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  1. nodixe

    Suggestion for a new object

    Or a hang glider....
  2. nodixe

    it pains me to say this...but the truth hurts...

    I'm not quite understanding what your saying?
  3. nodixe

    Receiving loot from the Companion App

    I had to wait awhile most times (sometimes up to an hour) before I would get my notice in game. Also it only sends one package at a time. When you send multiple packages you erase the pending package....just fyi.
  4. nodixe

    **DYING LIGHT 2**

    You are spot on in your post and I would just like to add to expiund on a couple of your points. This may take a few posts as I think of stuff. 1st. I would live 4k but I would also love it if they had a 1080p+ version that could run at 60fps. Also I think that HDR would be of particular benefit to this game (or any game with complex lighting) because of the PQ curve. 2nd. A HUD and ui that is more organic. Having a way to check ammo in animation (take a quick sec like real life but no hud needed) and I always liked the idea of a gps for a map. Maybe have a pair of glasses with Hud you take on or off. 3rd. Binoculars. Camera. Something with zoom. Cmon. This is one thing I wish I had lots of times. 4th. Maybe make a realistic mode where all weapons have same damage (never made sense that this hatchet does 10x damage of that hatchet) and all zombies have fixed hp or no up just hackable limbs to disable till you can take the head. Idk.
  5. And honestly, what would a 'runner' primary job be if a situation like this actually happened? Probably the same thing, delivering intel and securing resources. So fetch quests are necessary devices to get you to explore different areas and aquaint you with map but experiencing the fruits of our labor and making them more relevant to story would have helped immensely. Like people looking healthier as you get more food or having the world reflect your actions like a reputation (dont treat me like a nobody when you know i have killed hundreds of your men).
  6. nodixe


    The release schedule has said may release for Bozak horde since february just didn't have actual day. And 4 months is not bad for releasing dlc. I remember fallout 3 took awhile to be released but they were not promised and could not pre-order. I just waited for GOTY edition which included all content for less than original game. So there's 2 things to get rid of, trophys and prepaid dlc, since they seem to affect peoples enjoyment of the core game while not actually being part of the core game.
  7. nodixe

    Very Disappointed

    If they never release a new patch and dlc gets canceled it would still be an awesome game. And I know where your comin from I too love the game so much I just want more. Thing is, the kind of content we want is probly gonna take a bit longer than a few months. To make meaningful content anyway. It shoulda shipped with multiple selectable/unlockable protagonists with parallel stories starting in different locations with differing strengths and weakness with apropriate animations to reflect it. Then just add some good story. I mean some of the side quest storylines were more meaningful and far surpassed the main story so concentrate on expanding that. I could go on but to make a long post longer I'm sure the devs have a ton of things they hoped to include but in they knew their next game had to be polished and released before they could reinvent their image. Ultimately I think they made the right choice since here we are....
  8. nodixe

    Gold Weapons Dont Exist.

    Well if you believe the pc hackers they said that they increased the chance of drop from games default of 0.01% to 2% (I think) to get all those legendary weapons. A few were fabricated and added by mod but most of the one I read said they increased drop rate of weapons already programmed in the game.
  9. nodixe

    Unique Leveling Issue?

    I think ng+ starts main quest over instead of just continuing on after main story arc.
  10. nodixe

    Worthless Programmers

    Wow sucks it didnt save. For future reference make sure to quit to home screen before turning off game.
  11. nodixe

    Need To Know Something About Ng+

    I'm not sure
  12. nodixe

    Hello Is Anyone Their Even Work!

    The trophys are not glitched for everyone and trophys have absolutely NOTHING to do with game completion. If you have done all side missions then you're done regardless if receive a trophy for it. I played through 5 console generations without trophys so I find no need for them and they definitely don't make me hate myself. It would be stupid to let a games notification system to interupt my enjoyment or really have that much of an effect on my life at all. "OMG! This pos new car I bought isn't properly rewarding me for pulling 1G in a right hand turn, my 3 hrs driving oncoming lane or the 1000 times I opened passenger door! I'm never buying another vehicle from them again!" My point is there are and will be plenty of bunk games more deserving of your wrath. Just enjoy the games you can while you can.
  13. nodixe

    Question From The Devs

    Seems like I never continue playing after the main story story arc is over except that the co-op is awesome so all additions should have both multi and single player in mind. I would add more dynamic events and respawnable activities but add some story in there. Like say you rescue some survivor and he tells a story if you escort him home. Doesn't have to be part of main narrative but just his story. Maybe he tells you how him and his gf were gonna jump in sea together but he chickened out at last second and later a different survivor tells you he seen a guy push a woman off a cliff. Anyway it would add atmosphere or backstory to events and just add a whole bunch of them. More challenges, quarantine zones etc. And if you want some serious mileage then add some sort of pvp or capture the airdrop/safehouse/resources or siege or add them all together. Look at TLOU. Also maybe add some gonzo weapons like a big plastic bat that has super high impact but real low damage so they will fly a bit when you hit them. And maybe some timed explosives/firecrackers or remote traps with some distance. Idk but just add alternative strategies and fun ways to kill zombies maybe with some leaderboards or something to see other players stats like top 25 longest play times, top 25 infected killed, top 25 lowest time in camo, etc but add more sstats. One last thing is add a lot more blueprints and craftables. Make one whole section of blue prints just for gimping a weapon like taking a 1400dmg jatana and making it a 300dmg blunt. And a small section of gold bp's that require unusual and extreme ingredients 100 batteries, 100 household supplies, 50 bolter tissues, 50 goon livers etc etc. Anyway just my $0.02...
  14. nodixe

    Thanks Techland - Sincere

    I tend to purposely hold off on finishing games I love since I don't usually play a game again after I finish main story arc but I'm still playing lol