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  1. Car1u1s13

    Hunters Win More Games Than Humans What?

    I think hunters got it made..... why? Bc they only have to kill one or four humans while the humans have to worry about hunter and his abilities plus hordes plus uva disable plus goones plus virals and last but not least zombies is that fair? I think not !!!! So quit u winning hunters
  2. Hi techland be the zombie dlc is awsome !! If you play as the hunter .. If you play as kyle Crane not so awsome !!! lets make things even a little bit just as the hunter call Out hordes and disable uva light techland should make something similar for Kyle crane .... Bc all we got as weapons is our swords and What not ... While the hunter has hordes virals zombies goones etc ... My idea is give us who love to play as Kyle crane a weapon maybe like we can call out survivors as well to help us against virals goones or hordes give us a extra space to be able to load out more weapons 4 spots is not enough .... Welcome to make and opinion people let me know wat u think