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  1. RMJ

    Dying Light Pvp Is Dying

    This is my last post here, i just had enough of those cheater, im uninstalling the game right now, i may be back sometime in the future when you fix all of those cheat but i doubt them, so goodbye and its been great playing Dying Light, its a great game which sadly ruined by cheaters
  2. The PVP game is dying real fast, cant find anyone to invade and no one invade me. I think this is because what 1.5 changed in the option where you can choose invaded every time or 3 night, or every night, the next update default should have change every time until they changed it so there at least someone to invade and what worse is when i do find a match as hunter or survivor, its was mostly cheater. i joined game as hunter and look what do i see, the guy move so fast i cant even after him using tendrils, and when he got to the nest he is using shotgun and yet i hear no reload, it just bang bang bang bang bang after couple second one nest down.. i dropped out and lose the match. other match someone manage to kill all nest within second i joined the game. and of course i lose that instant second. and yet when a hunter invaded me. strangely uv light doesn't even do anything to him, his energy is always full, even i hit it couple of times it was no use his health stay the same. if the dev doesn't fix this urgently i don't want would happen, but what im sure is no one would play in BTZ anymore and maybe put incentive so when your rank reach this. gold drop increase or you get awesome weapon or you could gain new skill
  3. RMJ

    Fun Ways To Stop Camping Suggestions

    Safe Room and Water Campers dont work anymore in last update. you will automatically lose when you stay there for a long time
  4. If you talking about PC, then you should already know GP range is bigger than console, even dodging them will still get you GP'ed, beside if they keep dodging then just watch them over, wait until they make mistake, they cant dodge when they are attacking the nest, they also cant dodge to attack,so use that moment for you to attack if you know they are dodging player then dont use your spit carelessly, Get close to them and GP them from air and spit stick them, or when they try to DK you spit them, they cant dodge while DK beside they cannot dodge in tight alley, there is probability to die when hunter make mistake, its the same as survivor, when they make mistake it can also cause their lives. most of dodging player i see. didnt even use uv light when dodging, so i can just pounce them after i regain my energy running from hunter is bad idea when they have full energy because hunter is way much faster and can pounce from distance, and did you even tried to run with looking back over your shoulder? its hard without knocking something, what the dev need to fix is the Spit stick which sometime don't get activated when they are dodging and most of all the cheat who are destroying the fun of the game
  5. RMJ

    Ranged Weapons Bug?

    Yes you get better firearm damage in survivor lvl 5 than any other level. it's probably a bug
  6. RMJ

    Question From The Devs

    Finished Normal & Hard mode with 100% completion, so right now only still playing for BTZ, but in this few weeks, cheater keep coming to show up left and right, and it kinda ruin the game for me and its getting hard to get a BTZ match (No one Invading my game and no one to invade) :sad: so hopefully the new update is coming next month or i probably wont playing anymore.
  7. RMJ

    Kinda Takes Away From The Experience

    Maybe you doing something wrong to get chained by drop kick. If you get dropkicked once, spit then jump or use your tendril. or do a GP as a survivor yes i can chain drop kick but only if the hunter is standing around after getting drop kicked Damage dealt by humans to hunter is already static as it is regardless of the weapon damage or the color of the weapon. Using sword/Sickle you need to get 3 hit, Knife 10 hit, Hammer/Axe 2 hit, there is no more OHK Hunter except get hit by throwing hammer or gas tank/barrel
  8. Ammo do drop in the enemy, al though only on rais men that cary guns Picking lock is not that hard, just dont force them it will break,
  9. Next time before buying a game, look the trailer and the in depth review on youtube so you wouldn't to buy the game in the fist place if you dont like them. i dont know about game save point in console. but in pc you could look the box icon in the bottom right. that is the save point. you can invoke them by using elevator, or starting a misson/finishing them, and every time you quit the game you also saving your character. losing skill point when you die is so you more be careful when playing (not attacking mass group of zombie,etc) and beside when you reach the max skill level it will stop losing skill point if your friend don't want to buy them that their losses but there are thousand in the internet that still buying the game, so maybe try to sell them online? i would love multiple ending for this game, but it doesn't the game is bad. beside how could you not find parkour interesting, for me it does and it should be on default of every game
  10. RMJ

    Cross Platform Support?

    they planned it to cross platform if im not mistaken, but since the ps4 cannot handle 60fps so it would be unfair to the console user so they canceled the cross platform
  11. RMJ

    Problems With The Hunter

    Yes Spit stick sometime didn't do anything it happens to me couple of times in my last game, it was 4 vs 1 and the survivor is really good they focus only on the nest and keep a tight group. i get killed often i almost giving up (3 nest left and they still have 7 lives) but i keep trying and manage to scatter them and kill them one by one. in the end i win the match with i die 6 times and 2 and half nest left so if you keep losing as a hunter maybe you need to learn more and dont easily give up, and beside i didn't say i dont want the human get nerf you probably need to watch his video again.. what broko means in his video is he got tackled in the air after he got ground pounded off a building (also happen to me once) your video doesn't show anything beside it's possible to avoid tackle on top of a building, but not in mid air
  12. RMJ

    Dear Techland

    It is easy to beat demolisher or goon, with katana you only need two hit, but if you dont have katana then hit him, dodge (back and jump key) wait until he swing his weapon. hit him again, and repeat or just use gas tank, usually when they are big zombie like that, there are gas tank near by. use them but be careful not to getting hit while you carry them
  13. RMJ

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Here is example of a cheater in BTZ after that happen, i chat with him, and ask him why does his health dont go down. you know what he said? you dont hit me, you hit the other zombie lol and most of all i have two match with him, i won both of them lol
  14. yes it will save, you will get a warning when you connecting to him if it doesn't save