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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one asking that question. To me it's like how people always ask questions (take Resident Evil for example), "What happens to [Character X] after [game title]?" Take Berry, he was one of the few non-playable characters in Resident Evil 1. He becomes mostly irrelvant after the game ends but what happened to him? We're now fleshing out that character with Revelations 2. I personally don't want to wait decades to find out, so it'd be nice to have assoicated add-ons/future games to close these holes in the story. I noticed that as well and while exploring the outer limits of the map, I found additional areas which could lead elsewhere. I'm not entirely sure if these were zones that were scrapped, future addons, or doors simply added for visual effect, but looking on into the distance, you can see a lot of add-on potential. The massive wall itself has guard towers but there doesn't seem to be anyone in them. Were they evacated for the bombing? Or is there something deeper going on outside the wall? Kind of gives off that "State of Decay" feeling towards the end of that game. Visually, Harran seems to be a much larger city then we're led to believe if you examine the skyline. I would love to see this incident spill over into the larger portions of the city.
  2. ob1foru

    Dying Light Homosexual Guys Need Help ;)

    So.... question. If a homosexual guy gets bit by a zombie, then "eats" a woman, does that make him straight or bi? And to answer your next question, yes that's how low this thread has gone...
  3. I would like to see an adjustment to make some of the utility/secondary items more useful. As is right now, during the day I can run around with Molotov Cocktails and exploding trap bombs, then simply hack down any virals that happen to run up. Most all other throwing items don't really have a significant impact that those do unless you count the freezing ones. A pair of night vision goggles would be nice too
  4. I don't know if I could buy those assumptions. Frankly, it would be nice if they would build around those plot holes (or other inconsistencies) with downloadable content. They left how many other character models in place after their side quest role was completed, it would make sense that a main (unplayable) character would at least exist in some fashion. The hallmark of good storytelling is to leave as few loose ends as possible. Granted loose ends might always exist, but you typically like those to be as irrelavent as possible.
  5. I've put in over 100 hours on the game and played through the entire story twice to double check. After the Pit, you find yourself with Brecken at the dock where the barge is. The cut scene points you to the next story line objective, Brecken hands you a radio, and shuts the door of the cargo container. Other than twice on the radio, he never appears in the game afterwards. Where did he go? He's not at the tower, when you go back to the dock later the barge is gone. Was this intentional? Brecken, Jade and her brother were such "important" characters that it warranted a feud between Brecken's "men" and Rias' yet he drops clean off the map (in a manner of speaking) and leaves a tower full of people? He couldn't have escaped on the barge; which brings me to my next point. The barge disappearing itself is a mystery. The waters are fenced in with buoys and they supposedly sink any ship trying to leave. Where did it go? I couldn't find anything in Old Town resembling it so I don't think it went there... Also, after Rias "relocates" to the museum, it looks like they pretty much packed up and left before letting the zombies have the base. But, in both locations after you infiltrate and chase him out, no antizin, all the containers are empty, there's nothing. When the story reaches the finale, there's no mention of future antizin drops, no mention of supply drops returning; just how is Crane and the survivors supposed to survive long enough to see the cure? IMO, despite the game being well made overall, there seems to be quite a few discrepancies that need to be tied up. Also, I sincerely hope there's more content to be delivered. Cuisine and Cargo took me 20 minutes to breeze through (including travel time to get to them.) As much as my Japanese blood loves slicing up zombies with a Katana, I'd like to have other options with the same amount of damage. And as much as I like co-op, having "additional content" that's purely co-op will be extremely disappointing.