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  1. Sam Powers

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    I've used the calibur and the death from above while the hunter was in water because I knew I could just from this post hahah
  2. Sam Powers

    Be The Zombie Wont Connect

    Hi dalegt4, everyones been having matchmaking problems, its more than likely not your connection. But dont worry a patch is on the way that will fix the matchmaking, you should be able to play more games!
  3. Sam Powers

    Here's A Fun Idea

    Hi Nameless1der! I think youll be glad to hear that theres a patch comig soon that involves fixing the matchmaking problems! And i like your idea of AI controlled survivors, but i think the decelopers have a little bit of a different goal for the patch.
  4. Sam Powers

    My Rating

    Thanks! A 2 though?? Why so low?
  5. Sam Powers

    My Rating

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to look into this post. I recently realized that when i joined these forums i never laid down a foundation of what i thought about dying light, i just delve right into throwing my opinions out there! So this post is for me to lay down that foundation! I like to rate games based on my own little rating system, similar to gameinformers rating system, accept mines a little different. In a day and age where many many games have the same basic theme (zombie games, war games, sports), its hard to find a good quality game that introduces new things each year, as expected, with so many game developers out there, gaming is a large, and growing, industry. The good games today, ive noticed, have something different about them. For example, Call of duty's zombie mode, or madden and fifa's and others sports games online team mode, or how about destiny altogether! These games are made great by what they do that separates them from the other games along the same theme. So in my rating system, i award a point in different categories that the game does differently and well. if a game has multiplayer, but theres nothing special about it, it gets no points. for instance, call of duty's multiplayer from MW2 to MW3 hardly changed, therefore i would give MW3 no points in the multiplayer category. heres how i break it down: Rating System Gameplay (2 points available) Storyline (3 points available) Multiplayer (3 points max) Realism (1 point) Miscellaneous (1 point) important, most games that i think are good end up with a rating of 5, because of the weird way i rate them. Now that you know how my rating system works, lets jump into the Review. Im gonna start by saying that Dying Light is one of my most favorite games of all time, among those of Call of Duty, Destiny, and other tier 1 games. its got good gameplay, feels realistic and has a very different kind of multiplayer. As for gameplay, a zombie game cant be a zombie game in third person, its just not the same. Every zombie gamer loves the close relationships and personal feelings they have with their beloved zombies. Techland only put a few guns in this game, usually used to dispatch Rais's men, and occasionally to get over that goon or demolisher youre struggling with, but melee weapons are always of the favor in this game that combines hack and slash with free running movements. and might i metion, Techland did a PHENOMENAL job at combining these two elements. Although this game has its fair share of glitches, its gameplay is nearly glitch free. now the storyline, or "campaign" if you must insist. In my opinion the storyline to this game is absolutely phenomenal as well. just the right amounts of twists and turns, but overall giving you a good idea of what direction the game is going. the bad guys stay bad and the good guys stay good, but there are often times when you find yourself as the gamer questioning whether or not a, certain character, will take a trip on the merry-go-round-and-dont-come-back. With its wide selection of side missions to keep the gamer busy after completion of the main story, its re playable X 10, not only that, but there are challenges as well and a great wide open world to explore, and PLENTY of collectibles for those gamers. Multiplayer. Ohhhhh multiplayer... listen techland, the co-op is great, you did a really good job with it. This game is great with friends. And we all love the co-op challenges that pop up in game (sorry drawing a blank on those thingses names). And were all happy that you made us able to change their frequency and change our game to friends only or public. yah did good. But please, please, continue your work on the Be the Zombie mode. Many gamers are unhappy with it, including myself, yet i still have so much fun with it when it goes well. I know youre working on a patch, and that fixing BTZ is a process, i just cant wait for that process to be complete! Realism. the good thing about dying light, and a big reason i fell in love with it so quickly, is that the characters lines are actually kind of realistic. only a few stupid lines, compared to most games nearly all of their lines are dumb. and the engine you used was very realistic, heck its definitely got the right name, "natural movement." Miscellaneous. the game has quite a few what i call menu glitches. such as save glitches and those pesky duplication glitches. i usually allow a game a few glitches, but when it interferes with the quality of the game... The Verdict Gameplay scores 2 out of 2 for having a great engine, and combining hack n slash and parkour perfectly. Storyline scores 3 out of 3 for having a storyline with just the right amount of twists and turns, and a great ending, along with plenty of interesting side quests Multiplayer scores 1 out of 3 for having fantastic co-op, and a different sort of (great idea) multiplayer. however i took one point away for poorly creating that multiplayer. Realism scores 1 out of 1 with natural movement and realistic lines Miscellaneous scores -1 out of 1 for having many menu glitches that interfere with game quality. Overall Dying Light scores a 6 If the developers can fix the glitches, improve the be the zombie mode, and score one more point in miscellaneous, itd be a perfect game! Thanks for reading Sam Powers
  6. Sam Powers

    A Challenge To Night Hunter Players After Patch.

    What system you play on? My live gt is: Tactic Sticks I'll be glad to play
  7. Sam Powers

    Upcoming Patch

    Any clue as to WHEN we can expect this patch out for consoles??
  8. Sam Powers

    Post Your Best Kill Against Or As The Zombie

    Pretty cool idea but I think it might make it just a little too lucky if you get it. It doesn't really take any skill from the hunter because who's gonna go around looking for spikes to knock surviviors into?
  9. Sam Powers

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    How'd you get pounced by a human? You sure it wasn't a air assassination?
  10. Sam Powers

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    We were talking bout non charged attacks, I just played with the calibur, it's not fair!
  11. Sam Powers

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    Yes, however itd have to be a big majority because it doesn't align with the original vision of the game. Id guess if maybe 85% of gamers said to make the nests invisible or they'd quit playing the game, devs would make the nest invisible, techland is a company, not a gamer, they want to make money. Keep people playing their game
  12. Sam Powers

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    Which begs the question what weapon CAN kill the hunter in one hit?
  13. Sam Powers

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    I do base games on my personal experience? When someone comes into GameStop and asks about a game I don't tell them "well a lot of people say this" and "this youtuber did this" unless I've never had a personal experience with the game. The devs are looking for all these personal experiences and trying to make the game best for the majority and as many minorites as possible. If everyone based games on what is possible on both sides being played at maximum efficiency, everyone would have the exact same opinion!
  14. Sam Powers

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    Well with my experience as the zombie, I've had no problem dispatching humans. Perhaps I'm part of a minority but its still only my personal experience that I can speak on. Perhaps I've only played really sucky humans in my many games. From the start I agreed that the hunter was under-powered simply because of watching videos such as the ones y'all showed me, but I didn't make that clear in the OP CUs I was hoping this would be a post where people could say what they liked instead of what they didn't like. In short, I agree the hunter in UP, but he obviously stands a chance because I've succeeded many times with hit and run tactics And what weapon was that that killed the hunter in one hit?