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  1. Broko

    Possible Medkit Nerf?

    I was being sarcastic, it's called skill and strategy.There's more than one way a Human can play in multiplayer.
  2. Broko

    Possible Medkit Nerf?

    Yikes!! Who would've thought that healing needs nerfing too? What's next? Grappeling hooks?
  3. Broko

    Night Hunter So Over Power

    I guess it's too late to tell the topic creator about this Pro Hunter community we have here.​ ​
  4. Broko

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    Sounds like the community is much more Pro H​unter now. Hunters get a little taste of Humans without their Survivor sense with the Sense suppressor and now they want them to stay that way.
  5. Broko

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    There's a reason why the developers made a survivor sense in this multiplayer mode, and there's a reason why there's a spit suppressor spit now. Without the sense humans would be demolished and it would make the game unbalanced. If you have such high reflexes then you try playing a match without using your survivor sense with friends and without friends. Then tell me how that goes since you have grappling hooks that give you a great view of the map plus the Hunter's sounds.
  6. Broko

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    If humans didn't have that ability it would be non stop pounce for Hunters because of their agility and tendrils. Also, games would take a lot longer because humans would basically have to camp inside buildings if the ability was removed. You also got to think about how it would work for a lone survivor. You should try winning a match without using the survivor sense at all with and without other people with you. To see if it's really necessary of course, and if you beat the Hunter without breaking a sweat then you'll prove that it's not necessary.
  7. Broko

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    Dying Light's light is dying.
  8. Broko

    Request For Girl Character In Co-Op Mode

    I doubt that they would do something like that. Unless it wass DLC.
  9. That's what the developer said that the patch was for. I'm guessing he was talking about TU 1.07
  10. The patch that went live today was supposed to fix some of the matchmaking issues for PS4 and PC.
  11. Broko

    Just Received Update 1.07

    The UV light was changed before this update.
  12. I was just giving an example but it is generally viewed as a bad thing to do in a game.
  13. Many developers patch there games to stop boosting because of leader board statistics purposes and other reasons. So yeah it is a bad thing to do.
  14. Broko

    Dev Request: Detailed ~Be The Zombie~ Patch Review

    Small things like that no. If the issue is like 2 or 3 small things like bugs it can easily be fixed with a hotfix. Such as the ranking up problem that was caused by the mutation system. Which Techland is working on fixing.