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  1. vince131

    Hey Devs! Read This!

    you are the one taking it personally. i did not once "insult" you (besides the n00b part). the part about "crying" i was talking about myself. so get up in arms all u want but it seems like you having an issue interpreting what im saying. so settle down there jihad jonny.
  2. vince131

    Hey Devs! Read This!

    i fear you not. big words from someone through a monitor. all you can do is Ddos me and OH NO! just cycle my modem and its all set. if you want to threaten me then i dare you to do your worst you silly little keyboard warrior. do your worst punk cry more n00b
  3. Dear Dev's Please put in more of a verity of weapons for max rank survivors so these people will find a different reason to chupacabra. much love This Guy
  4. vince131

    Hey Devs! Read This!

    seems to me like you are focusing on the negatives too much. 2 little things that you should honestly just shrug off and have confidence it will be addressed but if you want to be hung up on the few bad apples in the bunch then ill be glad to enjoy the apples that are still good. dont get me wrong im not condoning halfed chupacabra games like destiny im just focusing my positive energy towards this game and rather than just crying about the bad i do what i can to improve it. thats part of making a good game. listening to the public. simply express what you enjoy and then hint towards things you would like to see. and if you dont like it there are other games to go play so go play them and take your negative energy elsewhere. i wish to empower the dev's not belittle them.
  5. as some one who will defend this game up and down. much like the weapon variety at higher levels. i have no response for this.
  6. vince131

    Hey Devs! Read This!

    i had no issues getting my dockets day 1. but i have no response to the lack of weapon verity at higher lvls. and as for the bugs look at borderlands those games are STILL full of bugs what are not going to get fixed. but do they make money ohhhh boy, but i agree they do need to be addressed.
  7. vince131

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    i wish people would use something other than youtube to upload videos. youtube is blocked at work :\ yet i can go to liveleak?
  8. vince131

    Hey Devs! Read This!

    i would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. in my personal opinion i think this games is one of the better games to come out in the last fiscal year. i greatly enjoy the game play on both sides campaign and Be the Zombie. i have reached max ranks on both sides and on my 3rd play through. this game has a lot of potential. i fear this games biggest short coming will be content. so far you are only releasing once DLC with fresh content bozarks horde or something. i hope and pray that there will be more. maybe play as rais before his brother dies, or maybe go more into what happens at the ending which is like a huge cliff hanger. this game leaves me with a lot of question but these question dont confuse and anger me like they do some people. i greatly enjoy your game i have about 100 hour play time. all the bad things i hear people say about the game can be said about any other game out. "it steals from other games" yeah big deal its all been done before lets see you come up with original content. (simpsons did it) uninteresting characters. its all a mater of opinion. i personally enjoy the development of "crane" from a GRE lap dog to a caring compassionate person whos trying to do the best he can to save every one he can. i also enjoy jade. i wish we saw her kick more chupacabra though. boring repetitive quest. umm any MMORPG... and i enjoy quite a few of those quest chains. i enjoy the interaction with the 2 genius brothers. and i enjoy the interactions with karim. keep up the good work and i cant wait to see what else u have in store for the survivors of harran
  9. as a weeaboo i have no issue with katanas being the strongest weapon in the game. but i do enjoy my knives and my blunt weapons from time to time. i agree with having more weapons easily available at max ranks
  10. vince131

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    blind 25 zombie with light trap. stuck at 21. PC Steam NA digital
  11. vince131

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    "air-ground pound>bomber spit>UV shield>UV spit> (if done correctly) pounce>leapfrog everyone so they are all knocked-down> and kill off the first target>run away and pick off spawning guy if done incorrectly and I lose energy before the UV spit> I tackle the farthest guy( remember UV shield is on at this point so speed is not reduced) it doesnt matter if he counters it I Bomber spit the ground so it tags him> run Timing is key, a perfect plan doesnt matter if you cant actually pull it off." you are right its high risk, high reward situation. it all about patience and timing. and a little luck
  12. as of late if im playing my main story or BTZ im running into humans with speed/jump hacks and i also ran into a zombie with a health mod where from what ive experienced he could toggle inf health on and off. i would watch his health bar go from that little bit after you hit them with 2 basic attacks to an over flowing health bar. i know you arnt really interested in catching the people who do it but dealing with the program they use. i would like to know how i can help to keep dying light PvP a fair and safe place to play