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    More Swarm Zombie Spawn

    Hi, developers! I hope you can help me to create mod for Dying Light. in the game on the bridge (or mission electro-station) are a lot of zombie, And this is COOL! But in city i see 1-3 max 6-14 zombies. I want to change they spawn value to 50 maybe in one zone for all zones in game. How can i change it? I try to change common_spawn.scr but it no effect. IntensityCurve("main_begin") { UseCondition("Day;DeadZone_Far;Escorted_NPC_Far") MaxChapterAndProgressCondition(1, 0) DisallowedMaps("old_town_outposts_radio") DisallowedMaps("slums_cs") PoolType("base") IntensityKey(1, 500) Wait(1) IntensityKey(1, 15) Wait(1) IntensityKey(1, 500) WaitForPlayerMove(60, 30) Wait(1) } Where can i change the amount of zombies? Help please