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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Chickeninja in Too Many Spamming Night Hunters   
    Even if Nuclearwolf's question is not posed to your satisfaction or isn't fair, I see no reason to throw this level of negativity around. And I say this as somebody who believes in self-defense in the absence of mods in most online situations. All that is needed, is to point out that the spam idea does not make much sense in context of this competitive multiplayer game mode, as its high reliance on tactics and live combat imply spamming moves on both sides. Can we blame a survivor for spamming melee attacks?
    Sure, such questions make little sense to people more familiar with the game mode but to suggest that the person asking a question should get a grip, is a troll, or insanely stupid is a bit heavy handed imho. Asking questions and giving feedback is what forums are for. Somehow fostering negativity with our "answers" is perhaps worse than posing invalid questions, as nobody needs extra negativity.    
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to jcks in Too Many Spamming Night Hunters   
    Spamming in the context of this game, or any game for that matter, is relative. Spam itself just means mindless repetition. The repeated use of effective tactics is not spamming.
    But yes I agree let's not crucify the op for asking a question.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Schoolshooter95 in Too Many Spamming Night Hunters   
    Probably a reciplocation to the amount of survivors that spam dodge, overuse medkits and overuse DFA.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Relentlos in Post Your Btz Matches!   
    Hey. New to these forums. Been playing a bit and decided to throw some clips together over the year so I can delete them from the PS4. 
    Hunter compilation al the way to the moment I became Hunter rank (with 3 easy kills lol): 
    Some survivor gameplay here as well + a cool tip at the end for anyone who never thought of trying it. 
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    DoctorPurrington got a reaction from lorespade in Post Your Btz Matches!   
    Nice job Lore - represent your zombie brethren :3
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Vallon in Survivor Counter To Shield + Uv Spit Attack In 1V1 Nightmare?   
    You can't have an out to everything. Eventually a line has to be drawn where one player just outplayed the other and deserves the kill. You're not whining, but save for UV Block + UV Spit Smash there isn't a single tactic the Hunter can employ that cannot be countered by a Survivor.
    You simply gotta chose how you want to handle an encounter and commit to it. Throwing a flare on the ground before the Hunter approaches (which many Survivors do) would mean you either dodge/grapple around it for the 7-10 seconds necessary for another one, or go for the Grapple to DFA trick. If you get pounded along with your flare and/or UV stuck you deserve to be killed, as that just means the Hunter outplayed you or you failed to play out the situation correctly. It definitely isn't easy to pound an evasive Survivor and his flare, especially on uneven terrain, nor is it easy to stick a spit (outside of GP-spit, which is vulnerable to the well-known Grapple/DFA combo or general movement which makes landing Ground Pound annoying).  Throwing a flare for the hell of it is the worst possible play - this is why I rarely use them in 1v1s before I know the Hunter's UV spit is on cooldown, so I realistically only throw out one when it's going to be my saving ace.  
    To be honest, I can't remember the last time I've thrown a flare, the Hunter has managed to pound me and it, and because of the cooldown I got Pounced. Nowadays you either die when the spit goes off or survive entirely.
    In conclusion - making the Hunter misplay his opportunities is how you survive, not just waiting for more flares. The single flare was one of the best changes Techland implemented - it toughened up Survivors requiring them to think before throwing and making them harder to outplay while they defend their small safe zone with everything they got.
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    DoctorPurrington got a reaction from BlankSlate in Halloween Btz Community Event!   
    "Trick or Treat!"

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    DoctorPurrington got a reaction from BlankSlate in Halloween Btz Community Event!   
    "Trick or Treat!"

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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Chaos_Deception in Please Read: Negative Posts, Bullying, Harassment.   
    Hello All   As a Moderator we have to be Impartial and treat all Forum Members the same way. 
    If there is Post that Breaks the Community Guidelines or is Antagonistic in Nature.
    Then please Report it instead of taking it upon Yourselves to Argue Publicly on the Forum or via Private Messaging.
    When You Flag Content it is very easy for Techland and Moderators to see and take Action upon.
    Thank You for Your time.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to sanjyuubi in Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?   
    Even with all its flaws it was a lot of fun!
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to jcks in 2016-09-05 Update   
    I don't see how giving cheaters what they want would deter them from...cheating. Sounds counter intuitive to me. I imagine a VAC/anti-cheat system that actually punished players for cheating and didn't just put you in a different pool of players would have made a big impact.
    Also being a stand alone mode would have helped greatly but that's something that would have needed to be addressed from the start. A lot of the problems people have is that one party controls all the match parameters. There's no player control when you have to play according to someone else's preferred tastes.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to nickmad92 in 2016-09-05 Update   
    How long has Emtrix been playing and he still things bugs work in hunters favour.
    Telebombers only recently started happening in the numbers they are today, which mind you isnt too often. My horde fails to show up about twice as often as Telebombers. Which im counting on while going against infinite stamina/dodges and a uv light flashing in my face. Btw hunters using controllers are severely nerfed.
    Shooting in head and DFA as OHK is overpowered. A kick and a swing from a hammer is OHK still and very easy. Humans can still dodge mid air and other glitches i cant recall. Before i would run into campers now thats been delt with its just hackers and blatant ones. Many survivor grievance's have been delt with swiftly, meanwhile hunters still have same problems from day one.
    Since our last discussion Emtrix I can tell you/most people think its better to take the easy way out. Ie come on this form and whine about your cake having to much icing.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to RaceyStorm3124 in 2016-09-05 Update   
    The idiocy in your comment. Humans lack so much chupacabra skill. It takes 0 skill to be human. All you do is spam dodge, UV, and flares. And like you said, you're even one shotting us now.
    That chupacabra isn't even fair. Our spits take about an hour to explode, so you could literally wait a good while, THEN dodge and still get out of range fast enough. 
    While Night Hunters gotta be SUPER precise with our attacks, we have to WAIT and calculate a good time to pounce, we have to time our attacks out perfectly in order for us to not be bombarded with UV and drop kicks and even being one shotted. We have to use speed which is completely useless if you're not in countryside. We basically have to calculate OUR EVERY MOVE while for humans, it's simple: Spam dodge, Spam UV, hit us 3-4 times and they're good. They can charge at us whenever tf they want. They don't need to play anything out. They just go in full force swinging swords and duping and spamming and...just like you, they LITERALLY want Night "Hunters"(ironic) to have 0 chance to win against a human. Or at least have a.. idk, 5% chance to win, IF they're generous. And honestly our only easy method to keep you chupacabra blood sucking leeches off of our backs is Ground Pound. And you even wanna take THAT chupacabra away from us.
    All you want is for you to win each and every game and not have a challenging Night Hunter to sit your @ss down. If they made an update today or tomorrow making this game balanced out 50/50, I bet you'd whine again. "OMFG WHY ARE U MAKING IT BALANCED? How dare you not favor us anymore?!".
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Chickeninja in Alternative Ways For Techland To Punish Users Of Upsetting Modded Items   
    Just 2 cents of summer armchair philosophy; all personal and not even interesting:
    I don't think much of punishment in general because that always implies a system of control/enforcement, which people end up corrupting and glitching from all sides. This always guarantees false positives, corrupt police, and vain judges; usually not even solving the things it proposes to solve.
    Or you can imagine a scenario where you live in some utopia because everybody has a gun pointed at their heads. Is living cheat-free worth this? And what about the guys holding the guns? Are they superhuman and impossible to corrupt? How so?
    Perhaps if we get overly upset at cheaters, and I most certainly do occasionally, our time may be better spent enjoying ourselves with buddies or not playing at all, to make better use of our time/mind. That's where all of us can beat all malicious cheaters all the time: taking care to take care of our awesomeness.   
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to IrishET123 in Please Save The Hunters Before They Are Gone...   
    Dr P is on the money here - you gotta play smart and use the surroundings to your advantage. I too face the same problems as skillfulstone (who started the thread) and I often come across players that are too damn slippery to kill / hit with a spit / spam dodge etc and find myself losing games easily. But there's no rules against spamming - and hey, if it works for you, why not use it? I totally understand why a survivor would throw a zillion flares (annoying as that is). It's frustrating, along with dodge spamming survivors, DFA and OHKs - but It's only when I try to adapt my play and play smarter that I find myself winning / doing better in games. I'm only a level 42 Apex Predator and sometimes I do well against Ultimate Survivors and their brethren, but only when I play smart.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Chickeninja in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    That's just a glitch in the matrix: the game is obviously "duping" and the developers are complicit in the crime. I also heard a wild rumor that developers preside over infinite inventories and load whatever they want, whenever they want just to do you a personal favor.
    So agreed, this is absolutely ridiculous and warrants serious action. Any dev can go out there, whenever they want, and make all hunters get wrecked! They even hack their hunters and make survivors wrecked, as well as nerfing and buffing where they see fit, without our consent. 
    Let's all restore balancing justice b4 it's too late.   
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to jcks in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    I'm not saying duping just started I'm saying it's been a continual problem along with balance issues that has dwindled the hunter player base down to what we have currently today.
    It's too late to expect survivors to play without duped inventories because they've been playing that way for so long with little penalty. It's become the norm when it wasn't supposed to be and there have been several balance changes in direct response to duped inventories which makes things harder for both new and legitimate players.
    If players are having legitimate issues of the hunter being too OP then taking duped inventories into a PvP setting was not the way to fix those issues (neither does it justify duping). By using duped inventories the focus of balance changes became centered on curbing the use of such tactics instead of focusing on the real issues such as what makes the hunter so op and what needs to be turned down to make him more manageable.
    The argument that duping is supporting this mode is an excuse used by players who want an out from every situation all the time (infinite healing, unlimited flare defense, continuous stat buffs, infinite horde negation). Playing the mode as intended seems like a totally different game because no one has been playing it right from the beginning and hunter players have mainly been the ones to suffer.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Pete Donnelly in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    We don't want people to feel like they have to scavenge in order to keep playing BTZ.  Survivors are gifted 1 medkit and 2 flares each respawn during BTZ to help address this.  Weapon mods are a PC issue.  People are always going to look for ways to mod the game on PC.  This affects every game on PC.  In my experience, it is very rare to see them used in VAC secure games.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to sanjyuubi in Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here   
    Yep, that's the way it's done, but according to devs, dodging in air is impossible.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to EMtriX in Pro Humans Should Still Have A Hard Time   
    one word: idiot or troll you decide. If you cant win against humans, try to get better, do not cry and wine to devs to make the game worse.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Pete Donnelly in Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here   
    New patch live!!!  Koreck V2 now takes 8 hits!!!  Also drains your health as long as it's equipped!!!
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Wiggelz in Post Your Btz Matches!   
    Hahaha, Doctor.... I was chasing a human the other day that was horde stuck. As I was approaching him I went to claw to ready a ground pound and just as I did a horde moved into my screen causing me to hit him and explode on me. I guess I don't give them long enough lunch breaks.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to Chi1d0fBodom in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    I appreciate the modesty, most people here aren't capable of that. I certainly don't condone duping, I did it after a couple of months of playing long after vanilla existed, but you're not wrong either, The solution I've proposed would keep that in check. However, there's more to it than just that, and this is one of the only arguments I see Hunters with in this nonsensical patch war. We still have teleporting/flying bombers, latency issues (which may not see a fix), and a handicap system that makes most of the game a wild card.
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    DoctorPurrington reacted to BlankSlate in Post Your Btz Matches!   
    loved it, great finisher!
    3 vs 1 is definitely the best, love your vids!
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    DoctorPurrington got a reaction from BlankSlate in Post Your Btz Matches!   
    A full match with commentary for all you zombie-lovers!
    Maybe there's 4 double-kills in a single match, maybe there isn't - gotta watch to find out.