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  1. boobafinno

    1 Bullet Is Enough For Nest

    this bug work only on "Nightmare" difficulty and only at countryside map
  2. boobafinno

    1 Bullet Is Enough For Nest

    good. but dont forget about grapple hook bug too! its a big problem too because with infinite grapple hook ppl can move very fast around the map, run away from bombers etc.
  3. boobafinno

    1 Bullet Is Enough For Nest

    1. PC only 2. both variants(vac secure and non vac secure) 3. Police and military rifles, many kinds of submachine guns, crossbows No, we dont use any cheats in pvp. I am and 3 my friends played about 10 BTZ matches vs night hunters(1 match VS me) and we killed nests with 1 shot in every match. We played at countryside map only. What else to say... idk how we did it. We will try it today again. I suppose its a bug because nests die with almost full hp bar.
  4. boobafinno

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    1 bullet with every firearm(or crossbow) is enough for destroy nest! i created topic about it
  5. boobafinno

    1 Bullet Is Enough For Nest

    really sorry if someone already posted it, - i cant read all topics and english is not my native.... BUT, looks like devs made a huge serious mistake with "the following" release: now 1 bullet with every firearm(or crossbow) is enough for destroy nest! just shoot to volatilenest head and it will be destroyed!
  6. Grapple hook still not fixed. It means that geekplayers still have infinite grapple hook. You limited grapple hook charges, but not fix this bug(i told about this bug to some developers on this forum).
  7. boobafinno

    Impossible To Win As A Hunter?

    if u mean accuracy hit with firearms, in most cases its a skill trained for years in shooters + good fps(144-200). i've never found aimhacks for dyinglight. there is autoaim for gamepad integrated in game, but i suppose it dont make u superaccurate on long ranges.
  8. boobafinno

    Impossible To Win As A Hunter?

    right, but hits+shield is simply method. trainers and scripts, which u can download from web, make nests injured to 1hp and its very visibly for another players. so u can determine cheater quickly. to increase damage on your weaps by gamemodding or scritps is kinda complex procedure, so not every human will do it. most of experienced players dont choose so hard ways of abuse, they just use hits+shield) thats why shield is the most evil what this game ever seen(after oneshoot bow and dfa spam long times ago) most of players who use another methods of abuse are lowskillat, and u can win them neverthelles their abusing.
  9. boobafinno

    Impossible To Win As A Hunter?

    i know devs promised to fix all bugs with the following dlc release but... 2-5 months remain before the release, and its a huge period of time. at the moment, too many experienced players have absolutely learned how to use shield bugs, and this make them unwinnable. i mean hit'n'shielding bug, which make u able to destroy nests x2 time faster, and antispit bug. So i think its not hard to fix these bugs as soon as possible before the update, and so many matches will be safed, so many nerves will be safed)) i suppose its not hard for ya to fix it. ps: and i suppose, devs are not highly motivated to change something because of daily online isnt high. but the best btz players still play, fix bugs for these ubermenschen
  10. boobafinno

    Be The Zombie, So Broken!

    hehe two hunters will be unwinnable for humans)) but i suppose would be fun to add a couple volatile-players to hunter side, with possibility to OFF their invasion in survivors online options menu.
  11. boobafinno

    Change Sense Supression Spits

    devs should to change Sense supressions spits to something another, or fix it(for example, add to this spit sound supression perk). Because now these spits are totally useless, - hunter is noisy like 1000 elephants and only totally newbie who have no headsets cant to determine hunters location. ps: ohh ive mistaked with topic name - of course Sense Supression. not uv. moderators rename it pls) pps: or another idea about sense supression spits: make it non-affilated with UV supressions spits. Anyway UV supression spits is too important and no one will spend it for sens supression spits.
  12. boobafinno

    Dying Light Is Now 50% Off On Steam

    Its kinda temporary reanimation of dying body... Sadly that people havent realized all greatness of dyinglight pvp(btz). maybe its too hard for most people. hope this situation will be changed.
  13. boobafinno

    Night Hunter Spamming

    avoid cluttered areas; dont play alone ; beat hunter between his gp ; if u cant beat him between gp - dodge away from him. if u cant dodge away because of too many garbage around - read the first tip.
  14. boobafinno

    Best Night Hunters

    Ninja No. But i hear about him.
  15. boobafinno

    Best Night Hunters

    Hej, Ninja! sure i remember you, we have a common mates. about your question: they are all play regulary Visceral . very long time ago he cheated, but now i 100% know he is clean. Mago . kinda inadequate but very good hunter Diavolo . play in dying light very rarely, but anyway good. FATAL(ex undisputed, ex terry26) having no profile link atm.. very evil guy, often play under drugs and i forget about Lan(JP), who play with gamepad and it is about impossible to win him 1vs1, because he have auto-aim