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  1. Massacher

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    Oh I see. I have seen that before on another forum. They used the word fluff.
  2. Massacher

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    What does it mean when people say its very chupacabra? Does that mean its OP?
  3. Massacher

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    Yes that is what I was getting at.
  4. Massacher

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    You have to finish the prologue before you can use outfits. And I have all but one part for the Buzz Killer. I still haven't found the two handed hammer. I've made the Night Club but it doesn't last too long. I love the Classic baseball bat with industrial-grade leech. Its so brutal! I am 11 hours into the game and I am really immersed in it. It feels like I'm in an episode of The Walking Dead! Soooo good!
  5. Massacher

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    Its not that I want pay to win. I don't like pay to win. I want what I paid extra for. If I have to work for it, its completely meaningless to have exclusive items that I won't get to use until later in the game. By which point it will most likely be outdone by better items. I see more and more games do this. Call of Duty is the worst example of this. And also Street Fighter IV. There are several versions of it with characters added in which they could have done by making them DLC instead of selling another version of the game with 4 extra characters. Money milking which I absolutely hate. Devs dividing games up into chunks and selling them as limited edition or exclusive is killing the community and it angers people and also divides the community which is why so many games are pirated because people don't want to spend money on something that is still dangled in front of them that they paid extra for and don't get to use or see until they have unlocked or completed a mission, quest or whatever.
  6. Massacher

    Disappointed With Pre-Order...

    Yes the blueprint is good. But I expected it to be usable right away and not have to spend hours and hours to get the item. That is why pre-orders cost extra.
  7. I am very disappointed that I paid extra for the Day and Night Edition of the game to have access to the exclusive items: Night Club + Ninja outfit Buzz Killer + Special Agent outfit And to find that I don't get to use the outfits until I finish the prologue is ridiculous. And what is even more ridiculous is that I have to scrounge for parts for these weapons before I can make and use them. I paid the extra money and waited an extra month to have access to these items! Its absolutely unacceptable that when we pay for something more we still don't have complete access to it. I bet I'm not the only one that is angry at this. Games companies need to listen to us gamers. Because if this trend continues guess what? We won't be buying your games anymore and will just go back to our preferred games that actually deliver on what they promise. I am sick of paying for exclusive items and DLC and not getting to use them right out of the box.