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  1. Warrie_D

    Bugs And Concerns

    Good say. I recently purchased The Following and have been really enjoying it. This is also the first time back playing the game in a few months. During The Following I encountered a few bugs. The most noticeable bug is enemies clipping in to walls or buildings. On a few occasions where I had to either kill a zombie or human, or had to talk to someone in order to progress with a mission, the Zombie or person bugged in to a wall or building leaving me unable to interact with them. I had to reload the game to fix this, or hope to hit them through the walls. Another issue I have, although I may only be misunderstanding the system, is the new Legend Rank system. I do understand that the Legend Rank is an endgame system for you to work towards, it seems to be taking a very long time gaining decent amounts of experience to get to the next level. Given the fact that with each level more and more experience is required to to level up, it really starts to take absurdly long. I feel that some adjustments need to be made to the Legend Rank system.
  2. Warrie_D

    Issue When Controller Battery Dies

    I get that, it's not as simple as always knowing how long it will take until the battery is fully discharged. My point here, is that I use my controllers until the battery is completely drained, then swith to the fully charged one and charge the other. I get that I can start using the other one when it says the battery is low, I personally just prefer to use it until fully discharged...
  3. Warrie_D

    Issue When Controller Battery Dies

    Agreed, that was why I was so surprised when it happened the first time, when I had to see the character get killed and there was nothing that I could do but watch as I scrambled to get my other controller switch on. Has happened a few times after that, my biggest concern being when it happens, being an automatic unwilling way to lose often difficult to get Survivor Points.
  4. Hi. Firstly I would just like to say congratulations on the game. It is a beautiful piece of art and its been a while since I have had this much fun and appreciated a game this much. I just have one, albeit small issue that I've encountered a couple of times. When playing the game, I tend to use my controller until the battery runs out and dies. What I've encountered, was that when you are busy playing, whether it's a mission or just having fun and your controller dies, it does not enter the pause menu. This often leads to unnecessary deaths and loss of Survivor Points because the game does not pause and you then have to either get another controller and power it on, or charge the one that died before you can pause the game. It would be really nice that, if your controller got disconnected, that the game could automatically enter the pause screen to avoid unnecessary deaths and loss of survivor points.