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  1. So there was a deadline of April 1st and the winners announced on the 6th. So who are the winners?
  2. BombardierBob

    Ps4 Latest Patch Nerfed Korek Machete

    Well, since we've already broken the sucking and chupacabra barrier, allow me to be blunt. There's two kinds of people in this world when you boil it all down. You got your talkers and you got your doers. Most people are just talkers, all they do is talk. But when it is all said and done, it's the doers that change this world. And when they do that, they change us, and that's why we never forget them. So which one are you? Do you just talk about it, or do you stand up and do something about it? Because believe you me, all the rest of it is just coffee house and chupacabra. And right not with all your talk of sucking and chupacabra tend to think your one of the talkers and not a doer. Funny to think the Korek Machete is a cheat when clearly you have no clue what a cheat really is. Let me break it down for you so that you can wrap you brain around it some shall we. "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start", is a cheat giving you 30 Lives in Contra, an old School Game Cheat. Korek Machete is a novelty weapon that they put in the game and you have to find the blue prints to actually make and not put in any cheat codes or have to glitch to get. Also Korek machete is not the ultimate weapon ether in the game but fun to have and think this would give Danny "Machete" Trejo a hard on playing this game with an awesome Machete like Korek is. Here is a video I posted up on facebook of this issue; Here is the Link to the same video on YouTube just uploaded. As for other things the patch nerfed up Molotov are not burning as long as they use to and instead of killing zombies you have them a bit chard and crispy but still walking not to mention use to be able to make more then one at a time like it is now after the patch. Noticing game jerking on buses when opening tool boxes as well as opening car trunks on hills. Had several instances of boxes and crates, trunks being empty when opening them for the first time to the point of them all in one game session. Seems a bit more glitchy lately. I could go on more if you like? After all I have been a Alpha and Beta Game Tester to know what bugs, glitches and game issues often happen when games gets new content and patches. ~Bob P.S. Here is a video I did showing me using the Korek Machete before the patch in all its glory! Nerfed Korek Machete Video...
  3. Since the game patch and Apple had an update noticed the app is not working right. It doesn't show the mission numbers that you need to be close to to start the mission as well as your rewards after completing any missions. I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and still the same. Works fine on the full iPad Air and use to work fine till the patches and updates. Please fix this app.
  4. BombardierBob

    1.5 Patch Note [Ps4]

    Since the patch they Nerfed Korek Machete where you can't tell if it is broke or still good, once you toss it's gone for good and acts like broken when slashing zombies. Then they Nerfed the Molotovs where it used to make 3 at a time now 1 at a time and they don't burn as long as they used too ether having chard zombies not as many cooked zombies. Also the stores in game are not selling anything ether. Looks like the patch on PS4 is more a bust making game play not fun as much any more.
  5. BombardierBob

    Ps4 Latest Patch Nerfed Korek Machete

    Finding this game sucking when patches come out and cause more issues then fix lately...
  6. Now after the latest patch, can only produce one at a time. Miss making several a pop.
  7. The recent patch has caused some major issues with Korek Machete. For starters after making one it acts like its damaged. Second doesn't show rate of wear when using it what so ever or even if it's damaged. Another thing is tossing it at a zombie, automatic you lose it and can't pick it up. This latest patch seriously Nerfed it up bad. Please fix it ASAP!