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  1. Nicky67

    Special Weekends

    dont think theres anything here about their so called weekend events, to be honest, i dont think too many people here really cared about their weekend events, you cant even find anything on these forums really that even talk about these events, other than the ocasional person asking whats going on this weekend. you might find something on the twitter account, thats pretty much the only place they post anything when they do. sorry, its a sad fact they dont care about their own forums or its customers
  2. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    LOL, dont tell me people are still waiting or hoping Techland will listen to them, i had my laugh for the day. Techland doesnt care about its players, just what they want. Deleted this game some time ago. Good luck to those who still cling by a thread for hope. and i know ill NEVER pay for anythng else from Techland unless it works, gets good reviews, and has their full suport for the game and the players. and to be honest, in my opnion, i doubt their new DLC is going to be all we asked for or anything close, and will, as all techlands fixes and DLC have done, create even more issues that will be ignored again by techland, most likey the patch will be like the others, mention some things we commplained about where fix, and really werent, thats what ive noticed so far anyway
  3. Nicky67

    Duck-Down Glitch Still A Thing. Even Five Months Later.

    i just wish the gamers would stick together when it came to companys ignoring its customers like this, Too many willing to except the behavior of game companys like this. If the companys dont want to suport their games, then why should we buy them, this is really becoming a common thing with companys anymore, doesnt that show people its all about getting your money, once they get that, then they do what they please. People really need to stick together to stop this chupacabra. To completely ignore your own forums and players is really saying something about this company, anyone listening to what their saying? Even on their twitter account, which seems to be the only real source for info on this game, they only comment to people who praise their game. and the ones stating the facts and asking about real things bugging the game get ignored all the time. So, as long as you kiss their chupacabra and suck up, you get a thanks, but ask something important, and get ignored, Ya, id say thats really F--ked Why would a game company create a good core game that alot enjoy, minus the few bugs at beginning, only to abandon its players afterwards, and make the game woarse? doesnt make any sense whats soever to me.
  4. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    who wants to bet, that when this DLC does come out, is when we will get the next so called patch, or the patch is part of the DLC, they gotta make their sales you know.
  5. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    i beleave we saw more of the Buggy DLC in the first video couple months back, this new vid doesnt really give anything new, actually it shows even less of that announced DLC, o well, will see in several months or so how it really is, if it happens
  6. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    im with ya on that Wofman, Besides, this DLC has been teased months back, and until now nothing, now that the game bass is dying off, its just a quick hype train for them for their game, No hype here thow, i allready deleted this game off my system. and if they charge for this so called DLC, no reason for me to reinstall it just for that. Allready lost any interest in anything Techland related, i do like to read the forums thow
  7. Nicky67

    I'm Getting So Desperate For New Content.

    Well i see Techland decided to bring up that Buggy DLC again that we heard about months back. IGN just posted another teaser trailer about Techlands so called added content and the buggy was teased again as being soon. Allready deleted the game myself, but thought id mention it for others, you just might get a real DLC after all. Still, no real reason to reinstall it till i see that Buggy DLC, which i feel is still a long ways off myself, to even reinstall it i would have to delete a game that i actually do play now, just to make room for it, Not ready to do that for something that is teased but thats it
  8. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    everyone has a right to their opinion. Sounds like you (kookyspooks) are the one getting mouthy and disrespectfull, if you cant be polite in making your point, Move along then little boy. We all have a right, and alot have reasons to grip, just cause your lonely and feel like trying to p someone off, look in the mirror instead and put yourself in check, settle down, it will be ok
  9. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    If DLC is what you want to call it, cause all ive seen for DLC really is 2 Quaranteen Zones that where allready in the game, just unlocked, and a Bozark that is nothing but time trials with no real reason or rewards to play it. So ya i guess you could call it DLC, I call it chupacabra
  10. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    they allready got what they wanted from us, MONEY, its like a one hit wonder and it went to their heads. Hope they either fix this game, or get the hell out of the busines. Started off good, and now, nothing
  11. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    just got thru deleting the game off my system to make room for another game. Got a full game drive and this was the game i cared least about, so it went bye bye. If Techland ever decides to give this game some real attention, i might think about reinstalling it again, but i can always redownload it
  12. Nicky67

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    AMEN, its their lack of really suporting this game and their lack of communication that does it for me. No fixes, yet they have the nerve to make fun of other developers promotions by doing one of their own promising new DLCs, LMFAO on that one, that havnt put anything new good in the game sense release, and their promising more DLC, wheres that buggy one promised to us, havnt even seen or heard anymore about it, but their promising more, again, LMFAO
  13. i beleave techland are too buisy with their water promotion gag to really worry about fixing this game, lets face it, we get ignored as customers, and their more interested in making fun of destinys red bull thing. i allready gave up on the game, just check in now and then to see if my season pass purchase ever gets me anything else worth playing
  14. Nicky67

    Jealous Of Pc Modders

    yes, there are peeps that still play, considering several trophies are glitched, thats why some keep playing, hoping to get them to pop up complete, and some like repeating the same things over and over, with no real achievements or further progress, thats good for them, core game was good,
  15. Nicky67

    What's This Weekend For?

    Communication isnt Techlands strongest point that for sure. Their forums, yet they never really communicate, you might get a response on Twitter, but only if your sucking up praising their game.