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  1. The chance of you getting it is 0.01%. Im not trying to insult you but thats the CS told me. Hell, even those guys doesnt have one.
  2. hey,men. Can we have a trade on that rune hammer you got ?
  3. NikezM479

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    Swiggity Swooty You know they're coming for your booty ! Still...the infected around you will kill you...but not until you get some camo
  4. But they all look like chupacabra,starting to think its a problem on my side. Im just gonna wait for more content.
  5. NikezM479

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    Got balls of steel,eh. Looks like we got a trouble maker up in here. Shootin their arms,huh...never thought of that. Bring two of those virals with my katana and be sasha *or whatever her name on TWD*
  6. I know this sounds stupid but...are guns really important while going around the city? Yeah, i understand that you need guns on certain missions but when it comes on freeroaming.....i kinda find it a pain in the chupacabra. Like why would you use a gun on your enemy if a viral will randomly f*ck you up quick,specially on hard mode. They will come out fast,swings at you like a mad man *i hate when they do that*, they deal twice as damage, and even worse...they're 2 of them coming for your bloody chupacabra! Like holy chupacabra,they're more annoying than foxy. You want more ? Okay...melee weapon is more expensive than this guns...are you serious ? So tell me,guys. Are guns really that important to you? Tell me what you think,ill be happy to read everything you guys say because for me...its a booty call for virals,specially shotgun. You'll wake each one of those motherf@c#3rs and make dem go nuts on your booty xD
  7. Maxed out and still cant find it...*sigh*...well,seems got no choice but to give up. All i get is this stupid flat end hammer and cruel sledge. Guess im the luckiest guy on this game. Unf*ck!ngbelievable.
  8. what level you are when you got that weapon? Because i cant find it
  9. Just got in on NG+. Now,im reallydesperate to find this two weapons. Can somebody tell me where can i find this weapons,please help