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  1. Yeah, it's over powered.  Just look at my latest video and see just how over powered he really is...



    To be fair SomeOldDude this clip wasn't particalrly unbalanced, other than the spit-sheild bug you did a lot of no-no's to land yourself in those situations. i.e wasting spits over long ranges, and ground pounding places where the survivors wasn't even close. Survivors still has the upper hand in general and too many tools at disposal. but this wasn't the best example of an unbalanced game IMO

  2. Then level up your hunter, its like saying nerf hunters because newb humans cant beat them....ofc they can't, because they're new, and don't know how to counter it. Same applies for hunters, want to counter bow, level up, or be a good hunter.


    I'm sorry but the balancing issues goes much deeper than simply the bow. and of course I can agree to some points, for a new hunter/ survivor. the opposing enemy might seem impossible, because they simply aren't good enough to handle the techniques and playstyles the experienced players are using.  


    And the same does NOT apply to hunters against humans. The humans are OP, or else there wouldn't be just NH players frequenting the BtZ forum repeatedly requesting balancing changes. There have been several exclusive survivor players on this forum wanting to give the night hunter a buff. because they didn't have fun with the challenge the current night hunter gave them. 


    The night hunters struggle against experienced players is simply not fair! We have a very limited arsenal of skills we can use to defeat the survivor. Which of course can do the job IF you play absolutely perfectly all the time, one misstep from the NH and you're either dead or have at least a 30 second wait before you can do the same attack again. For the NH getting ONE kill is a long power struggle consisting of outsmarting the survivor completely. and even if you manage to do that, one missed ground pound and you're instantly dead. it requires so much more finesse and strategy for a night hunter to take down a survivor it's rediculous. especially considering we have to make every skill and ability count. because of the long reload times of spits. 


    Survivors however, requires much less finesse, against a fist fight survivors are guaranteed to win. if the night hunter manages to chip off most of the survivors damage, the survivor can dodge spam away and use medkit. if there are 2-4 survivors. the BOW is OP as kurczak there is nothing more to say to you, unless you have played as a night hunter yourself, and met a good survivor. I urge you to try it though, maybe it will change your perspective on things ;) as a person who has done both, I can tell you the way MP plays now survivor is OP

  3.  If you played as Night Hunter you would know what it's like to get killed by these types of people. All you can think of when you're respawning was "What the chupacabra were they thinking !?"



    Pretty much sums up my multiplayer experience opposing hunters completely abusing skills i.e DFA, DK, Explosive Arrows and such. 

  4. have to agree with dasorrow here, getting banned simply because of a complaint is ofcourse unjustified, but if we bring actual video footage, how can that be ignored. Perhaps cheating would go down if something was actually done with cheaters. and the excuse one of the devs presents us with is that it isn't a frequent problem... It's not really much of a consolation when you're up against a teleporter that instant kills your nest, You still have to quit, and that counts as a loss, and I've met a cheater at least every other day lately.  


    To quote Pete Donelly " In my experience cheating isn't quite that common" then it wouldn't take many bans to eviscerate and discourage the rest of the cheaters? and with videos showing cheating happening, how is that not due diligence.


    Are some of the filthy survivors paying you off to keep them OP?

  5. Hey everybody (devs, mods and other players) after months of playing Btz, I have concluded that Techland. You've actually done a really good job at be the zombie, Despite all the negativity projected in this sub-forum The recent patch might not have fixed everything, but you've taken a step in the right direction, I have complained about survivor being OP and needing a nerf myself. and that still might be the case on some points. but as I just reached the rank of juggernaut. which basically means you win much more than you lose. and as long as that is the case. It is far fetched to say the game is unreasonably unbalanced. 


    The humans have some unfair advantages (i.e bow, death from above, dodge spam & UV distance) but I think you guys will do a good job balancing things further

    The new features added to the night hunter helps the gameplay some. and I think this multiplayer game mode, might get a "cult status" some day, I just want to be one of the few spreading positivity about the game and saying that you've done a great job on this mode, and I hope you will continue making it even better


  6. yeah you're basically 3/4 of those people...creating a new thread EVERY day about how entitled the BTZ community is to a patch that puts things in the zombies favour. it's like the game isn't playable in the way you keep whining about it. It might not bet perfect but it has little bugs and is in a prefectly playable state

  7. instead of lectures how about working on BTZ its been week or so sence ur "DLC" and your all knew ur patch was incomplete so we got some of what we should have been paying for brilliant work tech id like to see more collaboration from u mods with our ideas and what we say is in fact brokens or wrong with your game but ur feedback is almost 0 every time u post something in multiplayer forums its useless are they paying you or u just a gamer with alot free time? bet ya if someone pinged his ip hes in a residential area


    He's a MODERATOR. his role is to moderate forums, keep discussions civil. keeping threads on-topic that kind of stuff. In fact he knows little more than us about the games and the patching (at least that's usualyl the case with mods) Moderator =/= developer. 

  8. Hi survivors. I'll give a quick rundown of my issue. I used to have a chupacabra GPU (GT 450) got sick of low preformance in gaming. So I bought a new GPU. The GTX 960. very happy with the preformance on the card. However I experience choppy gameplay when I am playing dying light i.e stuttering 2 second freezes. Especially if I turn 180 degrees and the like. I was wondering if anyone has an idea why this occurs. here are the relevant specs 


    MSI GTX 960 2 GB 

    amd FX 8120 OC @ 4.1 


    I am suspecting my amd cpu might be the culprit. however the fps is high it jsut stutters a lot, no matter what graphical settings (even lowered resolution to 720) and I run other high-end games stable. Far Cry 4 Assassins creed unity. 


    Thanks for your tme

  9. You're the biggest crybaby on this forum (tieing with dasorrow), the mode is awesome, insulting the devs won't get you jackshit. The gamemode has balancing issues. But not enough to call the makers horrible, predicting how people will play the gamemode after the release is hard. stuff like this happens with almost every multiplayer game/mode. However the way some people on here are acting is rediculous. Especially you! 


    The complaints are valid, but telling them to quit making games? jesus christ, getting this rialied up over an ADDITIONAL game mode that they added for fun is kinda pathetic

  10. Hey guys, I was thinking it would be cool to be able to filter how many people you play against as a zombie, as I think playing 1 vs 1 is really boring and not a fun experience (At least not as a Zombie) so that we could choose if we preffered or only wanted to be matched up with a certain amount of people

  11. what point did i say you referenced me ? and quote 1 part of your statement : Every time someone posts a post wanting changes to a human you go invading his thread with everything that's wrong with the hunter.  

    this topic is about the hunter and seeing as your ranting in here about something off topic does that make you a rabid dog? :)

    well since you took the time to personally answer to my post, I assumed you felt touched by what I wrote, and you started responding in a rude/cheeky manner. So it seems you are looking for an internet fight, which I won't give to you. I do think it's childish of you though

  12. WTF guys, this is just embarrasing. Every time someone posts a post wanting changes to a human you go invading his thread with everything that's wrong with the hunter. I've seen it on multiple posts. it's off-topic and not what the OP wants to talk about. I too think the zombie is somewhat unbalanced. but the devs will defnitiely not listen to rabid dogs that can't accept a single other opinion on the forum!