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    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Can't everyone get along? Both "sides" are equal, but only if the NH player is as skilled as the Humans, but both sides do not need the same tactics and have very different gameplay. While Humans can make a few mistakes and have the upper hand in straight-up fights, the NH, if you master it, can be a formidable opponent with his speed. Even an NH with almost no skills unlocked can win against a few humans, if he knows everything about his potential speed. Like many people, I quickly saw that winning Hunters had 2 things up their sleeves: High sensitivity to turn/move faster. And a good control of the "Tendril-sprint" to be able to use that speed to attack rather than flee. But the point is not there. The point is that the "set" of skills needed to succeed are very different, and it's true that without using the NH speed and a high sensitivity you WILL have a hard time against high-level/experienced Humans. The game is balanced in the way that both sides can win. But it is true that NH's need a much more deep understanding and mastery of it's potential (as well as modifying the controls) to defeat coordinated endgame players. The only real issue that puts the game at risk is that there are not that many NH left because of the things said above and the fact that many good NH cannot play anymore because they got reported for no reason other than sore losers (I play on Xbox One but my friends who play on PC and PS4 have the same problem.). I made another thread about this. I'm surprised I can still play at all considering the amount of insults and accusing of hacking i've received. I'm a good NH, but I still need to perfect my mastery of the high-sensitivity, thus I lose sometime but I don't care since I know why. Point is: get along please, and we must consider the bigger picture before asking for buffs/nerfs. I'd rather get little adjustments and have enough players to actually play than get a huge buff/nerf and have the game mode die-out because of the lack of NH or, in a case of NH buff, a lack of players letting Invasion setting on.
  2. skillfulstone

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    This one is weird...and almost game-breaking. On multiple occasions, as an NH, as I looked at humans fighting the 2-3 "defenders" at my nests. I tried to attack while they were distracted (like the tips and tutorial says), but the issue is simply put: Friendly fire. The NH cannot attack alongside the defenders aside from Spits which are easily dodged. If a NH uses groundpound against a human while he is attacked, the AOE will kill or ragdoll the defenders, rendering them vulnerable to quick finishers and if you miss the groundpound there is no more virals to save you, resulting in a lost nest. The same apply to tackles or pounces (when you have the pounce-slam upgrade), the NH cannot connect a tackles without the AOE affecting the defenders. The humans cannot hurt each other, except if they somehow blow an ally up alongside the NH (but they can revive them anyway so...), but the NH neutralize his allies with almost all his attacks except the spits. Even the claw attack stuns virals and sometime trips them. To link to one of my earlier posts, flipping/tackling a buggy will not affect humans at all but will kill any unlucky but crucial defenders. If strategy is supposed to be a key aspect of the NH, attacks from the NH should not affect defenders, just like attacks from humans are not harming others humans. Also Many times I pounced someone from behind but just before the "grab" animation happens (I'm like, 4 inches from the human) time seems to almost stop, my tendrils suddenly wrapping in slow motion. and everytime his UV light magically cancelled the pounce, even if I was behind him, sending me over the guy, and often victim of a OHK from one of the new weapons that escaped the patch. Pulling off a pounce that is supposed to be unblockable and seeing this a few times is unbelievable. Be it an exploit or a bug, this is one of the most weird thing to ever happen in BTZ, and that's saying something. (This is on Xbox One) Still searching.
  3. skillfulstone

    Please Save The Hunters Before They Are Gone...

    I thought about something... If nothing is changed to encourage an NH to actually play, a solution to solve the 1 death=1 nest and support NH would be to actually...not make every zombie in the map magically disappear (of course the Volatiles would leave, it would be too much). The NPC zombies would actually grant the NH an additional "life" because while the regular zombies or virals are not much of a threat, they distract. Example: 3v1 (good survivors and decent NH, no beginners). They use the regular tactic "two humans hunt the NH while one destroy the nest". The lone human would be a bit slowed down because of zombies/virals blocking the path, sure he could easily avoid or kill them but each seconds counts and using guns/explosives would just make things worse by attracting virals and wasting ammo. The humans "chasing" would have to deal with stray zombies that could leave the NH a few seconds to actually get away, but not enough time to fight back and "cheap-kill" as the weak zombies could be dispatched swiftly. If the "hunters" are left 2 miles away dealing with a bunch of virals because they went crazy with guns/explosives in a OHK attempt, the NH has time to swing back to the nest to attack the Loner, the Human would still have his SS to magically see the NH at all time, but staring non-stop at the NH's location would leave him open for attacks if he merely just focus on 1 thing. Also during nests-destruction, the nests could potentially survive long enough so that the pathetic "1 life, 1 nest" rule could occasionaly be bypassed. As the "Hunters", if they did not take the time to dispatch the virals before running/grappling to the nest to help the Loner, could bring Virals to the nest or if they use explosives to OHK nests, distracting them for precious seconds but not in enough danger to risk death. This scenario could play out multiple ways depending on a ridiculous amount of factors and the virals/zombies would be more or less resilient/strong depending on the number of humans, but this would balance things a little and make the game a tiny bit more like it was supposed/advertised to be played: Destroy the objective, NOT: Deathmatch Humans could not complain about possible nerfs as their SS, DFA and normal tactics would be intact and they would still wreck the NH in a straight-up fight. But the NH would not be completely alone and a missed GP would not be a death sentence every time if enough backup is present. That way the NH would not be forced to be insanely good and get his sensitivity maxed (making him appear, if the connexion is not the exact same quality on both sides, to be teleporting.) Resulting in MORE NH being reported for nothing and losing the ability or just want to play. Even "regular" NH could have fun and the Survivors that actually want a fun and entertaining game mode and not just a simple and easy way to get good weapons or easily humiliate people and record it could have actual fun, and could find more NH that would not quit after a few deaths/nests.
  4. skillfulstone

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    This one is not what you would call a "bug" or "exploit". it's more of a failure of game design that becomes a bug. In another of my topics, I adressed the fact that there is less and less NH out there. I recently discovered another reason why: For the past few days I've been playing as both NH and human in my "bug-hunt" and I discovered something: It is almost impossible to put up a fight, as the NH, without raising it's controller sensitivity to a high degree. The high sensitivity enables the NH to be more unpredictable and turn fast enough to get behind a player and garantee tackles before he can turn around. Here's a video from a good/known survivor who faced a NH who turned his sensitivity up. And even then, the match was pretty close, and 1v1. I know it takes some skill to be able to still control your movement when you turn this fast, but the sheer fact that to win as a NH (against good players) you actually Need to go in your settings is ridiculous. Notice also that from the survivor's POV, the NH can, sometime, barely be followed by normal vision, which means that the connexion latency cannot follow this kind of speed with precision, making him appear to be almost teleporting (I faced an NH like this, it went pretty much the same way. and when I tried this technique, the tackle was suddenly useful.) It is not a bug per-say, but for someone who does not have a super-connection, it appears as one. The point is: there is still balancing issues, and now NH's are resorting to actual controller/mouse sensitivity changing. the "bad" thing here is that tackles are so easily dodged that NH appears to be cheating to pull them off, thus creating possible reports from survivors, thus less NH players. Even if this "bug" can only be seen from the Human POV, there as got to be a way to fix it. Soon, only super-skilled NHs are still going to play. because with the new OHKO that came with the new weapons and Horde damage inconsistencies, only the best NH will still have a chance... Sadly, still searching for more...
  5. skillfulstone

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    The update that said: Tackles and GP now takes priority over dropkicks is not exactly true. When, by some miracle, my GP or tackle takes priority, he gets pushed back but I still take a bit of damage (5-10)...Huh? Also. The Horde sometimes does not Insta-kill anymore, why, why? If it's a bug, it came with the update. Even when I tackle/groundpound a guy at them, they don't die and sometime survived 2 bombers without healing. was'nt the damage supposed to be mittigated against NH and nests? did the Horde get a nerf? Also. Sometime the humans can pull-off a OHK on the nests. despite the updates. The "X has destroyed a nest" notification does'nt even show up. Those three bugs (and the evade in mid-air from my earlier post) can luckily be seen in a Dr Purrington video here: When I figure out the way to record one of my games with decent quality i'll post my own... Still searching for more...
  6. skillfulstone

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I many of my games, survivors could somehow, sometimes, dodge tackles while in mid-air (middle of a jump, trying to DFA, dodging a tackles while falling from a roof etc). Wasn't that supposed to be patched? Also: I don't know if it's a bug or if it's intentional, but in The Following DLC, If I "Buggy flip" on my nests accidently, it deals damage and kills any unlucky zombies defenders. But when I flip the buggy on humans (It litteraly falls on them) it does nothing, not even an animation that pushes them back... Also: Sometimes the camouflage would actually remove the effects of Spits (I tested this with one of my friends online). The survivor would be covered in sense supressor spit/Horde spit and then suddenly, after using camo, the icon dissapears and he still follows my every movements from one block away and the Horde spontaneously explode as soon as he camo. Thus making the only benefit of the sense-spit (using the icon instead of having to howl) useless. Now searching for more...
  7. I'm starting to see a pattern in almost all my games as an NH...(I've been playing on the xbox one since day 1 and I know pretty much everything about BTZ mode thanks to Dr purrington's videos, this forum and my personal training, I actually give some tips to new players who just started the game.) Some of my online friends who play has an NH are living this regulary Step 1: Since there is no option to choose my game like on PS4 and PC, I have to wait an average 3-5 minutes to even try to join a game (1 time out of 3 either they abort immediatly or the joining fails). How in the world did the devs not implement actual matchmaking on the Xbox one version?! Step 2: I eventually invade a game and I start 2 km away from the survivors, but since they are very strong and can hold their own in the game, they are often already separated and I sometime spawned extremly close to 1 or 2 survivor, getting attacked/UVed in a matter of 20-40 seconds in, or worse, in a few instances a nest actually spawned near one of them. Step 3: Since I can't choose my game I end up against 2-4 endgame players who most likely, duped so they got legend rank maxed in record time. and abuse the few bugs that came with some updates. (Ex: new weapons that can OHK nests/NH, somehow sometime dodging tackle in mid-air etc...) Step 4: Since they can see me at all times and I'm actually the one being chased around the map, I use the only attack that has more range than their melee attacks: groundpound to give me space before dropping a spit at my feet and then Spider-man my way out of their reach. Most of the time, this tactic earns me a few sighs and the occasional complaint/insult over the mic/message for...reasons? Step 5: the games goes on and I get the occasional lucky kill because they got careless (Ex: a Horde spit that actually worked because the guy thought that he could outrun the Horde with his potions/somehow surviving an impact with an exploding zombie, a lucky pounce because the guy thought I was too scared to swing my way back to a roof I just left while he had his back turned etc...) Most of these kills rewards me with a text that says "bs" or something along those lines... Step 6: Usually by the end they still have 3-6 lives left and they are on my last nest. So I leave my principles aside and I use the GP more often (GP + Jump + Spit + GP... sometime a tackles if they are in falling off something because of a GP) to keep them occupied elsewhere than my nests. I know I CANNOT die now or I lose since 1 death=1 nest. Even when I kill a guy he come back 20 seconds later since humans respawn faster and far closer to nests than Night Hunters. Last step: 4 times out of 5 they manage to either kill me or chase me away with 2 persons while the rest destroy the nest. They obviously win (since I'm now too weak/far away/waiting an eternity to respawn...1 km away). But losing is not the thing that bothers me since I know my chances were slim to begin with. The thing that bothers me is that after most matches, not only do I discover that at least one of them had the "Avoid me" or "needs work" reputation, but I end up with 3-4 messages saying things like "ground pound spammer" "exploiting groundpound+tackle off the roof" or "reported you" etc... I don't answer because there is no point. Point is: either implement real matchmaking or improve the mode more because even if we lose the game, we also lose reputation for nothing and some Hunters can't play anymore because they got unjustifyably reported many times. Real matchmaking would enable us to play with people we know won't insult or report us, thus making new online friends, thus making BTZ more enjoyable. I know that it takes time and costs money to get people to work on the game/online functions and it may take a while. But I know there is less and less NH out there. As a human I'm getting almost no invasions because most hunters are bored and/or have a bad Rep because survivors reported them (and before you say this, I have a good Reputation online, it's not the reason people don't join). I love this game and this mode even though it's broken. I don't want this game mode to die because endgame players can't handle Hunters having to use the same attack often to have a chance to kill them...
  8. All right, since patch I can't join a game trough "invite" or "join", wether it is be the zombie mode or campaign... IS THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE? If not, do you have any advice to fix this please?
  9. All right, since patch I can't join a game trough "invite" or "join", wether it is be the zombie mode or campaign... IS THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE? If not, do you have any advice to fix this please?