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  1. kokos1000

    A Good Idea For Dying Light Dlc Be The Zombie

    I dont think it's good idea, Dying Light is a game in which night is projected to hard to survive. But if they add a scratch of balance that won't be bad either. I think better idea will be to change some specifications of skills,health and damage of hunter. Hunter horde is very painful, it always kills me in 1 hit so its overpowered, it realy is hard to survive that skill. Blockin UV is good thing for balance because survivor can throw a lot of UV Flares and he will be secure enough to destroy Nest. I dont remember if blocking UV has limit for couple times to be used, if not that will be nice if they will add this. By the way Car1u1s13. You posted a post in english on the Polish forum category, if you want opinions go and post it on EN "http://forum.techland.pl/forum/108-be-the-zombie/" Any way, Sorry for my language mistakes, im realy bad in writing something in other language than my but in reading and listening im good.
  2. kokos1000

    Dlc Z 10/03/2015

    Zgadzam się z tb ze powinny skalować się razem z lvlem, ale te bronie to są po prostu bronie dodawane do zakupu DL w danym sklepie czyli dla poczatkujacych w grze, i z tym skalowaniem to nie tylko DMG musiałby sie skalować tylko też "produkty" których ona wymaga do stworzenia jej. A co do DLC nie martw sie, gra dopiero wyszla season pass da wam więcej DLC'kow .
  3. kokos1000

    Anyone Got The Patch Yet?

    Yah, i have 554 MB, i dont know why consoles have bigger :f
  4. kokos1000

    Anyone Got The Patch Yet?

    I am already downloading it on steam