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    jande135 got a reaction from BloodShotzZ 666 in To All Those Complaining About Underpowered Zombie   
    You have to use your brain to win as the zombie.  I have plenty of videos of me absolutely clowning flare spammers, drop kickers, safe zone campers, and air drop dupers on my xbl profile.  Once you understand all the tools at your disposal, you're advantages far exceed those of the humans.  There is so much nuance in this mode when you effectively use all the tools available not to mention all the options within the environment to do away with the humans (spike traps, explosive barrels, falls).  
    I agree with some of the patches that have been discussed, but it's frustrating to see so many people complaining about humans having an "unfair" advantage. 
    Your mind is your greatest advantage as the zombie.  Goodnight, good luck.
    P.S. This game does Evolve better than Evolve.
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    jande135 got a reaction from Spectre_Gunship in Be The Zombie Mode Dead (Xbox1)   
    Unfortunately there are people here who view simply playing as a survivor as "cheap" or "cheating." I have seen videos here of hunters resorting to infinite spit against humans who weren't even playing unfairly.
    But at least when you win as a human now, you know that you're an incredibly skilled player. One of the reasons I will be playing primarily as a human from now on. There just isn't enough challenge as a hunter anymore.