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  1. title is self explanatory, after the 1.03 (1.05) patch did everyone seem to forget about the DLC? where is it? because it's not in the ps store nor can I find it when going to the store via the DLC options in the main game menu? @techland pls clarify you've already kept so many of us waiting - PS4 australia, using EU digital copy.. not sure if rest of EU has/ hasn't got the DLC yet ? EDIT: according to the DL reddit,!/en-gb/games/addons/ultimate-survivor-bundle/cid=EP1018-CUSA00050_00-ULTIMATESURVIVOR is a working link to DL from the ps store and it will go onto your ps4's download queue via your computer, am yet to test though TESTED that link works fine, not sure if it was an EU/UK/US/AUS/NZ store direct, but it automatically converted the price of the bundle (for those without season pass), downloaded and installed to my ps4 now
  2. sicam

    Exp Counter At Lv 24 Power

    it would go under the HUD options which i agree are desperately needed in the next update
  3. @ techland can you please bring back the exp counter underneath the power level bar for killing zombies even after reaching max lv obviously the exp wouldnt be adding up to anything BUT it was a good way to confirm kills, especially against demolishers. and even more so now in hard mode and hard mode + where it takes multiple hits to kill volatiles... it would be useful to know when ive killed one just by seeing the +XP at the top of the screen instead of having to check for a body on the ground while having to deal with the 15 other virals in front of me it would make sense therefore to do the same to agility, although the exp isnt gaining new levels its cool to see and essential for quickly confirming kills in a horde of 30 zombies, and besides, who doesnt wanna see a sh*t tonne of EXP stacking up in the corner while you're hacking into 5 zombies at a time in the slow-mo crit-cam. it /was/ fun
  4. sicam

    Having Trubel Finding Orange Weapons?

    in the patch notes it says theyve changed spawn rates of weapons, including all rarities "various balance tweaks of wapons, loot chests, shops and crafting" - on this, particularly in shops, it has gone from seeing always at least 1 orange weapon, but usually 2 or 3, along with some purple, to mostly purple and blue with the occasional one or two orange weapons (survivor rank 25) personally i dont think they needed to affect the spawn rates of lower rarities with the introduction of gold tier, gold can be 0.1% rare of whatever it is, but cmon for the majority of players who are now max level, finished new game + and hard mode.. to have shops and lower rarity weapons nerfed is kind of a kick in the guts with the new gold tier weapons being so rare most people are still using their orange weapons.. but now theyre making it so that mostly purple rarity is dropped and found it stores... kind of stupid when at level 25 survivor rank you EXPECT to be getting the best weapons available.
  5. Im in Australia so I get the feeling we will have to wait for EU GMT times to catch up and the survivor bundle will hit the store in a day or so (doubt it) but the 1.03 patch (1.05 equivalent for PC) is FINALLY out... except it doenst fix sh*t all Its all in the writing is still glitched ffs techland youre useless
  6. so stupid they're lucky it's such a fun game i wouldn't be so annoyed if they could just give a definite date, its so unorganised and form the forums/videos etc ive seen half the things the update is meant to patch don't work..
  7. Australian time 9:37am MARCH 15 (GMT +10) since we have EU digital copies we have to use GMT time 10:37 pm Saturday, 14 March 2015 (GMT) Time in London, UK 1:37 am +1 day Moscow (GMT+3) 11:37 pm Berlin (GMT+1) 11:37 pm Madrid (GMT+1) 11:37 pm Rome (GMT+1) 12:37 am +1 day Kyiv (GMT+2) 11:37 pm Paris (GMT+1) 12:37 am +1 day Bucharest (GMT+2) 11:37 pm Budapest (GMT+1) 1:37 am +1 dayMinsk (GMT+3) @techland .....
  8. sicam

    New Update Hasn't Fixed Trophys Still Ffs

    im in australia and we haven't even got the new update/ patch yet -.- (think it comes saturday at some point time zones are stupid) however i was able to get the whole story today go to ps4 saved data settings and copy all your DL saves to a USB to back them up, then go into the game and delete all your saves in the campaign menu then start a new game from "pact with rais" complete where's my mother or whatever its called (gazi, chocolates etc) trophy should pop once u finish and hand the meds to lena and get the reward not sure if it works on other side missions this was someone else's guide and it worked for me then quit game and copy your saves back onto your ps4 and you can play them again this method didnt work for "its all in the writing" though, i picked up a bunch of notes and the journal in the tower but it didnt pop
  9. confirmed this works just got the trophy finally!! (PS4, EU, DIGITAL) i also tried picking up notes and diaries in the tower and the one in gazi's house, however its all in the writing didnt pop. time to try NG+ method for fixing that one now too..
  10. sicam

    Still No Patch To Fix The Whole Story?

    yeah new 1.02 ps4 hasn't changed anything (EU) ((australia) digital
  11. sicam

    Patchnotes Eu Patch 1.02

    it says in update history that it's fixed some trophies but it hasn't none of my glitched ones are popping, nor are they after starting a new save or NG+ (and completing those)
  12. I'm sure there's threads on this already (if so direct me please) While i was looking on the forums today for any updates on the ps4 trophy glitches I was also thinking of a few cool things I'd like to see in future updates For future DLC why not add new skills to the skilltrees & increase level caps.. we've already heard news for a new weapon rarity tier e.g. a skill in survivor for getting more items back when you dismantle a weapon called "conserve parts" or something like that? i dont see why i should only get a metal part or two if im lucky back after dismantling something as complex as a 2595 dmg katana +3 king upgrades with the angel sword mod.. should be getting like a king and maybe batteries or a cable or an aerosol etc back as well theres a hell of a lot of components in most weapon modifications, esp most requiring more than 1 of a single component. there should be a skill similar to lucky repair/conserve weapons/nimble hands where you get more compontents back from a dismantle any other ideas feel free to post
  13. 50hrs game time in one save alone one save is complete 100% story and 100% overall, max stats etc in statistics it says ive captured 0 safe zones or quarantine zones, however i got the trophies for both without any problems a long way down was glitched for me, took about 20 attempts, quitting game didnt work nor did a new save. i had to restart my ps4 turn off and on reload the game and then it worked for me on my 5th jumping off after resetting. (i did it right every time) Homo Homini Lupus Est took me 19 rescues in statistics, this is because even when you rescue two people it only counts as 1 random encounter.. you need 15 encounters not 15 actual survivors themselves. collected 67/67 collectibles, 100/100 statues and 30/30 flags, completed every story mission, side quest & challenge: no 'the whole story' trophy or 'it's all in the writing' -- in statistics ive completed over 100 missions between my completed and new saves, also tried a few fixes ppl had came up with (literally searched every forum i could find+ youtube), started new game (not NG+, however i have now and it hasn't worked either) and collected notes/journals/voice recordings as well as doing a solid amount of side quests, no trophies have popped. EDIT: competed an entirely new save 100% story and overall & no trophies ps4 digital im in Australia so i think its EU (?) all done 100% solo offline as of 5th march there was an update file for dying light.. on ps4 update history i have 1.01 and and 1.02 which claims to have fixed trophies.. it has not. no other updates are available to me Edit- also collected every blueprint (including night hunter potion), i feel that there should have been a trophy/achievement for getting all of them in the first place??