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    Problems With The Hunter

    WTF guys, this is just embarrasing. Every time someone posts a post wanting changes to a human you go invading his thread with everything that's wrong with the hunter. I've seen it on multiple posts. it's off-topic and not what the OP wants to talk about. I too think the zombie is somewhat unbalanced. but the devs will defnitiely not listen to rabid dogs that can't accept a single other opinion on the forum!
  2. Nipple

    I Want This Btz...

    "It's faster, it's MUCH weaker, it's not deadly at all!"
  3. Nipple

    A Message To Every Hunter On Ps4. [Long Post]

    hahaha, good one, however it is quite correct, I would never see a hunter with the game in it's current state boast stuff like that, not justifiable anyway
  4. Nipple

    Have A Cool Down Time For The Zombies Ground Pound

    Yes RMJ I am unbiased, and bottom of the line, no matter how you look at it, the effort needed from a hunter to win compared to a human is just rediculous. You have to employ advanced tactics, multiple combos, which can basically only be done every 2 minutes for the hunter. and even then if the survivor know what he's doing the hunter won't have an opportunity to pounce because he's flaring up the place and your UV won't be completely recharged until the uv surpessor wears off. however on the other hand, if a human jukes a hunter when he's loading up a groundpound, and the hunter misses. the hunter will get killed instantly 90% of the time with 3 hits. As you say to if you want a balanced game, do you truly think that the night hunter can achiebe the same results as the survivor if he gives the same amount of effort, like for real? I have played survivor as well, and I have to say. Against most hunters I face, I don't have to try to win. I can put in minimal effort, employ the same constand dodge - uv until it drains, juke the hunters ground pound, and three hit him before he escapes. if the survivor prioritizes the hunter over the nests, and constantly watch for him. there's not really much the hunter can do other than gp. and even that if failed once -results in a death sentence for the hunter
  5. Nipple

    Have A Cool Down Time For The Zombies Ground Pound

    There's no point in debating this with you anymore really, but I feel the need to. First off the reason he's targeting you is because you've been hit with horde, he's obiously trying to get you off the roof. And if you get killed by the fall that's very much your fault for forgetting to roll. Furthermore Playing as a hunter I often experience survivors simply grappling hooking back onto the roof mod-air after ground pound. And if he were to follow you down on the ground grapple hook away from him. Do it in general. If you're up on the roof and you see him coming don't just stand there with uv. Use the grappling hook and escape. Additionally, the ground pound problem is really the only viable option the hunter has against the human, and if you play right as a human it can be escaped ez by using the grappling hook! The ground pound is very much like the humans dropkick, you see that at least right? Except the humans drop kick has magnetism. And take 1/3 and not 1/5 of your health. I would say if the ground pound needs a cool down, then so should the drop kick. Even though that's the only way the hunter can fight in m
  6. Nipple

    The Zombie And Survivor Balance

    I say we just remove the hunters claws, and spits and pounces as well then man. Cus if you're gonna remove his only advantage; agility from the game. then there's really no point
  7. Nipple

    Have A Cool Down Time For The Zombies Ground Pound

    I will agree that it's kind of an exploit. However I call it more of a combo. you can only target one person with that technique, and a well coordinated hunter could've just grappled up to a roof by the tiem you returned for a second sweep.
  8. Nipple

    Have A Cool Down Time For The Zombies Ground Pound

    ok what's the point of that video. it's a fairly won game. you're confusing me here man. there's no "ground pound pinning" going on in this vid, and I watched it all
  9. Nipple

    Have A Cool Down Time For The Zombies Ground Pound

    I saw the vid, If you had kept slicing him instead of running away with a gun at the end, you would've killed him...
  10. Nipple

    Have A Cool Down Time For The Zombies Ground Pound

    I'll respond to this as well. Quite simply Fairkiller, that's how a game works. if you don't manage to dodge the hordespit, you either get up on a roof, or you're dead, if you haven't managed to deplete ANY of the night hunters UV by the time you're climbing/ using the grappling hook then you deserve to die, cus you've made mistakes. however if you're up on the roof, and you again manage to get hit by UV suppresant, and you get pounced, that's not unfair. that's GETTING OUTPLAYED. and that's how multiplayer games work, you don't have infinite chances in a multiplayer game
  11. Nipple

    Have A Cool Down Time For The Zombies Ground Pound

    First off, he's ground pounrding you into walls, that's how it works. it's an enclosed area, if he were to ground pound you off the building, which there was basically a 50 % chance off he wouldn't be able to do that again. It would be the same as if you continously drop kicked him, second off. by the end of the ground pounding, where he has already ground pounded you 3-4 times you hit him ONCE with your blade. and you're at the same place health-wise. is that fair?
  12. Nipple

    The Zombie And Survivor Balance

    I agree, and yes, the two UV light suggestions was meant as pick one of them. I don't want all of the suggestions implemented simultaneously obviously
  13. Nipple


    I met this person myself, since I was too fast for him to kill me he just ended up insta-winning by destroying all nests simultaneously. When I complained to him about it after the match, he said cry some more lol
  14. Nipple

    The Zombie And Survivor Balance

    Thanks man, I was trying to formulate my argument as neutral as possible. and I while I agree with the UV being essential to the survivor the way it stands you can deplete the hunters UV 5 times over before it runs out. so was making a few suggestions which would make the game more balanced. that suggestion might not have been the most viable. I also feel the tactics you have to resort to to get a kill against a skilled survivor is pretty rediculous. BTW love your youtube vids, think I've watched most of them haha!