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    Question From The Devs

    As a maxed Character, I can tell you that a majority of my time is spent looting/searching for gold weapons (1 week later) and coop with friends. I no longer participate in BTZ matches as a human player, the invasions are annoying and all I hear is "Nerf the Human". I have been hunting Demolishers in NG+ and spending time pretty much booting whatever I can off the roof of any building available. I spend all of my time in old town due to the availability of airdrop chests, but other than that, now I pretty much run and loot.
  2. Dimension 51

    Techland Doesnt Care About Multiplayer

    Now that is cheap. I have lost 90% of my Hunter invasions in the last week. If you think whining about this is a good think, go ahead and kurczak yourself here. Either you just have issues playing as a Hunter or don't car to learn the mechanics. Later dude.
  3. Dimension 51

    I Applaud The Hunter That Invaded The Other Night.

    Right now I have only been able to get 2 v 1 and if I am lucky maybe a 3 v 1. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my first 4 v 1 with an experienced Hunter and seeing how the dynamics change from the 1 v 1 aspects. Right now the highest I have seen is a lvl 48 Hunter and that was annihilation at it's best. I have been very selective about who invades and who doesn't just because right now I have only been able to actually fight with 30 and below, anything above this has been an outright slaughter and learning how things work from a Human standpoint has been slightly difficult. A skilled hunter is a challenge to be reckoned with, and I am honestly thinking about building a DVR library for both Human and Hunter sides. @ MORD - XBox One and I dont think they are on here. If I saw the name I would recognize it. Just look for my SN on Invasions and I am definitely open to some friendly combat! @Chaos Deception - That is no lie there. I havent even seen my first 4 v 1 yet as a human, but I can definitely say that I am forced to use every tactic in the book when it comes to 1 v 1. Never mind higher level hunters are next to impossible to beat if I make a mistake. I look forward to the future combat! Good Night and Good Hunting!
  4. Dimension 51

    Theory Of A Zombie?

    Ok, So I don't know about you guys but I have been concerned about the unbalancing that I have seen in the Hunter invasions. I understand that the Hunters are supposed to be the big bad boogieman you don't ever want showing up in game, but I have to say with the recent rebalance is starting to give me the heebie jeebies. I dont think that Humans being able to track the Zombie does anything other than give me the shivers when I am about to be pounced. This is good, it should stay where it is currently IMHO. Hunters above level 20 are already nearly impossible to catch and kill let alone chase away from my fellow humans. I would love to at least have a chance of killing a Hunter instead of getting nerfed on a level that quite honestly would break the game and I would probably go back to GTA V. I like the idea of fair combat, strategy and evolving gameplay depending on your environment. I do not like the "Solo vs. NPC" mentality that I am seeing and hearing in game and otherwise. I dont know if everyone is having a problem with this or not, but a majority of what I have seen and heard is along the lines of "Hunter = Invincible Killer of Humans". I dont mind fearing for Crane, after all that is a requirement. lol Just dont make things unequal to the point of not having a chance. Flare spamming = Annoying and as of now it is a requirement for a human. There is literally a huge glaring flare that is the only foolproof way to deter an inexperienced hunter, however for the higher level Hunters, this is little more than an annoyance. Between my UV Light going out and with the interchangeability of abilities of the Hunter, it is a legitimate challenge to kill the Hunter. UV + Thrown Weapons + Grappling Hook = Awesome Ok so a bit of a note here, I have discovered that grappling a Hunter in the Head does damage that is the same as the weapon you are holding or something like it. 3 graps to kill a lvl 28 hunter. Thrown weapons almost sink the entire health bar of a Hunter. Combine it with UV and there is a deadly combination. Tackle-Dropkick+Spikes = Win! If you dont get pounced, A BIG if I know, use all of your abilities to the max to defend yourself. Death From Above and Dropkick are both slowmo targeted abilities and tackle is useful when running. However if you happen to dodge a tackle from the Hunter, you can no longer do DFA as a punishment for the Hunter. I spent several hours last night trying to do so and failed miserably. lol Bottom line here is Hunters and Survivors have equal chances of success as it is right now, sure it takes 15 - 25 mins an average match, but it is a fight for every minute. Overall, with the variations and extras that Techland is putting out for us I am very pleased to have had a chance to play this game and I want to personally thank them for a great game! Techland Guys, thank you and I know you all are very busy working to make this game even better for us and with all of the demands that are flying around right now on what we would like to see that just make it that much more insane. You all are the best and I havent put this game down for the past month. Keep it up and keep at it! ^.^
  5. As a primarily Human player, I have to say the Hunter that invaded and won against me and my friend was an extremely skilled Hunter and has skills worthy of a hunter. As for all of this talk about nerfing UV, Nerfing Weapons, etc... I can tell you that Human tools did nothing to stop this Hunter. It did not matter about UV or dropkick or DFA. I have my concerns about hacks, but it was still a pretty decent game. Good game here! Good Night and Good Hunting!
  6. Just a suggestion here from a long time gamer and zombie junkie. Create your own challenges and for a few ideas, here are a few of my own. 1. Throwing items/weapons only. (Great fun and applicable in theory unless you can't aim) 2. No weapons above green. (Hard as Dark Souls here, especially in NG+) 3. No grappling hook and no 25/24 levels. (Kinda hard to fight when your character is pooped.) 4. No medkit manufacture or use. (Again, hard as hell but doable.) I hope these help, and quite frankly I store any weapon I discover that is above a green tier just because I wanna have a little fun! ;-) Good Night and Good Hunting!
  7. Dimension 51

    Seizures & Need For Antizin Outside Of Story

    I agree with Airsickhyrda on this one. I love the idea for a need for antizin outside of the storyline and possible side effects if you do not take your antizin, but that starts seeming to much like Fallout with the hunger and thirst system they have there. I am curious to see how it would work, dont get me wrong. I just think at the current stage that this would add a majorly unwanted element to the gameplay. (That is unless the main storyline is complete, and then it is a whole new challenge to make sure your dont sieze or die of starvation.) ^.^