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  1. I'll start off by saying I bought this game DAY ONE! I have over 700 hours in BTZ Mode. I'm level a 55, Apex Predator, Mutation 3. As every one knows this game is incredibly flawed against the night hunter and is incredibly human favored despite the developers attempts to some what fix the game. I've seen or at least heard about every glitch known to man for this game. My first idea is when a player is downed and the game has more than 1 human player the player that is revived should come back up with 75% of their health or have some sort of penalty for being brought up. For example since they nearly had a near death experience they should some sort of effects because of the virus. The humans are humans. They shouldn't have unlimited stamina. After a while every human on earth no matter how good their stamina is will get tired and need to rest. Certain actions should cost stamina like how it did earlier in the game. A missed ground pound shouldn't mean instant death for you and your nest. There should at least be some sort of last resort ability, like the uv block is an ability used to get away when you have no stamina , the hunter should have some sort of war cry or some thing to get his but moving. The humans always know where the hunter. I suggest when the hunter presses the crouch button he should be able to be totally invisible from the radar unless physically seen by a human. This would now add that element of surprise that went missing in this game. This is all I have for now, you guys are more than welcomed to post your ideas or thoughts on ideas here.
  2. kingsmall101

    Unblockable Gp With Spits And Teleporting/flying Bombers

    I hate to say it but its your fault for being in some random spot. I don't want to compare games but this fits the nitch. Evolve is all about positioning as a hunter. If you can't position then your screwed and you screwed your entire team up. In terms of Dying Light you have to position your self and know the map. Where are the good spots to fight the hunter and where are the bad spots to fight the hunter? That is the question you ask your self.
  3. kingsmall101

    Unblockable Gp With Spits And Teleporting/flying Bombers

    Chicken you do know you can also out run the horde. You know they aren't like super fast even with the hunter behind your back you can throw flares behind you.
  4. kingsmall101

    The Fun Ends Where The Good Players Arrives

    Horde spit is some times good and bad. But thing is there's just way more cons and pros. For instance if you claw swipe one of the horde zombies by accident it blows up and kills you. Players can easily evade by doing one of five things. You can out run the zombies, You can climb on top of a building, You can camo your self, You can shoot the exploding zombies or just have one explode on you and then get revived.
  5. kingsmall101

    Everything Wrong With Be The Zombie In One Match!

    Yea when you say it like that it almost feels like the hunter doesn't have infinite lives but only 5. Which is ironic because 5 is half of 10 which means you need to kill the player 10 times while you get 5 trys.
  6. kingsmall101

    The Fun Ends Where The Good Players Arrives

    "yellow one could attract more zombies, based on where you are on the mapor just regular infected and how many survivors you're fighting" Honestly I would give up horde spit any day for this.
  7. kingsmall101

    When Is New Update?

    Man can you remember all the glitches be the zombie had. Infinite spit and ground pound glitch. The exp one hit kill sword. Spammable air strikes and flares etc.
  8. kingsmall101

    Everything Wrong With Be The Zombie In One Match!

    Here are the flaws with this trick bro.. This will only work If you have 100% health. What happens now if this was a 2v1 and their friend hit you with some thing or shot you with a gun? Now your stuck there healing your self until you have 100 health which would now give them ample time to kill you. Not only have you wasted a precious uv block you also died and have to wait x amount of seconds until another one and now you gave them time to run to the nest with out confrontation from you.
  9. kingsmall101

    Game Mode Needs Complete Rework

    My whole problem with the gamemode is that the uv light is just so annoying like honestly even though every one says its balanced its not against and composition higher than 1v1 and just increasingly gets harder as you add more players. I'll explain what I mean. What I've seen most players do is immediately throw a flare on the floor meaning you can either waste a spit to get rid of it, wait the time or ground pound it out. Now put this into perspective of 4 people doing this. There's also the strategy I've seen of designating one person to uv you while the others watch. When the one person designated to uv the hunter doesn't have any battery left the someone else just picks up the mantle. Another thing that gets to me is that every thing literally every thing can be countered. Drop kick, Pounce, Ground Pound, Spits even to the supposedly tough zombies that if you attack a nest they come after to you. All they have to do is kill all the zombies first then attack. Even though a patch is coming out for the time being we have nothing to counter any thing a human does. Humans can do every thing the zombie can. The zombie can tendril around humans have a grapple hook. The zombie shoots you with a horde or sense block spit. Just camo yourself. It just makes me feel like why am I even playing this game. It takes so much patience and skill to get a kill when you need 10 to win. Heres some videos that also shows glitches and unfair things that happened to me in dying light
  10. Yea jcks its illblade101 here remember I came up with this tactic like along time ago, I never posted it. Now some one came up with the same idea and posted. It's crazy how people can think of the same things to get around problems.
  11. kingsmall101

    Night Hunter Spamming

    Rank up quickly you must be joking right? One ground pound gives you 50 exp I think. Now the level exp caps are in the thousands like 1200 and from then on just keeps growing. And now to nerf the groundpound would honestly just kill the game because nothing else works. I'm sorry but you will not see me trying to your scratch your face with my tooth pick claws that do low random damage while you can end me in 3 or 2 hits.
  12. See I don't want to compare games here but lets take a look at a game in the same exact genre Evolve. Now evolve does have some problems but they get one thing right and that's its not impossible for the Monster or the Hunters to win because every body works together doing their assigned role. Now the problem with Dying Light is that there are clearly no roles in the game like support or medic and so on. You can be all 4 things at once which is the god damn problem. You say the hunter is supposed to be on the offensive but there are times when the hunter is literally being chased down by players who can be on the offense or defense at any given time. The hunter has no defense what so ever. The other problem is most people use the dodge to get away from stuff that's understandable but the problem is it happens way to much in the game. I almost feel like people abuse it. In evovle you get the sense of that ohh chupacabra moment I shouldn't have used all my jetpack fuel now I'm toe to toe with this huge chupacabra monster. In dying light I feel like the unlimited stamina is like some sort of cheat code. Any's ways to get back on track people think the hunter is underpowered because he is. The major problem is humans are faster, stronger, more agile and have a but load of tools and unblock able moves to their disposal
  13. kingsmall101

    Any New Patch Info?

    You know I'm actually peaved a little bit because every gaming website said we would hear more about the following dlc at games com. I'm at pretty sure games com is done and yet no info on the dlc. Honestly all I wanted out of games com was some info on the dlc.
  14. kingsmall101

    Let's Prepare For The New Dlc

    There's a patch that's coming soon that will make these glitch spots timeout zones like in the safe zones when you stay there long enough. But knowing these players a new glitch spot will eventually pop up.
  15. My god I can't wait for the next patch to see what goodies you guys have for us . I hope there's going to a list of some sort showing all the changes done.
  16. kingsmall101

    Let's Prepare For The New Dlc

    I wonder how they could possibly keep this game alive by adding more into the single player coop experience. Unless they add pvp between players no one will keep replaying this game for the race challenges, makes me wonder how many people still play bozak's horde. There's a simple formula to keep people playing a game which is how Call of duty and Battlefield survived or even Left 4 dead 2. Two different teams killing each other. This formula always works to an extent because a human is controlling the character making for dynamic instances each time you play. There has to be some sort of pvp for this game to survive.
  17. kingsmall101

    Let's Prepare For The New Dlc

    They better focus on multiplayer because it's the only thing keeping me here aside from wanting to play the new dlc. What happens when I do everything in dlc I go straight back to multiplayer.
  18. kingsmall101

    Let's Prepare For The New Dlc

    But to start the conversation honestly I don't think any tactic would work. Open areas I feel is the night hunters biggest handicap because players can just dodge away while draining our stamina while we are just trying to get into a position to ground pound or claw. Now that I think about it techland may just fill these wide open areas with endless spawning zombies. But back to tactics I think the best thing to do is try and stick them with a horde spit to get them to either go to a building or run away while you chase them down so you claw or ground pound. But sadly this could only work if landed the spit on the player.Theres also the possibility of the player pulling out his shield to negate the spit.
  19. kingsmall101

    Let's Prepare For The New Dlc

    I was just wondering if my post started your train of thought.
  20. kingsmall101

    Survivor Glitch/cheat Locations

    I feel like there's just way to many spots for people to get glitch into.The more techland patches these spots the more people will find some new spot to glitch in.
  21. kingsmall101

    Let's Prepare For The New Dlc

    Did you read my post? Just wondering.
  22. I was thinking since this new dlc called the following is coming out would the hunter be able to play on this brand new dlc map? I then got the idea that maybe there might be some new type of the zombie to play as because It looks to me most of the new dlc area is very wide and open which is the hunters weakness plus if you add in dune buggies it would just be a sad sight to watch a hunter try and catch a human. This is purely speculation I don't know if I'm correct who knows it just might be the same old be the zombie in the new dlc map but I'm hoping for at least a new zombie to play as.
  23. kingsmall101

    The Ending To The New Trailer Cars

    I jizzed a bit in my pants when I saw a double seated car and the gun the dude was holding.
  24. I disagree that quick search is the better search option because of the fact that you no idea if the game your joining isn't the same one that just rejected you so you could potentially be going in a continuous loop until it finds a new game. With the extended search I can see how many players there are you can check the players server host name so you for sure know you won't get rejected over and over if you try and go in. To me there's a lot more benefits from using extended search than the quick search.
  25. kingsmall101

    Daily Night Hunter Activities

    Yea man