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  1. Guns basically just melt off the little sliver of health I have if I'm at 23 hp, With all the new buffs humans are getting from the new update I don't even think hunters will stand a chance. Buggys with mobile safe homes, buggys with electric cages, buggys with a flame thrower, buggys that probably will be faster than the dang night hunter himself.

  2. I beg to differ about all this talk of night hunters being more powerful than a human. I've been juggled by drop kicks which stop my ground pound, I've been hit with a sword and a tackle at the same time, open spaces for the night hunter are a joke because of how fast and agile humans are with the dodge spam. The hunter moves so clunky all the time which is why it's always a death trap if a hunter goes indoors.

    My ground pounds inputs don't even register most of the time. The weapon range on humans is just ridiculous to the point where I would stand behind a human and was still hit.

    Like that person said we only have one combo which really isn't even a combo its just hunters jumping ground pounding and clawing which is basically all his most useful attacks.

  3. I say again why are the humans able to attack me before I ground pound during while I ground and right after I ground pounded. Like honestly it's coming to point of bs now. Some people kick me right before I ground pound then hit with me with a two handed killing me in the animation of doing a ground pound.

  4. I just wonder what a nightmare it will be if there are new abilities for the hunter how he will get them. How will they give the players who are mutation 3 the new skills? It was already hard as hell having to re lose all my skills only to get a skill point like every 2 - 4 levels to just get one new power. Like there has to be better way than that.

  5. What?? This just proves my point even more. Where are the randoms?? You clearly just stated you play with your friends and regularly see people. That's bad my friend. You think games like call of duty, battle field, destiny has regulars that you play against everyday? You can find games but how long does it take you to find one as a hunter. It's hard to find games because there aren't as much people playing online. There aren't much people online because people inexperienced people think the hunter is op or experienced hunters find that playing against experienced humans is pointless because of mechanics like infinite dodges, magnetized attacks. The list of problems goes on.

  6. I honestly don't think we're playing the same game touchof theinfinite. The game first started out horrible. Flares could be spammed, ground pounds and spits blasting off like crazy. We all know this game has a track record for being unbalanced. Now for you to tell me the isn't as poorly balanced as most posters say then something is wrong with you. I'm sorry if this is coming off hostile but the mere fact that the game has like no multiplayer community should strike you and tell you some thing is wrong with the multiplayer.

  7. I don't like comparing games but Evolve has characters that seem really really op in the game but for some odd reason it always comes back to being balanced in some odd way. My whole problem is why the hell can this game not make this game balanced and enjoyable for both sides. People say the game is just meant to be enjoyable for the humans at the cost of the hunters enjoyment.

  8. Come back and try to tell me this game is balanced, I will get the best human player I know and put him against you in a match. I agree with the part that its hard as hell to get skills and stuff but that isn't the only problem. I feel  like theres a goddamn tracking device on the hunter leaving no surprise attacks at all what so ever. I've played matches where I couldn't even attack because as soon as the human player heard or saw me on his screen he would dodge away like there was no tomorrow. Hunters can pounce but its so easily lost because humans can easily illuminate you with light that the pounce is almost negligible any more.

    I hardly ever get to have a successful pounce any more. It almost makes it seem like the leap frog skill was a complete waste because I've probably only done it like 3 times since the game came out.

  9. I don't think there is any point to even patching it. What does the hunter gain from being underwater with uv resistance? You can't attack much less do any thing to harm a human player. The human player can just wait until you pop your head up and rain death on you.

  10. I hate to say it but its your fault for being in some random spot. I don't want to compare games but this fits the nitch. Evolve is all about positioning as a hunter. If you can't position then your screwed and you screwed your entire team up. In terms of Dying Light you have to position your self and know the map. Where are the good spots to fight the hunter and where are the bad spots to fight the hunter? That is the question you ask your self.