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  1. rextwolf

    Dying Light Coop, Still Crashing/not Working

    having the same issue here i think that the problem appers when the two of you have different copies of the game ( hard , Digital Copies ) well , try restarting your modem that helped for a while but it crashed again i think the best soloution is to wait for the patch , i contacted the support and they mentioned that a new update is on the way and they are aware of the problem i feel too bad for a broken awesome game
  2. rextwolf

    Game Keeps Crashing On Multiplayer

    yes it exit out
  3. dying light keeps crashing on me when i play with my friend with in 10 - 5 mins with the code ce-34878-0 i tried reinstalling the hole software but nothing happends btw i am running the cd game on a ps4 , please help