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  1. TheDoomedMarine

    Dying Light: Nightmare Row (Tie-In Novel)

    This is great news! I've downloaded it for my Kindle, thanks for letting me know.
  2. TheDoomedMarine

    Dying Light: Nightmare Row (Tie-In Novel)

    Apologies for the late reply. I think the only available language it is in is Polish unfortunately. Sorry I must have gotten my wires crossed beforehand when I mentioned it was in other languages. I'm very eager to read this book in English
  3. TheDoomedMarine

    Dying Light: Nightmare Row (Tie-In Novel)

    Agreed, I'd definitely buy this book on my Kindle for sure.
  4. TheDoomedMarine

    Disconnecting Every 5 Minutes ?

    I also had this problem (I am on PS4 as well) when I had my online settings set to anything but Single Player, it is very annoying.
  5. I'm very curious to ask if anyone (especially the team at Techland and Warner Bros) has an update about the Dying Light tie-in novel, Nightmare Row, being published in English. I know the book is available in other languages but I am just curious as to why it has not been made available in English as of yet? I even tweeted the book's author, Raymond Benson, directly and he did respond: Why has no publisher picked this up? I would love it if Nightmare Row was published in English as I loved the Dead Island tie-in novel by Mark Morris.
  6. Does anyone wish there were recall buggy radios at hunting towers and not just at safe zones? Just loaded up my save after meeting Mother in The Gathering quest. I'm outside the temple and my buggy is way over by the pumping station.
  7. TheDoomedMarine

    Co-Op/ Polyamory Trophy Team Needed

    I'm also needing help with this trophy. (as well as earning the co-op challenges trophies too) If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. The only thing is I can't find my headset just now so I would be a silent player. My PSN ID is: TheDoomedMarine Thanks.
  8. TheDoomedMarine

    "do You Believe?" Side Quest Not Triggering (Ps4)

    It all sorted itself out in the end and Mufid spawned in the University I believe after I'd finished The Museum quest but it was a strange glitch to encounter.
  9. I need to do the "The Shadow of The King" side quest again in order to unlock Note #28 which will net me the "Its All In The Writing" trophy. (I know you get both notes 27 and 28 together but I must have missed #28 when I picked up #27 on a previous playthrough) However the initial quest to obtain this "Do You Believe?" I cannot get to trigger as Mufid does not spawn inside Harran University in Old Town no matter how many other side quests I do. Has anyone else encountered this problem and know of any ways to correct it? Will have to beat my current game + and start another New Game+ ? Thanks.