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  1. Did you know you can bump demolishers? After they threw rocks I usually rush into them and ram. They knocked back and then I slice two times in the head. Repeat on hard difficulty. Outside BOzak Horde, flammable liquid + 2 hand fire weapon is good too.
  2. Maxor

    Moving On...

    Or lying die maybe ^^, I ve bought the dvd version of the game and the season pass was offered, I dont rush on digital version, they re often bugged and the promos chupacabra you most of the time. SO for now all the content was free. I know what you can feel, frustrating at some point.
  3. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, They Do Exist!

    Of course, why do you imagine peeps from Techland lie to you, already talked about that, the CM manager answered this far before Bozak Horde. Well done have a good game.
  4. Maxor

    Bozak Horde Unlock

    Announced on steam to unlocked around 5 pm on europe on PC. PS4 seems to be anounced for may the 27th. Posted this, so peeps will not be waiting with steam open and searching internet during hours for nothing. Good nigh good luck!
  5. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    You already told that, by exploiting a chest spawn bug every 5 hours or so. Without exploit its just impossible that you had almost all legendaries so easilly. IM talking about getting legendaries by playing not by waiting a specific chest to respawn.
  6. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    That's probably true, as I was saying sooner in this topic, in Dead Island Riptide unique weapons such as Zed's demise were VERY rares and get them could be a 300 400 hour of playing. As I guess the rating on gold weapon is lesser thant that it was in DIR. And there is a mod on PC wich allows to buy everything in the game to the vendors. So There is great chance that a lot of gold weapons on PC are not legit. Wish all treasure hunters a good night and good luck. And feel Lucky that you can't mod on consoles, mods on PC just ruin the game's motivation.
  7. Maxor


    Hello There has been 2 new updates of Dying Light and I 'm not abble to find anything detailed about. I've searched here, on steam forums, on official site. Found nothing. Could you please open an offical topic here, or keep updating the "A patch is coming your way", would be really appreciated. Good night and good luck!
  8. Maxor

    Question From The Devs

    I've been playing a lot but im not so active (300h), first reason I started and finished a hard game + mod the day the 1.5 was out, and didnt get the rewards so I have to get it through again. I've spent a long time farming gold weapons, never found one. But, anyway, there is no really use of those, its not like in Diablo 3 when you really get a good legendary you can progress forward. There is no challenge i didnt make in hard mod+. I like coop but, like someone says, most of the players have their mic on, but they dont reply, you can hear all the noises from their home... And most of the the time they dont know nothing about fun teamplay. They dont write, they dont talk they dont wait, or they are afk. Already posted my ideas about high end content for the game in dev's suggestions tread. I think it wll be great to improve and motivate coop, balancing pvp BTZ mod by restritcing numbers of items that can be use. Cause by modding the game you can have large amount of everything and use it in PVP and THAT is not fair. I don't pvp much though. Loot system must be revamped as well there is too many very hard chest with chupacabra Inside, I' drather find a lot less but with much interesting things Inside, and remove orange and purple weapons from vendors should be great as well, cause it just killed the solo game motivations on high end content. I will play again, I'm just farming in other games right now, D3 and DI epidemic. Good night and good luck to all runners!
  9. If you can find an orange weapon at level 5, why should it not be gold? Its just a routine there, I think, you open a box or loot a demolisher, there is a roll the dice, green 80%, blue 10%, purple 7%, orange 2,99%, gold 0,1%. The % here, it's just an exemple I dont know them. I dont think there is a special routine code for lvl x to XX, an other one for hard mode, an other one for game+ and an other one for harmode+, I think it's all the same, put yourself in the dev's mind, why would you complicate things more than what it takes?
  10. Maxor

    Dead Chick In The Water

    She commited suicide from the upper cliff, for sure...
  11. Maxor

    No More 1H Kills

    Especially on hardmod +, two more level of difficulties should me nice though, one for coop only.
  12. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Its fun to be named a troll by people reffering to my English faults in writting, and taking time to complain and whine on a completely useless topic, talking about my father; kind of insult on family?... Referring about thousands of people since there is a dozen only using this topic and most dont know what hardcore farming is, complaining about drop rate, while evoking an exploit to get legendary weapons on DI RIptide. when the CM ( so Techland did) already answers to a similar thread. Thinking about a conspiracy made by Techland to lie to console players. loool. So I told you again i've farmed about 200 hours to get a legendary weapon in Riptide with no exploit, the drop rate for gold is clearly lesser, so now come back when you have farmed 400 hours and don' t say I'm troll, I m just tryng to have a conversation with frustrated kids. Wich is pointless for sure.
  13. Dear Techland Would you please update this topic so we can be aware of all the past and future patches? Best regards.
  14. Maxor

    Rais' Men Drive Vans Around.

    They are looters, there is often grenades in their vans, only saw twice. Seems they stop at random locations in slums.
  15. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Maybe plenty have found it but they do not read forums, who knows, ratio should be like 0,01% on chest that cant be farmed quick, so you can play 1 month 6 hour a day without seeing one. Im not saying its normal peeps on console didnt find, I say when someone take time to reply a useless topic, it would be nice to stay kind, not have racists words, and keeping it cool.
  16. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Nope English is not my first lang. then what? Should stay like that? I hope not Oo, are you racist? It is childish to ask some proofs when confirmed by TECHLAND, this is CHILDISH and youre post is useless!
  17. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Well, im not responding anymore to youre childish posts, enjoy. Just here to bring infos and help, if you dont want them... Keep doubting about the gold weapons on console and post useless topic, you ll get a lot friends. Bye.
  18. Maxor

    Missing Outfits

    Hi Just finished the game in HArd+ mode, and I was expecting the 2 new outfit presented in the video of 1.5. But as i loaded my final 100% save I found nothing. Is anybody has the same issue? Im going to try to complete and everything and restart form rais' tower. Ill keep you guys updated. Good night!
  19. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    There is already a post for that, maybe you can do search on topic before posting. No need to post pics, gold weapons are in the game, it's been confirmed by Community Manager and dev team in a video.
  20. Maxor

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    They have unique skin, and generally 50/100 damages more, 30 durability more, and 6 repair slots. Wich is not really amazing. Though, the difficulty of the game even on hard mod + doesnt make them so usefull. The game mechanichs need to be rebalanced so they will become really attractives. If you got good legendaries like 1H weapons with 1400, its so close to the golds, so you don't really have to bother with that. If you really have to find one, you have to orient youre gameplay on farming hard and very hard chest + demolishers during many hours, wich can be very very boring. My suggestions is that you take screenshots of the place with chests and then try to move in the game to open them. Just play and keep playing you'll find some. Techland CM has confirmed its in the game so be sure of it. COnsole or not.
  21. Maxor

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    I only use firearms in very sepcific situations like kodiak, most of the time I use a dark sickle or a daguer for large pack of zombies, two handed mace for demolishers. Somtime fireaxe with firecrackers cause its th best handlin/damges ratio in the game. Machete or 1h sword for pvp.
  22. The first topic of the forum should be more used... But bring ideas always nice, gj.
  23. Maxor

    One Hit Kills

    I fyou want Kings only search cops cars and very hard little chests (old town), try to repeat subquests "fan zone" and "the bunker"