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  1. Me: PS4, Nightmare difficulty Steam, Twitch, and Twitter Hellraid reviews I read or watched so far have been mixed, both sides make great points. As a aside, many fans took to complaining about the lack of DL2 and Bad Blood updates and the lack of DL upgrades for enhanced consoles. I too can’t wait to see what happens next. I’ll begin by thanking the team at Techland for still supporting DL. For me, Hellraid is a great add-on for experienced DL players looking for a challenge. If you play on Nightmare mode, and possibly solo, Hellraid will challenge and humble you. Why wouldn’t you want to play a mode titled Hellraid on Nightmare difficulty in the first place?! It was a relief to know that playing Hellraid I still had most Stamina and Agility abilities, and naturally the Nightmare difficulty nerf to those abilities. As with the base game’s Nightmare mode you’ll also fatigue faster, heal slower, fight stronger enemies etc which has made for a true challenge. I quickly realized that I missed simply grappling or climbing to safety or running around a large map waiting for full medkit heal, UV stunning virals, using camo blood, or unloading limitless tact and lethal throwables at a whim. Its nice to be stripped of all inventory and tossed into Hell. Hellraid recycles and reskins some graphic assets and model behaviors from the base game but there are many new touches. I haven’t completed this mode yet, I attempted only 2 hours so far after a two year hiatus from DL and Hellraid has been a great reason to come back. I have yet to see what type of weapons or other rewards are awarded for completing this on Nightmare. As seen by some streamers on Twitch, I can see this DLC getting rather boring quickly on any lower difficulty, for newer players, or a team of experienced players. For the latter, please replay for a flawless (no deaths), no healing, capped tier weapons, or speed run challenge? Post videos and I’ll be sure to sub. I’ll admit that when I first died, rage quit, came back and noticed that the loot rng changes after each match, so add that to your replay challenge. overall Hellraid is another great DL add on. I’ve spent $9,99 on far worse and this DLC is worth it. This should keep most occupied until the next update on anything DL.
  2. BtZ's, this is your thread. We know, as the player, what its like to be the "simple killed enemy". Will BRs ever know what their simpls enemy "AI" is really like. like Dying Light's??? A simple zombie rape train like in BOs? I want to be that enemy who crushes worlds. i worked too hard for this #Apex stand up
  3. NullExoZombies

    LOL Zombies in Battle Royales, I want to be the Zombie

    Maybe they need to build a wall to protect me from me LOL#Apex Dont introduce Zombies into ur BR. Im ready
  4. NullExoZombies

    LOL Zombies in Battle Royales, I want to be the Zombie

    a biter should takeover once im there
  5. NullExoZombies

    Please Read: Negative Posts, Bullying, Harassment.

    stop the toxic ppl, go back to 4chan
  6. NullExoZombies

    Apex Zombies thread

    DL2. AI incoming, so they hope. Apexs are you ready? I hope so.
  7. COD introduces Zombies in their Blackout mode. For the love of God, let me, the Apex, destroy their world as that zombie !! Soundtrack for BtZ's die hardhards. Last chance: Cmon DL2
  8. NullExoZombies


    i REALLY wish there was a PRO/XB1X enhanced 2.0 release. I really wish. If not, can we know why? Sometimes I wonder if TL truly believes in the greatness of Dying Light.
  9. NullExoZombies

    2 Hunters

    would love to see this when matchmatching against 3 or more Legendary players. Of course TL, let Hunters communicate via mics like Survivors can.
  10. NullExoZombies

    BtZ content 2 release when??

    make him stronger like you've made Survivors stronger
  11. NullExoZombies

    Ps4 Pro support?

    wont happen.. i think they're more geared towards Plants vs Zombie
  12. NullExoZombies

    Techland, where are you?

    just asking? No VR upgrade No Pro upgrade BtZ is still pathetically unbalanced youre making it seem like COD simple shooters are cool, or are is that the IT?
  13. NullExoZombies

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    wheres TL's investment on making BtZ balanced... of course we're talking when it's 1v4
  14. NullExoZombies

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    will any upcoming content drops include modifications to BtZ? If not it's pointless to rant here. For starters, one punch from NH is laughably not proportionate to one hit from a veteran survivor's (let alone 4 survivors') gold tier weapon which means a lot in terms of balancing this mode.