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    Ultimate Survivor Bundle Dlc

    I put the question to tech support earlier this evening and was told that the reasons for the Ultimate Survivor DLC codes not working is that it isn't out yet so we won't be able to redeem the code until sometime nearer the release date. As for the Be The Zombie code, i have no idea what the problem could be there, though i did have a message returned saying that it was invalid. However, trying it a second time, and also making sure i entered each character of the code correctly, resulted in it working as normal.
  2. I have to admit that i am really enjoying this game. However, there are a few problems with it that i think need to be addressed. Optimisation issues. For the mission that you have to activate the sub-station at night, there are some horrendous frame-rate issues. There are a few other areas of the game this happens, but not quite to the extent i've seen on this particular mission. General crashes and bugs. During a multiplayer session i found that if i was away from my team mates, and they were at an activation point for a mission, if i held down the touch pad on my controller i would be instantly teleported to the nearest safe zone, and not with me team as i should have been. This happened on a few occasions. During the same multiplayer session i found myself stuck at a loading screen whilst my team mates were active in the game world. When i tried to close the game down, after pressing the PS button on my controller for a couple of seconds, my machine sat there saying the PS4 is preparing to close the program. For a good few minutes. When i tried to shut down the PS4 by holding my finger on the on/off button on the front of the console i had no response. Eventually it ended up with me having to turn off the mains supply to the PS4 in order to shut it down. Enemies sometimes end up crawling under a car away from you and are then found to walking inside of the car with half of their bodies out of it. Also, the enemies that have rib cages that look like they could grab you (not sure of their title but they only come out at night) sometimes get get spiked on a trap but then bounce off it, flail around in the air for a moment before landing in front of you for the kill. They also seem impervious to electrical traps for a while as even when taking damage, nothing seems to effect them until the suddenly die. The bugs i have described above though are more of an annoyance right now but do need to be addressed. However, i am happy that i purchased the game as i've been looking for something good to play on my PS4 for a while now. Iron some of these bugs and we should see a fan favourite in time.