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    How Is The Hunter Meant To Win?

    Secret to winning all games? experienced team of 4 humans. Name is missleading, don't think of yourself like a hunter... but more like rabid dog that's being hunted.
  2. Cypeq

    Anything Above 1V1 Is Pointless

    I think you are quite wrong here... I prefer fighting crowd. I fight one top playing human you have hardly any chance as a hunter. Your spits may give you big chance for a kill but recharge is so low that you usually need at least one kill in fight with no abilities for every spit kill to think of victory. There's good scaling in place... when you fight 4 people you have better odds... you can spit more often and there are much much more zombies to make them busy. You cannot forget that when there is 4 people in game they all won't be of the same skill level. Plus when you do good once you are most likely taking 4 frags home not one.
  3. Cypeq

    Revives In Pvp; Yay Or Nay?

    I think that 30s downed timer is excessive. There's a good chance that someone who died in fight can resurrect come back and bring back to life a guy downed in the same fight. This happened to me several times already.
  4. Cypeq

    Contaminated Antizen

    It was funny day I landed 3 tackles like that. Plus a double ground pound to spikes spiked two guys by the steel gate lol.
  5. Cypeq

    Problems With The Hunter

    Well that misses the point for me when survivors are hard on playing objective... they have easier time winning overall. When they chase, hunter has more time for his skills to recharge and maybe pick fights not in nest zones where death usually means loosing a nest.
  6. Cypeq

    Question From The Devs

    I play BTZ 9/10 times as Hunter, and tiny bit as a human. I'm in love with Night Hunters speed, flying though the city and roaring... like a mix of spiderman's venom and predator. This mode is very dynamic and a real blast. It should get as much dev love as it can! I also love just run through the town at night picking fights and running away.
  7. Cypeq

    The Problem With How Strong Survivors Are...

    Vindelisal as a hunter who has most of his skills unlocked... so not all. You haven't even play 5 hours as a zombie, there are people who play for two months... with game time going into hundereds... go figure how much experiance you have and they.
  8. Cypeq

    Contaminated Antizen

    Haha it's so funny in BTZ mode... whenever someone kicks my poor zombie it helps me a lot usually putting out of reach for runners. It's so much fun... too much fun tackles throw people even 50 meters away same as kicks And ground pound has a bigger knock back too! - Keep that in game for ever :3 (or i'm just imagining things) Such a cool day to be playing dying light.
  9. Cypeq

    Make Pvp More Intense By...

    You can assume zombie is using his unnatural senses to detect life force of the living. He is a supernatural being after all. I have no explanation for humans though and their bat echolocation based sixth sense. Story never claims for humans to be changed after being bit, but maybe that's how they have survival sense. Health/UV bars are very very good for the hunter. I can understand situation very well. I know who is easier target. I know who has to save his UV and who doesn't. I'd love to see explosives though with my howl sense.
  10. Cypeq

    Being Attacked During Animations

    complete Immunity no, but damage reduction or just no animation locking would be right. Same way like you get UV reduction when stuck in animation of missed ground pound.
  11. Cypeq

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    I dont use claws exclusively, challange accepted ;-P
  12. Yeah i was quite mad that day... Out of 6 games I sqeezed in I had 4 with lousy cheaters
  13. Cypeq

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    Mord mark my words you are only weaker in cqc when drained to 0 energy. Although you mostly fight with yourself to not make a single mistake rather than mr. Uber soldat runner
  14. Cypeq

    Ranks List?

    Well I do... I just coment on what i saw in that last gameplay link... Terrible performance on both sides. I guess apex predator is much easier on ps4
  15. Cypeq

    Ranks List?

    Gameplay on console i so pathetic slow and boring ... Its also super easy to punce because of turning speeds and aiming limitation of analouge sticks.
  16. Cypeq

    Problems With The Hunter

    Ah i forgot one thing I would very much like to insult broko. I guess he wins just 85% of his runner games but isnt satisfied until its 100% like in older patches.
  17. Cypeq

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    Mord If they dodge they don't attack so claw them also moving with dodge is quite slow you can out manouver them. Also abuse all the chupacabra you can... they are so op anyways. btw. maxed out human can thorow hook like once per two seconds without hitting a cool down for like half a minute or so. That ain't good example of well applied cooldown lol. I move faster than average hunter.
  18. DoctorPurrington thats recent cheats for you. plus infinity of hp/flashlight, speed hacks, flying, aimbot and all that nonsense.
  19. Cypeq

    Crouch Glitch

    UV is manageable... but I think downtime after burning it out should be way longer than it is but devs are so scared to punish humans for their mistakes.
  20. Cypeq

    Be The Hunted Zombie

    As you get your skills sorted out as hunter you learn to deal with all of this. It only takes twice the skill of human player to be winning as zombie ;-) As Mord said best is to get uv block burned and force them out of light... I'm getting pretty accurate at dropping pounds from air, they rarely expect you to dash through air 50 meters than land punding at their feet plus it's quite safe when they have to jump down to dodge. tackling at right time is also good but always dangerous.
  21. Cypeq

    Changes To Btz In Upcoming Patch

    New features that sounds so much better than just a patch thanks m8 !
  22. Cypeq

    Problems With The Hunter

    Of course it's my mistake, but that's the only skill which makes playing possible when you are out of spits and have to fight. If you never miss it once in game you are winning hard or didn't use it at all.... That's still pretty hard thing to acomplish when you are forced to use it so often.
  23. Cypeq

    Problems With The Hunter

    Hunter problems with meatbags. -Jump kick unavoidable -Death from above unavoidable - instant death -Death from above initiated from tackle dodge unavoidable - instant death. (and completely retarded) -Death from above on zombie in water. -Tackleslash -Dodging stuck spits -Horde evasion Missing ground pound... the skill hunter must use several dozens of times each game - instant death unavoidable. Edit: Myself and other people suggested cooldown based rework for ground pound. Eease of spotting explosive barrels - instant death unaviodable. Nests in places that are easy to destroy and impossible to defend. I am experienced zombie player and every game I die mostly due to missed ground pounds, DoA and barrels. If you want balance start with humans then have all capabilities of the hunter and higher damage output.
  24. Cypeq

    A Good Idea For Dying Light Dlc Be The Zombie

    You are just like john snow... you know nothing. Humans are still the more powerful side. The degree to witch they can put to use their unlblockable attacks like Death from Above and jumpkick is enough of nonsense to fill a bowl of tears. Answer to your post is... you just haven't played long enough.