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  1. Vindelisal

    Give Us A Reason.

    Nests - Nests will now start a timer once all humans have left the safe area they start the game in. Timer being 3 minutes. Once the timer strikes 3 minutes, one nest will hatch and it will now be a volatile zombie. This is their new target. Once 9 minutes have passed the entire spawn will be whatever zombies were there and 3 volatiles. The hunter's scream when in a distance of these (about the distance of the UV light) should cause these hatched zombies to rush to the hunter's location. These zombies are as tough as the spawns, but less tough than actual story mode zombies. These zombies will not allow the hunter to lure them far from their hatched area without returning. If the zombies are to engage in a fight and run out of bounds, they will become immune to damage while they run back to the spawn area. These will be the only zombies able to climb. If near a camp and your horde spit hits, they will also react immediately. This stops pointless struggles with humans camping on top of a building waiting to jump on your head how you ask? After 9 minutes and every zombie spawning, they now have 10 minutes to kill that set of spawned volatiles before it's considered an infestation, which would make zombies actively learn to climb and charge the human players. All in all... This update would give humans 20 minutes to do something before the hunter gets a huge advantage. This is EASILY preventable by simply following the objective and killing the nests. The reasoning I am giving this idea for a change: I've joined many games where 2-4 humans would just sit on top of a building back to back waiting. If I threw spits at them while they stared in my general direction, they simply moved out of the way with their dodge. This needs more counterplay. I'm aware they can see me at all times, doesn't even bother me really. But come on. They can afk ontop of a building (until you show up) and never have anything to worry about... As far as I'm concerned this can be used for the first set, and timer can reset for others. It's simply to push the humans to do what they're supposed to rather than just pick on someone 1v4...
  2. Vindelisal

    Gg, Techland.

    No. Not good game. Your game is trash. BTZ mode is a joke. Stop making multiplayer games. While your single player is solid, and really fun. You're trash at multiplayer. absolute trash. 5/5 on single player 0/5 on multiplayer. You should basically delete BTZ, there's no hope for it unless you remade it altogether. Kthx.
  3. Vindelisal

    So Tired

    Look at the noobs who only play survivor defending the survivor... Pathetic.
  4. Vindelisal

    First And Last Post

    As if everyone and their dogs haven't already given a bunch of ignored ideas...
  5. Vindelisal

    Still Not Fixed The chupacabra Game Yet?

    ^That makes absolutely no sense. If they weren't cut out for making games, the result would be players being Moderated off. Are You Moderated
  6. Vindelisal

    Still Not Fixed The chupacabra Game Yet?

    Honestly. I don't see them fixing anything in the future. Hence the loss of so many players. They just weren't cut out for making games.
  7. Vindelisal

    Techland Are You Ever Going To Fix Multiplayer?

    That chupacabra release video was the biggest lie in the history of lies. Those hunters would just walk facing you 24/7 spamming UV light. The fact those hunters didn't even turn to face the survivor after spamming hunter's sense only shows how ignorant they were making the game. If not ignorant, simply lying to the entire fanbase. So pick one techland, did you lie, or are you just stupid?
  8. Vindelisal

    Fix Your Game Techland Enough Is Enough

    Stop collecting downvotes you hoarder.
  9. Vindelisal

    "rained Death From Above" Spam

    If you're losing as the survivor. You're bad and should probably quit playing.
  10. Vindelisal

    New Looting Graphics And Killing Instances?

    He is right. The only reason no one cares is because you foolishly put it in the wrong place.
  11. Vindelisal

    New Looting Graphics And Killing Instances?

    No one can make anything anymore without chupacabra comparing it to someone elses work.
  12. Vindelisal

    Problems With The Hunter

    I hope they give the hunter his time to shine like they did the survivors. So everyone like you quits playing.
  13. Vindelisal

    The Problem With How Strong Survivors Are...

    You're one of the most ignorant people on this forum.
  14. Vindelisal

    Problems With The Hunter

    Looks like you're only choosing to ignore certain things because you know you'll start losing if they change something. It's kinda sad.
  15. Vindelisal

    Problems With The Hunter

    And what about the aggression of the humans? Once again. A bias survivor spewing chupacabra to defend his OP UV light...