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    Airdrops Need To Be Back In.

    Ok I know there's airdrops in the old town not Is not the same, when I first got the game I was amazed by the game but I like how the airdrops was added. When me and my friend feel our controller shacking we know that a airdrop is coming and we try to look for it even if it dark we push on to get it. but now It gone only the ones in old town I'm glad that it there but I loved looking around and finding them and getting its loot. but what I really want out this game Is that some of the air drops has Antzin because the main protagonist Crane need it and so do a lot of people in the tower. So it will be cool to get the antzin and maybe bring it to Lena so that she can give you or people around the tower to help them survive. I know that the air drops stop in one of the mission but there could be a mission added in to visit Brecken and he tells you that someone else his helping out and that there going to be dropping in more Antzin. Ok now for the main protagonist Crane his been bitten and some missions he has some side affect telling him that he needs Antzin but what if the player pauses the game to look where the map is but on the right hand side there is a time how long before you need to get more Antzin it makes the player go back to the tower or the old town to get some. It can also be displayed with the med kit with maybe a picture of a vial of Antzin and you can buy some so that you don't need to go back for it. it just a thought. and if the player doesn't have some with him and doesn't make it back in time then the player dies I know It might be annoying but I think it will be fun. Just a thought but hay why not. but overall the game has to be one of my favorite games maybe number one. -Unheard Rookie Sorry about my spelling or grammar people.