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    Dying light is fun!!!!!
  1. apr181

    Gold Tier Weapon

    so op
  2. apr181

    Guns Attachments

    thank you for understanding! We need to be silent :ph34r:
  3. apr181

    Guns Attachments

    Why are there not gun attachments? You guys need to add camo's, silencers and other attachments.
  4. apr181

    Flare Gun Or Fireworks Idea...?

    sounds cool!!!!
  5. apr181

    Bigger Map?

    They are addin harran stadium as a paid dlc.
  6. apr181

    Loot Cave?

    It's pretty cool!!!!
  7. apr181

    Buggies And Bows

    I have a few questions and suggestions 1. will the dune buggies be in a free or paid dlc? 2. will the bow and arrows be in a free or paid dlc? 3. Do you unlock the trick or treater skin by beating the story on hard mode? suggestion: You guys need to add a online hunger games type game mode!