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  1. SoloCreep

    Need To Know Something About Ng+

    Like what No_Other_XD said and do not at anytime for any reason load up your save in any other difficulty mode and then switch back to hard, or it will not let you have the outfits.
  2. SoloCreep

    I'm Now 100% Sure The Hunter Isn't Strong Enough

    I am on PC so for me, tomorrow I get to play Mortal Kombat X and GTA V in all of its Ultra settings and 60fps glory . I am also excited for Witcher 3, I have been for a long time. There are some more good games for this year + DX12 is coming near the end of the year. Dues Ex: Mankind will run on DX12 so that should be pretty cool. 2015 is pretty great for gaming.
  3. SoloCreep

    Pc Patch 1.5.1

    If you are getting drops to 30fps. Try Alt+tabbing out of the game and then back in. It will fix it immediately but you will have to do it every time you run the game. I have been Alt+tabbing since the day I got the game every time I launch it, I am used to it.. Its a known bug and I am surprised its not fixed by now.
  4. SoloCreep

    Grappling Hook Ruins The Game

    I agree Mockers.. Techland hyped up the game with parkour as one of its main selling points. Every video or interview basically boasted about how great the feature was going to be. The parkour is great and I like it but it all goes out the window when you get the grappling hook. It should have never been added to the game. I don't care if it can be fun or not, It should have never been added to the game, it just doesn't fit well. It also seriously unbalances Be the Zombie game mode. Most of all It makes the parkour feature absolutely pointless no matter what mode you are playing. Notice how all the challenges tell you grapple hook is not allowed? Why not allow it if its in the game right.. Its because it makes the challenges too easy, It makes everything too easy. Yeah I was disappointed when I found out you could zoom around like spiderman, but what can you do.. Whats done is done. Same with the mods. No reason to even use any damage increasing mods when a blank unmodded weapon will one hit kill everything in its path. Nothing scales "except for you" which makes mods useless. If the weapons were less powerful, it would give us a reason to buff the damage up with mods. Not using the hook or not using mods is not the answer. Like I said, whats done is done.
  5. From other similar posts like yours. It sounds like your computer does not meet the minimum requirements. Like for example, maybe your video card does not support the DirectX this game uses. Maybe you don't not have enough video card memory or system memory. Those are just example's but something about your setup may not meet the min requirements. Anytime you make a post like this you should always include your computer specs. For now, follow the directions below and someone will contact you letting you know whats possibly wrong. 1. Create a Dxdiag file. Read how here: 2. Copy all your Logs files. You can find them on your computer in: My Documents\dyinglight\out\logs\ 3. Copy all your Dumps files. You can find them on your computer in: steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\dumps\ 4. Attach all these files and SEND WITH YOUR STEAM PROFILE NAME AND TOPIC'S URL. !!! 5. Send it to:
  6. This is a reply from Techland in another post. "Hey To unlock the costumes you need to make sure you start new game as a hard mode. Changing normal game to hard mode even at the very beginning will sadly not work. To play hard mode+ you need to first change your save with 100% main storyline completion into a hard mode and then start new game+. Otherwise the game will think that you played the new game+ on normal and changed it to hard mid-game." So if you started from the first mission using your existing save, it will not unlock outfits.. If you at any time switched difficulty modes back and forth, it will not unlock outfits. If you are on Steam, I can help you unlock them without having to play all the way through again. This is me if you want to add me
  7. SoloCreep

    Lost Saved Game But Kept Character?

    That's how it works. You need to start a new save if you want to start with no inventory or skills.
  8. SoloCreep

    Coop Empty 24/7

    First of all, you have to complete the prologue for co-op to be enabled. If you have done that, this is the other thing I can think of. I am not positive but I think match making will find other players around your level or lower. There aren't any people out there "not many left" that are on their first play through. Most have already beat the game on all of the modes. Myself and everyone I know has beat all of the modes. If this is how match making works, you will have almost no chance of finding anyone to play with as there is no one lower level than you. The higher level you are, the more people you can see in the list. Not positively sure if you have to be on the same difficulty or not. If you are on Steam feel free to add me. This is me , and we can check to see if I am showing up on your list in the game.
  9. SoloCreep

    I'm Now 100% Sure The Hunter Isn't Strong Enough

    I ask for a challenge! Strata_G_X "as HUNTER" and No_Other_xD "as HUMAN" to a duel! I will be awaiting this fine video of your ultimate Hunter skills stopping No_Other_xD. Read this line with sarcasm. I will also be waiting for the video from the human perspective. So that I may see what its like for No_Other_xD to die at every turn! Seriously though. Let it be done!
  10. SoloCreep

    Contaminated Antizen

    Anyone have any video footage? I didn't even bother to play BTZ yesterday because I didn't think the added strength would carry over. So I played regular missions. Darn it!
  11. SoloCreep

    Thank You For April 1St!

    I admit, it was fun. I am the type of guy who doesn't like one hit kills with my weapons. I would prefer that the zombies scale in the amount of damage they can take as we fill up our skill tree's. Regardless of how I feel about that. I can say I was a little sad when my added strength was gone when I logged back in on April 2nd. One more day would have been OK with me . Thank you for the hard work and hours you devs put in and for the community events that you also give us, they are fun.
  12. SoloCreep

    Another Human Crutch

    Yeah I don't see how this could be fixed. I also don't understand the TV comment.. I am on PC but I do have my PC connected to my HDTV. I didn't have to touch the gamma setting because it was already perfect. Color TVs were not invented recently, they have been around for years . If anything, I feel PC monitors are inferior to HDTV's "except for those with dynamic refresh rates, aka Gsync".
  13. SoloCreep

    Option To Filter Games

    Yeah you can do this on PC, and both consoles..
  14. SoloCreep

    Dying Light Pvp Is Dying

    I am on PC. I have seen only one real cheater "before the last update". I have not played BTZ in 4 or 5 days now because I am waiting for a patch "I might play some today though". Complaining day after day "a lot of the same people do it" isn't going to fix anything. Everyone already knows whats wrong with BTZ, we hear it day after day. They are working on a patch and we need to be patient. If you still want to play BTZ even though you know it needs work, its your fault for playing in a broken game mode.
  15. SoloCreep

    Make Pvp More Intense By...

    I have always just assumed it was because "Super Crane" Crane was bitten and therefore has some of their abilities. Examples: Survivor sense, running non stop, never getting tired fighting, jumping 20 feet off of the ground and drop kicking a zombie, invisible tendrils that can kill you from 15 feet away. Ok the last two were a joke. I was referring to the ultra high hitbox on the Zombie. You know.. Being struck down from a machete that is 15 feet away you "invisible tendril joke". Or the drop kicks that can knock you out of the sky. I have even seen a drop 180 drop kick. The human was in the air doing a drop kick. The Zombie ran passed him, Super Crane connected with the zombies huge hitbox which then turned him around 180 in mid air landing the drop kick!