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  1. Del

    Be The Zombie Is Unfun Now

    Well said blind lunitic. I can't believe they have not balanced this game even after another update , Did not fix matching Hard to find a game The new weapons the night hunter has is just a waste of time because you still have to spit the human with it. But it's too easy for a human to dodge which the developers new about before the update ? So they new there was a problem with humans dodging spits and in the new update they they give the hunter a new spit but the human can still dodge it easy. Does not make sence
  2. And i still can't get a find a game. Matching is terrible still after the update they never even tried to fix this ? What's wrong with the people that made this game I can't believe my luck I find a game I like and there is like a million things wrong with it ? The last zombie game I liked was kin der totten map on black ops
  3. Del

    A Bug Since Patch

    i can't believe they have messed up this game again , I am so pissed off. I spent something like 60 bucks on this game. I can't go and buy loads of games so I have been stuck with this game for 3 months or more , I'm so pissed off . I deleted my post were I called them so many names but what is the point. Anyone who defends them after this needs to have there head examined
  4. Yeah ,that does not make sense. I don't think they are going to fix it now
  5. What a joke. They still have not fixed this game yet ? Anyone know when there is a update , Still can't find games unless I start back at level 0 on be the zombie
  6. Del

    Zombie Mode Issues

    The more I play this game the more I think it can never be balanced ! Think about it in a game like cod the rules are the same for every one . trying to balance two different Types of game play and rules is impossible , That's if you can even get a game
  7. Del

    Fix Your Game Techland Enough Is Enough

    We'll said dessorrow. I wanted to post the same thing ,Fix the chupacabra game !!!!!! I can write this post even though I'm playing be the zombiebecause they are in the water. Or. Sometimes they hide in safe houses. I mean all these mistakes have been made before in other games !!!!! That's if you can even get a game
  8. Yeah past level 8 had to delete And start at level 1 there
  9. I have just started a new level 1 zombie game and can find loads a a games again. This is the 3rd time I have had to do this. This time level 13 I could not find games
  10. Looks like past level 18 it's hard to find a game
  11. So I solved my problem with writing this post. I was at level 54 and could not find games as the zombie or it took ages to find a game.( it seems it try's to match me to another high level human) So I had a game there at level 8 so I tried that and it finds loads of games and it is putting me against noobs so at least I have a chance were as before I would always be matched with a high level human( at level 8 at least I had points there to get spit and uv block and others
  12. . After the update. Still can't find A game( it can take 15 mins to find a game ). It seems it's because I am at high level with the zombie so it only searches for similar players ? This could have been a good game , the update never really fixed much. The zombie is still too weak , (if I start a new game be the zombie level 1 I can find loads of games )