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    i REALLY wish there was a PRO/XB1X enhanced 2.0 release. I really wish. If not, can we know why? Sometimes I wonder if TL truly believes in the greatness of Dying Light.
  2. NullExoZombies

    2 Hunters

    would love to see this when matchmatching against 3 or more Legendary players. Of course TL, let Hunters communicate via mics like Survivors can.
  3. NullExoZombies

    BtZ content 2 release when??

    make him stronger like you've made Survivors stronger
  4. NullExoZombies

    Ps4 Pro support?

    wont happen.. i think they're more geared towards Plants vs Zombie
  5. NullExoZombies

    Techland, where are you?

    just asking? No VR upgrade No Pro upgrade BtZ is still pathetically unbalanced youre making it seem like COD simple shooters are cool, or are is that the IT?
  6. NullExoZombies

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    wheres TL's investment on making BtZ balanced... of course we're talking when it's 1v4
  7. NullExoZombies

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    will any upcoming content drops include modifications to BtZ? If not it's pointless to rant here. For starters, one punch from NH is laughably not proportionate to one hit from a veteran survivor's (let alone 4 survivors') gold tier weapon which means a lot in terms of balancing this mode.
  8. NullExoZombies

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend!

    You're playing against the Noobest of them all. Maybe it's the legendary Xbox survivors who, upon arriving to a nest, blows themselves up, then they respawn, and proceeds to scratch at the nest with the weakest shotgun in the game. The best is at the beginning, how two Legendary players kill themselves. Oh That NH struggle on xbox is real, party invites and chatting with survivors you're killing like the good ol "ninja, classic" days we've reverted to this weekend. No real worries bro, we should all just Dying Light and chill, and enjoy chatter for 10-15 mins while consoles figure out the art of matchmaking Flawless, TL ::applause::
  9. NullExoZombies

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend!

    @bold I fully agree...and we're all happy that TL is still trying to breath life into this game / mode. I like what this game and what it could be. Within the context of playing against Pro survivors, this weekend's challenge forces only the NH is be stealthy while Survivors are free to run their naturally imbalanced aggression. I really doubt that this mode was created to be fair for NH, failing to address underlying imbalances intrinsic to this mode. We'd like to believe that Speed is NH's advantage but NH's speed is only effective in running away, so goodbye nests you were tasked to protect. Just about all of NH's locomotion is easily detectable, good luck with being Ninja. You have to be lucky or rely on killing noobs for NH to have a chance this weekend. NH's speed would be advantageous if TL permitted tackles at least. This claim that this mode is a venture back to the good 'ol days is baffling. Firstly, why go back to the flawed days in which patches have fixed those problems? "the good ol pre-patch days"? Secondly, there's no "stealth" in running around with guns and 99+ medkits and a buggy that beams out / spams UV, The only objective for Pro survivors is managing to hit NH with one drop of UV to render it useless. One hit of UV and NH is back to re-attempting another clumsy ninja flank, meanwhile more volatiles are destroyed (as sanjyuubi highlighted) and NH is lucky to get one satisfying kill. As a competitive gamer I believe that this mode including special weekends should be fair. but look back into the archives of this forum and you'll see other die-hards wailing about similar imbalances. How can you believe that this weekend would make it any better? When in reality it made it worst. We're all trying to have fun and enjoy a fair game.
  10. NullExoZombies

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend!

    These are problems that have long existed with BtZ, now exacerbated by this supposedly fair mode. GPs are not only marginally effective but 9 out of 10 times overriden by drop kicks and attacks (from gold tier weapons). What use is GP? Gp was marketed at first as an escape maneuver. I wish they'd put more thought into a mode like this. Survivors are left with all melee / weapon attacks and full inventories (minus their 2 flares) while NH is stripped down to GP and claw. Bc you're like me, a NH who seeks out challenges, this weekend we know that there will always be that one Survivor who's on the look out for NH from high ground (while the others chop away at nests). One missed Pounce on look-out Survivor(s) and DfA. There are many other ways to approach a similar situation. If NH even comes close to a victory this weekend, it's bc of boosting; a NH joins a friend's match and freely kills them. Pete and Techland: I was thinking that a good ZombieFest weekend would be No Grapple and No Tendrils. Back to parkour.
  11. NullExoZombies

    Zombiefest #2 Christmas Weekend!

    This custom mode has to be the worse thus far, but at least this NH has found an effective way to beat the odds using NH's Health regen/UV Shield; Albeit this NH is quick-matching against low ranked players for the most part and once his two UV shields are depleted he's back to being a punching bag like the rest of us who seek more of a challenge (I tend to manually look for games with more than one survivor). I'm glad this streamer found something that gives NH somewhat of a chance.
  12. NullExoZombies

    Zombiefest 2

    NH: No Tackle, No Radar, No Spits Survivor: 2 flares; No radar what attacks/weapons are taken from Survivors? None! But NH is limited to a claw, or maybe GP spam with its laughable hit points, all of which are easily overridden by Survivor drop kicks? NH's pretty much useless after being exposed to one drop of Survivor(s) UV...
  13. This promising mode has become pathetic on consoles. I know PC Alienware-tards are happy with their version Even glitched scrolling credits remains unpatched. As with every game, it's situational with imbalances. With the Following's update, TL patched BtZ annoyances like shield-blocking a spit thats already attached to survivors. You're right that survivor's nerfed inventories must be balanced. Survivors playing on Easy mode (Normal) who have an arsenal of infinite gold-tier weapons and aids while NH has an extremely finite use of tools and marginally effective attacks. TL should apply more situational fixes to this mode which they've attempted by nerfing survivors' HP on gold-tier, two-handed weapons when there is more than one survivor. Not all survivors have nerfed inventories and exploit every advantage that TL has left unpatched. My suggestion is to have NH abilities recharge at a rate that corresponds to the number of items in survivors' inventories. These items (flares, ammo, potions) are supposed to be limited and expendable, being reminded that this game is based in an apocalyptic setting where resources should be scarce and judiciously used. As such NH's abilities should recharge faster based on the number of items and number of golden tier one-kill weapons survivors are carrying, including cloak potions. I'd also suggest automatically enabling Nightmare mode for survivors based on the number of survivors and the number of items in their inventory. NH is supposed to be the most feared, with a battle that should be rewarding and balanced. Spam dodge remains a problem in this same scenario. Survivors will jump endlessly around the stage until NH makes one mishap which is, in most cases, fatal; off to easily and quickly destroy another nest they go. You both are right about everything else. The growing list of BtZ imbalances is so problematic I can see now why TL would simply abandon the mode. I've never seen a mode handled this poorly, but thanks for a first TL. I dont know what Apex Predator means anymore. It's just two extra spits you'll later waste.
  14. NullExoZombies

    Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?

    Keeping up with exploits/imbalances is, what I'd imagine, part of the fun & challenge in taking pride in craftsmanship when you have a GOTY. DL is by far the best game I've seen on home consoles and I pray that we see a re-release on PS4 Pro (or any new 4k home consoles). In my opinion, if TL concedes with "well, every game will always be imbalanced" following a mode's release then, to me, the release wasnt worth it. Or at the very least it was a release that was never intended to be maintained, which raises more eyebrows about laziness and appearance. This release was just fluff to appear as if they've done enough. as long as its different. I dont know why, but I didnt think it would end this way considering BtZ's huge fan base of players who enjoy this mode as well as DL's base game. Players who bought the game, collectively invested many hours in the game, and came to the forum to express our justified concerns.. to have the door slammed in our faces which is unlike any Dev company I've ever seen on home consoles. Admittedly, as a season pass holder, TL has surpassed the value our investment but we want to enjoy BtZ, even if the mode was free. If we're doing something wrong let us know, which is what many Devs take pride in doing. I think I speak for many when i express that I really want to enjoy this mode as a serious, competitive gamer.
  15. NullExoZombies

    Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?

    BtZ is badly broken. Even though the mode is at no cost to players, it is a mode that, in my opinion, is the best attempt to an alter-angle at a base game I've seen. Many titles have attempted to offer a "be the zombie" mode and it has failed. This version by TL is, again my opinion, the best step in that direction. Unlike Bozak mode. this mode offers a great add-on to the base game. Bozak mode is a mode where most players earn the Bow and never bother to play the mode again . BtZ has huge replay value with its own tier system. It is as a result of a stellar base game that I'd expect TL to at least maintain BtZ. It is not excusable to release a mode and leave it glitchy/imbalanced and for serious gamers to be complacent with the excuse of "well, at least it was free". Many devout DL players have come to the forum to discuss with the Dev the many imbalances of this mode, but instead of TL fixing/addressing a list of growing issues, survivors come here to exploit every imbalance that has been voiced. There are awards for survivors who defeat the NH's nest so I'd imagine that there should some balanced difficulty. No reputable software company would allow this, taking pride in all their work and efforts. Why release BtZ if they're not going to maintain it? while the base game sold millions of copies? There are so many questions and concerns that many have for this mode that makes you wonder why would they release it? At the very least I'd imagine that if TL added even more weapons and abilities for survivors in the Following that it would make sense to also make NH more powerful in a creative way instead of nerfing new/old 1-hit kill weapons. Being a team of developers I'd think that this idea would at least cross their mind when re-releasing this mode for The Following and yet the NH is barely able to keep up with buggies in The Following to say the least. Players will exploit any/every thing, including inventories; TL should know this. TL sadly has to maintain their title like other teams of Devs. COD releases patches every month, addressing issues for both their popular and unpopular modes. GTA has all free add-ons and yet theyre still busy patching as well, a game thats about 5 years old. I doubt that a patch that makes sense will ever come, but I hope TL learned from this. A regretful pill to be swallowed. BtZ was a giant leap in the right direction in which they could have maintained. Because they wont maintain it, you're left wondering why release this mode? a "be grateful for this freeie reject" mode.