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  1. BroWithTheFro

    Advanced Tips For Hunters

    If you honestly believe this, you are playing BtZ wrong and relying too much on Pounce. Back on topic: I've made an advanced guide with strategies and such on YouTube. Way too many people complain that a Hunter is useless.
  2. BroWithTheFro

    Top 10 Funny Moments Submissions!

    Hey guys! I really want to get a Dying Light top ten going. I've created assets for it (countdown numbers and all that jazz) and now I just need clips! So this first video will be pretty open to submissions! If you have any funny clips, submit em! No limit to the amount of submissions you make, all I ask is to have the videos posted to YouTube. The clips can be Survivor or Hunter gameplay. I was going to post this into the General Dying Light section but that place is full of spambots it seems. Here are some examples of my work so you can know that I am not some squeeky amateur kid haha Dying Light Be the Zombie tutorials: Beginners: Advanced:
  3. BroWithTheFro

    Zombie Level 0 Buff?

    Hey all! I just started a new BtZ mode (already have a level 50 and was checking to see if newer zombies have an easier time to connect) and I realized that you'd have to be playing against a mindless human in a 1v1 if you ever want to score any points as a Hunter. I think the Level 0 Hunter should be given at least one spit. Or maybe have him start with 2 skill points to spend on Horde Spit and an upgrade of the user's choice. Having a stationary ground pound and a pounce is not enough of an arsenal for a new Hunter to do anything. And I can see how it would turn people off from the mode. I absolutely love this mode and am lucky that I got into it when people had no clue how to combat the Hunter so I could have easy wins to level my Hunter's arsenal.
  4. So I've played a ton of BtZ and this has happened a couple of times to me. It can be pretty frustrating, as you could imagine. Sometimes you could land a spit stick and yet none of the desired effects happen. No clue how to make the video show in the thread, so sorry! But here is a video of this happening: