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  1. Sora

    Bozak Bow Vs The Following Bow

    The wooden bow does good dmg once you've upgraded it and have some points in the legend tree but as of right now it does have that really weird auto aim that goes for the chest and it does have descent range if it didn't auto aim but the bozak bow is better but in my own opinion I hate that the arrows over penetrate targets when you aim so both are good respectfully
  2. So I'll start with that I love the recent patches and the following, nightmare difficulty has renewed the game for me and the legend levels are great, really appreciate that you guys gave us the option to respec the points when we see fit, too lower or raise our dmg when want to, but there's one thing thats kind of bugging me (and I hope that I'm not the only one) the "you have unspent skill points" promt could you guys add a option to disable the prompt without turning off the hud completely
  3. Sora

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I don't wanna be a downer but this is a zombie game, im happy guns are usefull now but they were getting a little ridiculous with only 2-3 points in the skill tree I think the nerf helps that, and 8,000 dmg is still good it just takes a bit more bullets that's that also with the respec the skill tree thing, would be good if there was a way to disable "you have unspent skill points" promt
  4. Sora

    Just A Little 1 Hit Kill Bug...

    I know what you mean the dmg feels right again, the games fun again but I noticed that the female zombies and some light clothed male zombies die in 1 shot after playing for a while, maybe a bug but a little adjustment would be nice
  5. Sora

    Secret Car Ability

    I think its your second car ability that's not listed
  6. Sora

    Weapon Dmg (Sorry Old Subject)

    Well time will tell, love the game, can't wait for the update.... thanks for the reply!
  7. I haven't played DY in a while but with The Following and the new nightmare difficulty coming out I'm pretty exited (I'm even planing on getting the following day one) but there's one thing that's been bothering me (I know what I am about to say people really don't like) but is weapon dmg going to be adjusted or zombie health going to be better, I mean the runners and specials feel fine but the normal zombies are boring, I mean at the beginning the average horde was scary 3 or more infected was fun but at hi level there kind of just lame to fight, whats the the point of having all these cool moves when the zombie die practically in one hit (please don't give "they all don't die in one hit" because they kinda do) I'm not asking it to take 5 or 6 hits but like 3 to 4 hits and lower for each rarity this way yellow tier could be one hit and actually be unique, heck I don't hunt weapons any more only way to have some fun is to use a broken korek machete..... A reply to this would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post, Good Night Good Luck
  8. Sora

    Following Release Q1 2016 ?!

    if the release is really for 2016 then I doubt it would be worth it, I'm fine with waiting as someone posted, DY was announced in 2013 and I gladly waited but this long for a dlc is a little much,now I love this game but I severely doubt its longevity will last if this release date is true, I hate to say it but this game is slowly moving into my trade-in list witch I doubt I'm the only one to feel this way
  9. Sora

    Glowing Eyes?

    I actually whant to know about the glowing eyes too? I like to learn about why stuff changes in development to the finished product aslo Yasu lol I thinks that the first time I've seen a com. manger use a gif
  10. Sora

    Game Finished, What's Next?

    if im correct them way to get the blue print is through a glitch it to my knowledge was part of a unfinished easter egg
  11. Sora

    The Following?

    I dont know if its ok to say this but my only issue with the forums is that theres no udates on what going on with the game Im ok with waiting for dlc granted it has been a long time since release but it seems that only players (and the occasional spamer, any ways anyone want a passport) are the only people here and I am glad to see someone from the company thanks Yasu sorry for a pointless post
  12. its the same outfite it might have been an slightly different color at beta but its a light color now
  13. Sora

    What Is This? Hide Wheels And Fuel.

    oh sorry since nobody claims there supplies in the vids i just assumed thanks
  14. Sora

    Dlc Relase Date?

    if you have the dlc then there should be a red poster in the tower got up to it and use the promnt
  15. Sora

    What Is This? Hide Wheels And Fuel.

    I've seen peaple do this method but if it supposed to be the way to do it, it looks like your lose all your supplies witch seems kinda of piontless to lose all your stuff just for one blueprint