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    RMJ got a reaction from Jim di Griz in This Is My Last Purchase From Techland   
    Next time before buying a game, look the trailer and the in depth review on youtube so you wouldn't to buy the game in the fist place if you dont like them.
    i dont know about game save point in console. but in pc you could look the box icon in the bottom right. that is the save point. you can invoke them by using elevator, or starting a misson/finishing them, and every time you quit the game you also saving your character.
    losing skill point when you die is so you more be careful when playing (not attacking mass group of zombie,etc) and beside when you reach the max skill level it will stop losing skill point
    if your friend don't want to buy them that their losses but there are thousand in the internet that still buying the game, so maybe try to sell them online?
    i would love multiple ending for this game, but it doesn't the game is bad. beside how could you not find parkour interesting, for me it does and  it should be on default of every game
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    RMJ got a reaction from sentinel_deco in Dear Techland   
    It is easy to beat demolisher or goon, with katana you only need two hit,
    but if you dont have katana then hit him, dodge (back and jump key) wait until he swing his weapon. hit him again, and repeat
    or just use gas tank, usually when they are big zombie like that, there are gas tank near by. use them but be careful not to getting hit while you carry them
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    RMJ reacted to dasorrow in Issues With Night Hunter's Claw Melee Not Dealing Damage?   
    this post again about abusing your only way to escape so suvivors can have more fun with you failing an obvious glitch in your game hahah if you dont want us cqc pete then why not rework the night hunter and make hit a ranged attacker and no more close moves like tackle pounce and gp
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    RMJ reacted to Pete Donnelly in Issues With Night Hunter's Claw Melee Not Dealing Damage?   
    We are looking at this too.  There is an issue with groundpound connecting if performed immediately after a failed pounce.  This is because there is a very small window where the Survivor is still in his "pounce interrupt" animation and cannot be affected by the groundpound.  The hunter gets control back as soon as he hits the ground to give him a chance to escape.  The most likely fix will be to add a small delay to when the ground pound can charge after an interrupt.  As fun as it might be for a hunter to chain a failed pounce into a ground pound every time, it would be abusive and no fun for the Survivor.