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  1. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    He had obviously modded his PC files for the drop rate % to increase, if you check his inventory he had even more gold weapons, NOBODY has that many let alone has one without modding the files.. Don't trust this vid as legit gameplay. Also look how much cash he has in his inventory.. definitely an exploiter/modder. ($1051922) Nobody has over $1 million and plays legit at the same time.
  2. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    I couldn't agree with you more.
  3. Dying Light is a huge success, what an amazing game it is. I know you're currently working on Hellraid, which looks awesome by the way. But here's an idea for a future game, which I think would be fantastic. Your game engine would work GREAT in a Gladiator style game, I'm talking similar to the TV series Spartacus, or the movie Gladiator. It could be based around Rome, the slavery of Gladiators. The protagonist could be the master that enslaves you, or the ruler of the Kingdom. I can't think of a better game engine other than yours that would work so well in creating this game. Co-op is so fun on Dying Light! Imagine a similar co-op game experience in a Gladiator war based game! Just.. damn I wish it was a thing. In my opinion, your game engine has the potential to make a game like this become something huge, it'd be such a fun and different game. I'm not sure if others would agree with me on this, I just enjoy thinking about these kind of things.
  4. MrJellyPig

    Hello Is Anyone Their Even Work!

    That attitude will get you no where.
  5. MrJellyPig

    Question From The Devs

    I enjoy co-op, that's what makes this game continue to feel alive for me. If there was more to do in co-op.. it could only get better! Allowing to trade with other players would be pretty cool rather than just throwing stuff on the floor. A horde challenge or game mode could be fun, where you have to fight waves of zombies and they get harder each time. More different types of weapons is always good, you can never have enough weapons Damn I love weapons. If we could craft silencers for our guns, that'd be pretty sweet too. It'd be great if we could somehow unlock a backpack, or get a costume with a backpack, and allow it to give us a few extra spaces in the inventory, sometimes 14 spaces isn't enough for me haha. I also think flares should be removed from Be The Zombie mode, or we should be able to be immune to them for a few seconds as well. They have 2 ways to stop us getting to them, UV light and flares, we can only disable their UV light, then they just chuck down flares everywhere and we can do nothing.. Maybe you could limit how many flares the survivors can use, like 5 each or something. I think the gameplay would be completely equal without the use of flares, but for now I think I'll stay as the survivor as if you are good at it, you can't be beaten. Is it also possible the zombie could see where the safehouses are? I often go over them by accident when travelling, and it nearly kills me. I've also noticed that when you are a higher level zombie on PS4, there are many less games to join, I struggle to find one. But when I made a new save of a zombie there was loads to join! I think the matchmaking could be tweaked a bit.
  6. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapon Strawpoll Vote

    No, that one is a joke answer they're basically voting no as well.
  7. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapon Strawpoll Vote I'd love it if you guys would cast your vote on the strawpoll linked above, as you can see there has already been some votes. Just to clarify, the 4th answer is a joke answer, for the people who have been confusing orange with gold. We have a great community here (mostly) lets keep it going! Please try to cast an honest vote, it helps!
  8. MrJellyPig

    File Corrupted

    Same for PS4, your backup save might be in the online storage, check to see. It's hard to help you without knowing what platform you're on.
  9. MrJellyPig

    Co Op Challenge Glitch

    I've also experienced this bug on the latest update.
  10. MrJellyPig

    Better Switching Of Weapons On Console?

    Are you on PS4? how do you continue to run while switching?
  11. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    If you're on console, please take a screenshot of the weapon in your inventory and post here. Many people are confusing gold for orange. If you post here we'll be able to tell which one it is.
  12. What platform are you on? I didn't know you could buy the Rune hammer from the shop.
  13. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    I know, that's why I believe it's broken, rather than just a low percentage! I hope this is tweaked/fixed! I think the Dying Light staff/devs should play the game on console, and see if they can find a gold weapon.
  14. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    I think if we want a chance of finding gold weapons.. we have to get rid of our girlfriends, quit our jobs and give up sleeping. Maybe if we play the game 24 hours a day, we might find one eventually, then have it break after a few hours of use yay!
  15. MrJellyPig

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Although they're confirmed as being in the game, and newly provided tips partially restored hope to the on going search. I still find it weird that millions of players on console haven't yet found gold weapons and posted about them. Especially with all the people asking, where are they? And that the people who have found them on PC, have modded their game files to do so. There are so many posts right now wondering why no one has found gold weapons. Yes the drop rate is low, but when millions of players are playing vs a 0.1% (supposedly) drop rate, people would have them by now on console, and be showcasing them online. Examples of other posts wondering where gold weapons are! I created this one on reddit to see if people were feeling the same, they obviously are.