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  1. DoctorPurrington

    To Pete And Techland, No Damage Scaling In 3,4V1 Mode

    Counter Strike is incredibly simplistic compared to Dying Light and is funded by cosmetic microtransactions. Not sure why this was a good comparison? Look, the last thing I meant was to drum up hostility. I've been on the forum since the beginning and was a huge proponent of the various changes this game has undergone. It's fine if this glitch is bugging you, and it's fine to ask for it to be fixed. But generically vehement statements that ignore the massive amount of player-requested changes that have been implemented in this game creates friction between players and the developers who made those very changes. And free of charge, no less! The game is over 2 years old, and Tech has other things to worry about, yet it looks like they just fixed your issue. No one's defending this, but rants that target individuals, rather than the problem, do not help. Er... y'all need to go through my post history.
  2. DoctorPurrington

    To Pete And Techland, No Damage Scaling In 3,4V1 Mode

    The game's over 2 years old. I still come back and play now and then for fun, but I seriously doubt any big patches or content will be releasing.
  3. DoctorPurrington

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Nice job Lore - represent your zombie brethren :3
  4. DoctorPurrington

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Happy Halloween Weekend! I haven't played in 2-3 months, but this Zombiefest looked like too much fun to pass up. Posting a 1 Vs. 1 match I had a little while ago. There's some sick stealth-kills from both parties near the middle. Enjoy!
  5. DoctorPurrington

    Halloween Btz Community Event!

    "Trick or Treat!"
  6. DoctorPurrington

    Halloween Btz Community Event!

    This event is great! Way more people playing BtZ now. :3 I'm noticing a lot of "camping"; people playing without even trying for the objective and just hanging in Safe Houses, water, etc. Not that I don't enjoy a good Safehouse raid, but is the time-out still working all right? Objectively around 50% of the (random) games I've jumped into.
  7. DoctorPurrington

    Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?

    I would say it was a great idea. While I agree that imbalance has always been an issue, a vast majority of the requests players have made, myself included, were made by Techland at no cost to the player. Glitches, exploits, duping, etc. have existed since the beginning due to the link between Single Player and PVP - which is the only part of the mode I disagree with - drawing in low-integrity players. Nonetheless, it was an innovative take on PVP and took a far, positive turn from the time-tested Team Deathmatch, CTF, etc. modes every single game floods the market with.
  8. DoctorPurrington

    Why Is A Night Hunters Agility Nerfed On Console?

    All great points! But remember, you can switch button layouts entirely on the PS4. So the normal Tackle input can be switched to clicking down on R3/L3 when you play DL to always be ready for Tackles :3 It's really annoying though, having to switch back and forth for individual games. The feature was more made for gamers with disabilities that would have it on permanently.
  9. DoctorPurrington

    Camo/camo Pots Vs Firecrackers

    Terrible idea, don't use firecrackers! I heard they're, uh... smelly. Yep. They smell. Who would want to use a smelly item? Lame-o's, that's who. Just kidding. Firecrackers are an exceptional way to divert Horde zombies without requiring much crafting. Highly recommend!
  10. DoctorPurrington

    Uv Heal Good Or Rubbish.

    I love the skill. Any time you're facing a large number of Humans, it's really useful to have when you manage to kill/incapacitate one and are completely drained against the other(s). Had a match recently where I was able to kill 2/3, then use UV Heal to have enough energy/health to take out #3. As others have said above me, it's also very useful for "appearing" like you're running away to give the Humans tunnel vision, at which point you can UV Heal and rush back into the fray. Be careful using it too close, though, because the "animation" of beginning the UV Heal can be interrupted.
  11. DoctorPurrington

    Why Is A Night Hunters Agility Nerfed On Console?

    To add to this, FoV also makes movement look considerably faster than on Console, due to the amount of visible background traveling past you as you move.
  12. DoctorPurrington

    Need Some Advice From Fellow Night Hunters.

    Haha, don't worry about him. Salty player who lost against me one too many times. Follows me around to downplay any submissions I make. Agreed! But for many, exploits circumvent those incentives. As long as they exist, it's much easier for players to stick to Normal and just dupe packages than put in the work required to make it through Hard/Nightmare. Which, of course, is Grade-A bullplop, but just pointing out how it currently is.
  13. DoctorPurrington

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    For the English folks: Access forbidden!You don't have permission to access the requested directory. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster. Error Tue Jul 12 16:24:22 2016 Apache/2.2.26 (FreeBSD) mod_python/3.3.1 Python/2.7.6 mod_wsgi/2.8 SVN/1.8.5 PHP/5.4.23 mod_ssl/2.2.26 OpenSSL/0.9.8y DAV/2 Maybe the forums are just down? I sent an email to Chaos to see if he can reply. I was only able to get in here through my profile's "recent posts" section. Didn't matter what browser I used to get here, or going through the Techland site.
  14. DoctorPurrington

    To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time

    I can't stress this enough: If those players really don't have the patience to make the items they're carrying, they shouldn't be carrying them. And if the game's too tough for them, cheating is not an acceptable solution. These are players who are too scared to take a Horde Spit if they don't have infinite Camo/NH Potions in their magic bag, and they don't belong in the high-end PVP environment. A wild Pete appears! But seriously, this is what I'm talking about. There's even an in-game way to stave off the need to cheat, and players are still too afraid to play normally? It's ridiculous.
  15. DoctorPurrington

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Which makes it yet another glitch Human players have no shame in using.