED OF PLAYING ACTUAL AS A FEMALE AS WE ARE IN REALITY. AND DONT COMPARE THIS WITH TOMBRAIDER OR WITCHER 3 THIS IS ALMOST SKYRIM OR FALLOUT 4 WORTH LIKE GAMEPLAY OPEN WORLD I HAVE PLAYED THE FIRST TIME SKYRIM 2015 WITH MUCH MOD S SO I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING HERE ABOUT . I have seen aswell enough Fallout 4 Videos but this stupid Game has not even a VISIBLE FIRST PERSON BODY MOD OR STANDART FEATURE . My Realistic gaming main Title for this Future was Dying Light for a long damit Time but i was so wrong you Guys do not listen to your Fan s . I Remember how much i tried to speak for Me and my Female Community with so much new Topics and Messages. RinXair and her Female Comunity they have not even made a Account here... cause they believe no One... is listening from the Techland Team ..
  3. Sounds good to me but i expected Account Block or Deletion of my Virtual Forum Account here in the Techland Forums or worse Steam like Comnents against Woman. I am realy surprised and i already tried to do a Female Mod for Myself and all People who are Female in Reality for more Immersion or for all who just want a Female Mod. Means for Woman and Male who are not that average Steam Community (Moderated) Still could rip some Balls of those Guys while reading Steam Comunity Stuff ... about Female Gamer and Female s in general in a Game like this. You Comment was the best i have ever read in this Forum so kind and honest and i know "the do it your self please" is a good Option but sometimes hard to do. For Example i have calculated all my Watt s my Computer uses and tons of other Stuff and Articles about Overclocking for my new Gtx 980 ti Oc GPU. You whould be so damit suprised how many People forget to mention the mv in msi Afterburner or any other Overclocking Programm damit. So that you have just like after 2 hours of dumb google search may 70% of all the Save information about overclocking the other 30% is just much Luck and Patience. When you search somethin in Google you find like 90% other Things what have nothing to do with the Things you searched... I am extremly Smart and Fast with Computer s and anything elese aswell so Things get realy to slow for Me most of the Time no Matter what. Example here Google though i am a hacking programm or Machine for copy and paste Search in Google so i had to do a capatcha HAHA i am proud of that Fact . Hilarious i got asked the same " Are you a Machine or hacking Programm Capatcha " right now while typing this text and searching some Stuff at the almsot same Time. With normal typing with my Keyboard here i got asked the same " Are you a Machine or hacking Programm Capatcha " haha. My Grammar sucks sometimes cause i have some serious health Problems actualy so i lose patience much and use just Chat Grammar and no actual Forum Grammar. But it seems You could read my Message here my Community is kind of Big but Depends some already stoped to think about it. The Fact that I could do that but still i dont know how exact the New Developer Tool Options are so may it whould be still almost inpossible to do a Female Mod. So i though about making a Statement for Female Gamer s for our kind of Immersion " Anyone One is Different " means we are not equal when it comes to some Things. We should thread each other Equal but that is logical or it should be. To thread someone Bad can Help but only when this One is a realy dumb Douche or just Mean. Sad but a Fact some People only get it how much (Moderated) they are only after you told them... Some even need some kind of Psychological Warfare and you can trust Me i have not even lost 1 War jet but i hate it to be so offensive in Psychological Way mh. Anyway i am happy to Message here again or to you never though to get a good Answer like this thank you for some hope repair. I work on my Grammar if you have some Problems or other People with understanding my Text as good as i can for now. I can just tell you Bad Health is painfull 24/7 all the Time so my concentration is sometimes less good than usual or my Patience as already told here. Rin..
  4. Just to make sure how much our Community is disapointed ... What is Dying Light 2 going to be ? 4 Kyle Cranes One Black One White One Latino One Chineese but still no Female Character for atleast Multiplayer or Dlc possible ..
  5. RinXair

    Deleting Game Question?

    Steam is charging and force Player to pay for Mod s watch my Topic it is pretty interesting. E:\Programme (x86)\Steam\userdata\110765905\239140\remote\out <--- Here should be your made up Save Game may Backup your Documents Dying Light Folder to. If you are no completly sure, just Copy the Entire Steam userdata Folder, to save it for later search, to find the Dying Light Save Files. But this Path replaced My Game Save with One Test Save for a Mod Test, to avoid the Game Tutorial. If you need anymore Help, I have most of the Time the Forum open cause I am super curios what Techland is going to do, may have to pay for Dying Light Mod s created in the Updated Developer Tool to ? You can not add Custom Content like own Mesh,Skin for your Dying Light Custom Map or to the Game for now, but this should be soon possible in a Update, see The Dying Light Developer Tool,Mod Forum here..
  6. RinXair

    To The Devs.

    Test the I am Legion Mod in Dying Light Nexus before You have to Pay for it... read my Topic about Steam Workshop... pay for Mod s... actualy you can see Mod s start to cost Money..
  7. RinXair

    How To Change Shade Of Shadows.

    Rafal Polito a Job for You, I tested much but some Options are not in the Developer Tool for now, but may this works already dont know..
  8. RinXair

    How To Add And Play Mods?

    Impressive amount of Time and Knowledge about Mod s and Map s Differences, i prefer for those who dont know the Difference read this Topic, pretty well done cr1m3 . I can not wait to see the Custom Content Option to be released, so you can create Content or Copy Content you made in a 3D Programm to add it to the Game as a Mod, or to Your Custom Maps, may soon both. For Example create a Map and add it to the Main Campaign, like Another Area Old Town 2 or something like that may completly Different..
  9. RinXair

    Mod Ideas

    Not bad, should be easy mh but to post the Same exactly 3 Times, gets You One fine deserved -1 If you may type it with 2 Different Explenations next Time, than just Copy and Paste it 3 Time s..
  10. RinXair

    Question About Weapons Ammo.

    For Now ? Or later with Developer Tool Update ? Or not possible at all mh Damage increase or less Damage may be interesting, for a Small Caliver Weapon Mod or something like that..
  11. RinXair

    How To Use Triggers And Sounds.

    Some Featuresa are actualy not in the Developer Tool, but the Option could be already in the Tool ..
  12. RinXair

    Question About Weapons Ammo.

    May they are not Upgraded for now in the Developer Tool, but i dont know keep searching i found some interesting Options, even if the Developer Tools are not completed for now, for Example you can not add own Content..
  13. RinXair

    Re-Usable Weapon Upgrades

    Search may in the Dying Light Nexus, may you can put out a Mod Upgrade of a broken Weapon just in Theory if you find such a Mod..
  14. RinXair

    Co-Op For Workshop Maps?

    Did you tried play Dying Light Custom when you click play by Steam ? I do not tried it Myself anyway, go to Bed now mh Differen Times i guess.. May it has no Co op Support for now, like there is no Option to add Custom Content, but they are going to make it possible, i could read it in the Dying Light Mod Tool Faq Topic ..
  15. RinXair

    Developer Tool ´s Faq

    Thank You so much, i just started to think about mh and it whould be so super sad to lose so much Potential, great sure if You need some more Weeks,Months no Problem here i just wait and than going to Love the Custum Stuff. Nothing against Kyle but Female Immersion is Different and sure much other Custom Stuff to come <3 much Love and good Luck good Work, i am so exited to see the new Content and possible Features when you are done of course. I know You Guys work realy hard and take our Topics or Questions serious, but like with everything else, the Wait Part always sucks in Life or in a Fantastic Virtual World no Matter where haha. May You do a Jade DLC to make her playable, or Later it is possible with the Developer Tools, or may another Woman,Girl : ) and to all this great Start for the Developer Tool Experience, the Other Content what is in the Development. Anyway Great News i still got a bit Bitc-h mood, cause of a realy hard time here in Reality mh damit anyway nothing Evil meaned for You Guys or for Others. When Dying Light came out i was a bit disapointed of no possible Option to chose a Female Character, cause of the Immersion Features like a visible Body and other Awesome Stuff, but still it was the Game i searched for like 1 Year. I am realy picky with the Game s i like, Dying Light had much Features so many Game s do not even Think about, to bring them in there Development, I am glad to see the Support Potential from Techland and Other Users : ) . I can wait for such Genius Support and soon Custom Options to add to the Developer Tool, i guess Others whould agree hard here, better a bit more wait time than to miss Something..
  16. RinXair

    Real Tools Please?

    They should Release another Tool more complexe for actual Development and I agree what you mean, JasonMonteCarlo with the more advanced Developer Tools, far to less possbilities for custom Content, see Developer Toolos FAQ Topic..
  17. You should atleast Read some of My Threads there are some Limits for Now. RinXair Topics I have done so far, do you just ignored them ? atleast read the entire Tools FAQ and please add FPS Feet and atleast Legs to your Pre Alpha Game, it looks always so stupid to be 2 Floating Arms in a Game..
  18. RinXair

    Kick Force ?

    I agree but i play Mortal Kombat X, one Awesome Game aswell, but i still pay much Atention to this Forum, I hope it is soon possible to add Custom, Own Self made 3D Content or to change the existing Stuff. Seems logical, the First Version is Good, but the Later Version with Updates and Patches is much better, atleast by most of the Game s and Tools out there to take out the Bugs and to add actualy Everything, like a Terrain Editor for Example. Anyway have a good Time with Your Game s, one of the most Important Thing for Virtual Fun..
  19. RinXair

    Developer Tool ´s Faq

    TO Rafał Polito when will we be able to change FPP and TPP Mesh, so Body First Person and Third Person to create Custom Content actualy ? Is it possible that we can open the Rpack or get the Resources for the Mesh,Models in Game like Rais,Jade,Spike ? For Example to create some Awesome Things like: Custom NPC Custom Enemies Custom Outfits Custom Main Character to play as Jade, for Female Gamer, or to play as Spike African American Guy, like a Race Mod for Later gameplay...to have some more Difference for custom Taste. (We are all Different no Matter what, even a Clone of You with all exact the same even Behavior, whould have Different Atoms and is still Different to you... in a Molecular Biologic Level and more...) I whould Test them all for Example, I do not make there much Difference by Skin Colour, but i have for Example, white Female Hands, not white Guy Hands, just to mention it, yes that is realy high Mod Critic... (I do not think white Hands are so Immersive for a African American Player.) / (My Arguments are for the actual Immersion, for Player Male,Female who want to feel to be in the Game, i do not mean this Racist Good Damit.) Custom Houses made in 3D Programms Custom Horizon to add may a more End Time Apocalypse Background Custom Car,Vehicles Custom Animals Friendly and Aggresive for a Mod Custom Elements for may a Magic Mod Custom Mesh,Texture,Skin Files I could set the List to almost infinite cause just watch the Skyrim Nexus and you see what i mean. ( If there is some Offensive Content for you, than I do not care, cause People should be Free, to do what they want, atleast in a virtual World ! ) I did some good enough to read Topics for that i guess. May you could Answer Me like you did in the Steam Community Forum Thanks.. I realy was full of Hope for this Developer Tools, I love the Game and its Content but, i want to give it My own Taste and this is not possible, with no Custom Content, for First Person Perspetive and Third Person Mesh.. To switch some Mesh whould be insanely EASY, against creating new Animations, i can Understand that and the Copy Right Thing, See the Bethesda Studios what make almost all accesable and still make profit. Money Money ...has someone gas ? You do not burn your income when you give us acces to some of the Mesh Resources, I am completly sure much People whould love it to add there Own Content, to this Awesome Game. Cause to Important Own Content, I could not find a Option for Now, if there is already something build in the Developer Tool. If someone finds this Post Offensive against Someone, than read it again, there is nothing realy Offensive here, i mean this Serious and NOT OFFENSIVE RACIST OR SOME OTHER RETAR-DED NONSENSE. I do not want to open the Box of the Pandora, But i whould even Pay, to be able to Edit the First Person and Third Person Outfits,Bodys,Skins,Mesh. No Hundrets of Dollar or Euros, but a good Price sure. Like a Pack what you can Buy, that you actualy get something more out of Your Hardwork to create those Skins,Mesh Files..
  20. RinXair


    You can buy Single Dlc for just like 5 Euro all Dlc and for the Season pass you need to pay a bit more, Private Message Me if you want to know the Site, it is Legal but i dont want it to get so Public. I know some People who Buy there Uncut Games there and they whould burn the German Rules People Alive, if this Store whould close, stu-pid German Rules Yes we get all Mass Murders cause of Games like that Stupi-d Retar-ds. You can activate Your Dlc Codes, the same Way as you whould activate the Dying Light Game, just simple and easy, you should atleast google like 1 Hour before you post a Topic thanks..
  21. RinXair

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    If that is True this is extremly Disapointing, i was hoping for Custom Freedom in Dying Light, but there is still enough Potential, i hope they soon release a Tool for that, this is pretty Sad, or a Update for the Developer Tools. Mh Anyway Thanks to Techland for the Developer Tool i though it already has the Custom Feature, i read in another Topic something like "changePlayer..." someone meaned to have seen it, may there is still Hope. I do not give up so Easy and if only the Future holds its Hands open for Custom Content to Dying Light, better than Nothing at all, but this is realy Frustrating, if that is True. Quoete of my Female Protagonist or DLC possible Topic: cr1m3 Posted Today, 09:59 PM For the female character i don ´t know If it´s possible to make but i saw A function somewhere . I can ´t remember where but it was something Like changePlayer... , Need to check. Could be true lets see what the Future brings. Just to add something, does Someone of You know how to turn Off the VSYNC in the Developer Tool, cause it is just less Fluid and Annoying to use VSYNC, i have it Off in all My Game s..
  22. RinXair

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    I Understand the Copy Rights, but i serously dont think the Mod Community should be censored to use them and if atleast be possible to add Custom Models for Example... I could see some are in the Rpack File,Folder yes and i could not find much Information, how to open those and edit them seems to be complexe. Import Script later whould be a good Start, but i seriously see there a Problem for the Mod Community if we are not allowed to use the Mesh, or atleast to change the Skin for more Easy Animation and Bone compatiblity. Bethesda Game Studios allow to Mod almost Anything so far, what is i guess the Reason, why People love to Mod Skyrim so much..
  23. RinXair

    Female Protagonist Dlc Or Mod Possible ?

    Awesome i think it is just a Matter of time to see Custom Content,Enemies,Landscapes,Vehicles,Background(Horizon),NPC,may entire Familys in some Save Zones, i know Dying Light already has them, but may out of Haran for Mod Expansion. I whould love it to see this Feature to Change Player FPP and TPP, before the First Week or First Month is over as usual haha, cant wait to get my Hands and Mind on and in to Awesome Stuff. I am glad this seems to be a "Good Social" Community,Forum. Some People are kind of Offensive against Other Projects, i do not mention here any Names but some People... Mh changePlayer ... Sounds pretty good, i wait for Your Private Message, or to post it here for all but the Post Limit is kind of Annoying, it should be the doubled Amount of Posts possible for the Mod Forum..
  24. RinXair

    Female Protagonist Dlc Or Mod Possible ?

    Still the Problem that i could not find a Option how to Copy existing Content damit, i realy dont know where it could be may with Text Edit, but it should be possible to do this just with the Developer Tool ? For Example you can Copy some Content into another Folder, but i can not change the Path to use the actualy copied Content to finaly change it. I dont know if it is possible to see a Example of the FPS Gameplay view before starting the Map, this Feature whould be realy usefull for Custom Body,Outfits to see how they whould look in the Game may this Feature is already build in ? The tools is kind of Easy to use but still seems to be complicated for some more special Tasks, but i guess it has to be a bit more complexe, by some more complexe Options for the professionality for later Content..
  25. RinXair

    Kick Force ?

    Mh may it looks like i do some typing work, to get more posts, but it is not only that, when i can help i am glad to help People. Kick Force should be possible to Expand to almost invinite in the Game, 1 Kick 100 Meter Zombies and Humans learn finaly to Fly, there is even a low Gravity Mod i have not tested it out it was made before the Tool came out i guess yes. Dying Light Nexus like the Skyrim Nexus, this Page is more Popular for Mod s than the Steam Workshop seems like that, just use Both to be sure to not miss something..